Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Start Your Day With a Prayer For These Kiddo's :)

Good Morning!

I just wanted to give a quick update on some things going on today. I'll post more this afternoon after I know more info.
First, Trevor T. is back at St Jude for his scans and MRI. These are scheduled for this morning, I'll let you know how these go later this afternoon or tonight. Please pray for good results and that the chemo is doing it "thing" to rid Trevor of his tumors.

Also, Christian and her parents will be leaving in the next little bit from Regina's house in Mississippi to come to St Jude today. They have their first appointment at 8:30 this morning Christian has been accepted into a protocol that will begin for her today. I think she will be in Memphis for a couple of weeks, I am not sure, but I will let you know more when I know. Please keep this family close at heart and in your prayers.

Mallerie is still not feeling very well, I'll be checking in on both her and Trevor V today up in the transplant unit. Pray for good news for both of them today.

Morgan and fled the city for a few days... gone home for a nice visit. Please pray that the visit goes well and she does not have any problems or fevers while she is on her short vacation away from the hospital.

I just wanted to get a few of these things out to you first thing this morning so you could include them in your prayers today.

So far, so good with Team Believe!!! Thank you to all of you who have already registered WooHoo, we are doing great to have folks getting such a good jump on things this year. Hat's off to Regina... when she get's going... she goes!!! I am so excite about working with her this year and can't wait for all of you to meet both her and Alyson. We are all going to have a blast! I have posted a couple of links on our page... look up right over the team picture on the top left. If you want to register to join us, just click on the link to register. If you would like to follow our teams progress or MAKE A DONATION to our team, click on the link for Team Page. Thank you for your support! Let's meet our goal and then top it in a big way!!!!!

Have a good day, I'll get back with updates later.

Believe-Prayer Works!


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