Saturday, July 31, 2010

Target House Special!!

I had the best treat today. Three years ago when Jordan was a patient at St Jude, his aunt and uncle would come from Texas some of the weekends to visit. They were very impressed with St Jude, the Ronald McDonald House and Target House. They heard about groups coming from all across the states to cook a meal to serve to the families living at the houses during their child's treatment at St Jude. The went back home and told their friends and church family about how amazing this hospital is and they wanted to start some type of ministry to help out families at St Jude. Today, I had the honor and pleasure of meeting up with them for their third annual trip to feed the families at both the Ron Mac House and Target House. The first year they came, they brought about 8 people to cook and serve. They do fundraisers at home to raise the money to purchase the food to come cook for the families. This year, they came with over 30 people and they chartered a bus to get here. As you can see this ministry has really grown. Today they served the most amazing pork chops, dirty rice, baked beans, macaroni cheese, fresh fruit, salad and some really awesome desserts!! They decorated in a Hawaiian theme to make it fun and festive for the kiddo's. Oh yea, they had burgers and hot dogs for the littles ones too. They really did an outstanding job! The sauce on the pork chops was the bomb diggity!!! However, I was never able to get the recipe from them for their "secret sauce". It was so wonderful to get to go and be with them, Jordan has the most amazing family and they are so wonderful to do such a great work to help payback the kindness shown to Jordan, Patricia and Chance while they were here. They were already talking about next years trip! Some of this group may be coming to join us for the marathon this year. I certainly hope they can make it, I want you all to meet them too. Amazing and wonderful people.

The group stopping for a photo before heading back. We did miss a few for this picture.

The group that served at the Target House, half went to Ronald McDonald

Sitting for a bite of lunch after serving all of the kiddo's and families.

I'd like to ask you to please keep Dina in your prayers. She is really having a very difficult time right now. She can certainly use any encouragement you can offer. You can leave messages on Mikey's CB page. Thank you for any prayers or support you can offer.

I'm not up to date on anyone else right now. I hope that all of you are enjoying your weekend. I am enjoying mine. I have a houseful of baseball players staying here while playing in a tournament in Memphis this weekend. They are a wonderful group of young men and Charles and I certainly enjoy them when they are in Memphis. So far they have had a great tournament. They will be playing again tonight at 8:30 for the semi-final. If/when they win tonights game, they will play for the championship tomorrow afternoon. Lift up a prayer for their safety as they play. This heat has really been tough but they are doing great.

Team Believe, don't forget to get your confirmation for you rooms in. I know already that I am going to have to go back and try to get some more rooms in our block. Please don't delay, I need to get this taken care of and turn my attention on to working on some other things for the weekend. I also do plan to set up a hospital tour again this year. We have many new members who have never been to the hospital and many of Jordan's family who have not had the opportunity to go. I will need to hear from you if you would like to attend the tour of St Jude. These groups are limited to a certain number so it will be first come on this.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Morning...

I trust everyone is having a nice week. We have finally had some very much needed rain. Now, the grass needs to be mowed again. But we are certainly not complaining, we needed the rain to keep the grass growing.

Little Trevor comes in today. He will have his chemo tomorrow. When Trevor comes to town, you never know what all we will get into. I'm not sure yet what plans are on the agenda. Our list of things to do when they come is getting longer instead of shorter. I am just thankful that he is here and he feels great, and is always ready to go get into some thing fun. After he gets home from this trip to Memphis, they will be going to register him for kindergarden!! I can't believe that he is now ready for kindergarden, however, I'm so very thankful that he is here and able to go. He has been fighting the beast since he was two years old. Thank you Lord for all of the answered prayers sent up on Trevor's behalf. I'll try to remember to take my camera so I can get some updated pictures for you.

Heaven gained yet another precious angel this week. I know many of you followed Robert Cunningham. He was friends with a couple of the kiddo's we have followed here. Robert was a very sweet and amazing young man. He was absolutely determined to not give up, to fight this, to beat it and go on. However, for reasons none will ever understand, he has earned his wings and gone home to be with the other buddies gone on before him. He passed away on Monday evening. Please pray for his family as they face the next few days of his visitation and service. Keep the other St Jude families who are mourning the losses suffered in the past two weeks. It's been tough. I want to ask for you to also remember to include the doctors and medical staff at St Jude in your prayers. This hits so hard and way to close to home for them too. Robert and Mikey both had been around the Jude for quite sometime.

I had a wonderful moment yesterday afternoon. A couple of my guys (my very own that I birthed :) ) and I were at the mall shopping for back to school and for an upcoming cruise, while sitting at the Food Court taking a break Tyler noticed Vivian L. along with a friend coming through. She came over to our table and we got to visit for a bit. I wish I had gotten to know her better when she was in treatment. She is such an amazing young lady. She lives here in the Memphis area, and goes to one of the high schools that our school actually competes against in sports. Now that she is back in school, I hope to get to see her and keep in touch during sporting events. She promised us to come out to the baseball games when our schools play each other. As we were visiting yesterday, she was just telling me about her day out shopping with her friend, they both absolutely looks adorable and beautiful. If you just saw her, you would NEVER know how sick this young lady had been just a year ago. She looked as healthy and beautiful as any other person there. As she shared her goals for her future ( college and career) I was just so amazed at her maturity and the person she has become. She admits that her experience has changed her and given her the opportunity to basically be a spokesperson for St Jude. The awesome part is that she is willing and wants to share her story to help others. That is a very admirable trait. Some (and I do not blame them) choose to not be reminded of their time while sick and choose to put it behind them and go on. That's okay too. Everyone handles life's stresses differently.
As she walked away, I just had a big smile on my face. She has overcome this beast, and is living her life just like any other young lady her age. I am so very thankful to God for His blessings on Vivian. Lord, You are an awesome God, thank you.

At last count, we had 17 registered for Team Believe. I know Jordan's family is working on getting registered. I know many of our "regulars" have not yet registered but I can see how our AWESOME team is just continuing to get bigger each year. I love it!!!! I have realized that we do have 2 team members that will be doing the full marathon!!! WooHoo!! Don't forget to call the hotel and confirm your room. It's time to start seeing the $$$$ coming in. Get your fundraising shoes on :)

It's hump day, I hope that each of you have a blessed downhill part of the week and enjoy a wonderful weekend. My weekend will be blessed with a houseful of baseball players! The team that Tyler plays for out of Hattiesburg, MS will actually be playing in Memphis this weekend. He has about 6 players that will be staying in our home with us. They are some awesome young men, we are very excited to have them here. So say a little prayer for good luck and safety as they play this weekend. If your in the Memphis area, they will be playing at the USA Stadium. GOOD LUCK TO THE HATTIESBURG BLACK SOX.

Some of the players at dinner the last time they played in Memphis.

I just received a phone call from Lenzy. She said that Brenda is in the hospital having lots of pain and some breathing issues. They have transferred her to Baptist in Little Rock to run further test. At this time, they have not been able to determine the source of her problems. They are asking for prayers to figure out what is going on and also pray for them to be able to keep her pain under control.

Also, Brenda had mentioned to us that Lenzy had to go to the doctor for some further testing on a questionable pap smear. She will be having surgery on August 16th to remove 3 different spots that have tested positive for cancer. She was very upbeat about it, she said she is not worried about herself. Her doctor feels he can remove the places and no further treatment will be necessary. She is more worried about her mom than herself. Please keep Lenzy in prayer as well as their family. They are really being hit hard and their faith is really being tested right now. Lift them up in prayer.

I will go ahead and mention a prayer request for a praise prayer. Many of you (Team Believe) have met my friend Laura. She participated in the marathon with us last year and will be on the team again this year. Her mom is my sweet friend from Alsac that sets up our hospital tours for me. Anyway, Laura's husband, Mike, had surgery yesterday for prostate cancer this week at Vanderbilt. The doctors were able to successfully remove the prostate, which the cancer was contained, no spreading had occurred and all lymph nodes were clear. The best possible report that could have been expected! PRAISE GOD, OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! At this time doctors do not anticipate any follow up treatment to be necessary. They will be coming back home to Memphis either today or tomorrow. Pray for safe and comfortable travel for them to come home.

This beast seems to be hitting hard in so many places, not just in our babies. Please, help us help the cause and the research. If you can not participate as a team member, PLEASE MAKE A DONATION TO OUR TEAM TO HELP FURTHER THE RESEARCH TO FIND A CURE TO SLAY THIS BEAST!!! I BEG YOU TO OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND YOUR WALLETS TO HELP THESE PRECIOUS CHILDREN AND ADULTS WHO ARE HIT WITH THIS EVERYDAY!! I am so reminded that it could be any one of us just as easy as it is someone we read about. $5, $10, $50, $1,000.00 it does not matter. Anything you can do will help. Consider making a monthly donation to our team between now and marathon time. A little each month, the cost of a dinner or night at the movies out each month, will not be missed but can do so much to help. Just $10.00 a month between now and December will add up to $50.00. $60.00 if you include July :) Please, help us! It is very simple to do right here online. At the top of this page, there is a link to Donate To St Jude Team Believe. Double click on that link and it will take you directly to our goal page where you can make a safe and secured online donation. Thank you so much!!!



Friday, July 23, 2010

YES - You Are On The Correct Blog Page

I spent all morning getting the Team Page and my Personal Goal Page for the St Jude Marathon set up. So I guess when I came to this page to give an update on Marathon Information, I just got a wild hair and decided that this page needed a new "do" too! I hope it does not throw anyone off.

Well, we are up, running and ready to go raise some money for St Jude!! Team members, we need to get registered!! At the Hero's reception on Tuesday night, we were given lots of information regarding this years Marathon Weekend. It just keeps getting bigger and better every year! One important bit of information we were given, they anticipate the half marathon to be sold out by Labor Day. So if this is what you plan to register for, I would not procrastinate to long. I am really excited about this year. We already have several new first time team members, we welcome them! We even have one who will be doing the full 26 mile marathon! WooHoo!!! We welcome any new members. If you are reading this blog but have not been a member before, YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN US! We are a fun, very close group from all across the United States that come to Memphis this one weekend every year to help fight the beast. It is the most rewarding experience I have ever been involved with. I invite any of our members to go to the comment link and leave any messages regarding your experience about coming to Memphis for this event so others can get an idea about how wonderful it is. Also, I want to try something new this year. Beginning in another week or so, I will be posting a date and time for all team members and anyone interested in becoming a part of this to join us in the chat room (scroll to bottom of this blog and you will find the private chat room box) for a Cyber Team Meeting! I think this will be a great tool for communicating with each other on questions, ideas, etc. I will set up an evening and time and post here and on my facebook page so you all can join in the Team Meeting. *Note - you must have free Java download on your computer to log in to the chat room. If you don't have it, it's free, just go to to download it.

Ok... well I now have the team page set up as well as my personal page. I will spend some more time and figure out how to get that link to the team page for this year back up on this blog. In the mean time if you wish to view it, you can get to it through my page

I encourage you to get registered and get your page set up as soon as possible. Our goal for this year is $20,000.00. I have no doubt WE CAN MAKE THAT GOAL! As you know, each year if you raise at least $1,000.00 by a certain date, you received a free ticket to the St Jude/Alsac Pasta Party. Some of our members have accomplished this but not all so, we have had our own dinner so we could all be together. One of the changes for this year is they have set the amount you must raise to get a free ticket to the Pasta Party hosted by St Jude/Alsac to $500.00 raised by November 26, 2010. Team, $500.00 IS NOT THAT MUCH TO RAISE! I want to challenge everyone on our team to raise that $500.00! Set a goal for yourself, keep in mind those kids that depend on these funds, and see what you can do with it!

Our block of rooms are set up and they are ready to begin taking your calls to confirm your room accommodations for the Marathon Weekend. The hotel is the same as last year, Holiday Inn & Suites * 2751 New Brunswick Rd. * Memphis, TN 38133. When you call to confirm your room on your credit card, you must ask to speak with Sybil Sides or Gina Porter. These are the only ladies who can make sure you are getting in the right block of rooms and getting our very special team rate. Tell them you are a member of Team Believe for the St Jude Marathon. Call them diectly at 901-266-1952. I have a limited number of rooms that I can block at this time, so there again, I would not wait on this. When you call in to confirm your room, you will give them your credit card information, but you will not be billed until after your stay the weekend of the marathon. They will be forwarding me a list of the team members who have reserved a room, so I will keep an eye on it and do the best I can to make sure everyone gets a room.

Well, I have posted some pictures of our special HERO that we will be honoring this year. Mister Jordan James. His family is very excited about our team honoring him in this years marathon. I also want us to all remember the other children that we have walked for and the children of families that we have grown to love that will be joining us too, We will be walking in honor and memory of these children to! I have an idea that I am working on to include some of these children to, if I figure it out, I'll share that with you.

I do not want to put you into info overload mode, so I will stop here. Be watching this blog page, I will be posting lots of Marathon info here as I get it. It will be here before we know it. Be creative, see what you can come up with for fundraising ideas in your area... share them with the rest of us in our Cyber Team Meeting coming up soon!

Jordan, running down the middle of the marathon route shouting... "I runnin, I runnin...look at me runnin" This was the highlight of my day!

Jordan and Dr. Scott the day of his 2 year post transplant checkup.

Jordan and myself playing around at one of his clinic visits.


That just about wraps it up for today! I hope that each of you has a wonderful weekend and I pray for a safe weekend for you. Keep praying for all of those in need.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Will They Say About You?

Mikey's Celebration of Life service today was beautiful. There were several different ones who spoke about Mikey during the service. The one common thread that you heard over and over was about Mikey's smile and his gentle kind heart and true love for his friends and family. I realized as I was sitting there, that Mikey's service was written by none other than himself. The way he lived his life, loved his Savior and his family and friends, was what was on everyone's heart and what they wanted to tell about Mikey. Makes me really think about how I live, how I treat my family and friends and even those I do not even know, am I living a life that there will be anything good to say when my time comes. We all have good days and not so good days, we have our highs and our lows... it's how we deal with the "not so goods" and the "lows" and other times in our lives that present trials that are writing the story of our life for all around us to read and see. Stop and think about it... what are you writing about yourself today. No one can control the pages of our lives but us.

Prayers continue for Dina and the family and friends. There are going to be some really difficult and trying days to come in the next few days/weeks, please keep Dina and family in your prayers as they work through these times.

I had the honor of being the "Mistress of Ceremonies" tonight for the Kick-Off Hero's Reception here in Memphis. It was a wonderful and informative evening. It was all put together by Christopher Beck, he did an outstanding job. The room was standing room only this year!!! I got some new info that will really help with our Marathon experience this year. There is a great deal of info and some really neat opportunities to tell you about for this year. I'll share those in another post. There is a big new change in the Pasta Dinner that is sponsored by the Hero's Program that I want to share with you and get some feedback from you on. More on this later....

Services for Natalie and Nicole's grandfather & Sandy's dad will be tomorrow at 10:30. Please keep them in your prayers as they get through this sad day.

I'm gonna cut this here... I've got a baseball game to get to tonight. Tyler is pitching, so proud mom needs (well wants) to be there!!



Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Prayers Needed


The arrangements for Mikey's services are now set. Visitation will be Tuesday from 10:00-12:00 with service immediately following.

I wanted to let you know about the passing of Neil Hardy. I know this name is not familiar to you, but his family is. He is the grandfather of one of our St Jude sweethearts, Natalie. For those who have been on Team Believe you all had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Natalie, her twin Nicole and their parents, Michael and Sandy. Mr. Hardy is Sandy's dad. I spoke with Sandy earlier, she said they are doing well. It has been a very difficult 10 days. Keep them in your prayers. I know many of you are facebook friends with Nic and Nat, you can leave messages there for them and her CB page is still active. You can get to it by double clicking on her name under "Our Friends". Let them know they are in our prayers. At this time, she thinks the services will be on Wednesday. I'll update with that info when they make final arrangements.

No final arrangements as of yet for Mikey.

Hug your babies, hold them tight. Life is just to precious to miss one minute or one opportunity to let those around you know you love them.


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mikey is in Eternal Peace

Mikey's smile is forever in our memories and hearts. He is in his home, with all of his beloved St Jude buddies who were waiting for him. Heaven has welcomed a new angel this morning.

Keep the family and friends in your prayers. Arrangements are being made now. Messages can be left on Mikey's Caringbridge page.

If you have trouble going to his page from this link, just go over to the "Our Friends" section on the left side of this page and double click on his name. That should take you directly to his page too.

Mikey, will be missed and his memory cherished by so many.


Well, I know that first you want to know about Mikey. God love his soul, he is still fighting and hanging on. Dina and his family, friends and medical staff have all told him everything is okay, it's time to go home. Go be cancer free, pain free and at peace with God.

Let me go back and cover a few things that I neglected to let you know about during this past week.

Little Trevor came in on Wednesday evening for his bi-weekly chemo. I picked them up and we went to a burger place called Kookey Kanooks for burgers and s'mores. Some of you from Team Believe will remember this place, it's the little place downtown that we had lunch at after the marathon the first two years we participated. It used to be called Big Foot, but they have now changed the name. Trevor had a really good time, he enjoyed all of the animals on the walls and especially the little fire pot and making the s'mores. After dinner we took a horse drawn carriage ride around downtown, Trevor REALLY enjoyed that. He talked to the driver the entire time. Afterwards, we did a little walking tour through the Peabody lobby and around the area there. Team Believe members will recall this is the area for the starting line up for the marathon. Then we drove down by Beale Street, it was Bike Night on Beale and Trevor wanted to see all of the Harley's. He had his treatment on Thursday and was back home in his own bed by Thursday night. It was a very quick trip. He looks great and all is wonderful with him.

Ariel came in for a VERY quick trip. She and her mom drove in, they arrived around 4 am this morning and were back out around lunch time. She has been away at church camp this week, so they left camp, drove up, had her clinic appt. then drove back to camp to get back for "skit night". Last night of camp week is always a very special night, I can understand her wanting to get back. She was excited and had some good news. For the first time since she started her treatment, he had a weight gain!!!! WOOHOO for Ariel!!! She had gained a whopping total of 2 lbs!! That is a huge thing for her. Hopefully this trend will continue. She needs to be going up instead of always a loss. Now, for me.... I need to be doing the opposite!

That is about it as far as I am aware around the Jude this past week. Dr. Sara is hanging in there. She is doing well, still on bed rest while awaiting the arrival of the girls. She is going to be the most amazing mommy. Remember to keep her and the twins in your prayers. Be praying for them to hang on a little longer and then have a safe delivery.

Back to Mikey. I nor anyone can imagine what he is holding on for, but he is. This is a very difficult time as you can only imagine. He is getting weaker each day. I got to spend a little time with them this evening, they are holding up as well as you could imagine. They are all exhausted, but keeping a constant circle of love around Mikey. Mikey is such a wonderful young man. This earth is being robbed of a very fine young Christian man and such a great example to so many people. Heaven is gaining one of God's finest. One thing that I will always have in my bank of memories is his soft and loving smile. I don't know how to describe it, but I posted some pictures hoping you can see what I am talking about. It's not just a smile, it is so full of love. I have said, Mikey can walk into a room, totally fill it with so much love without even ever opening his mouth. Just his simple sweet smile. Ma and I were looking through a photo album tonight, and as she looked at his high school pictures, she commented that even in his pictures you can see his sweetness and his innocence. He has always walked a very close walk with God and lived a very Christ like life. It is so hard to keep in mind that he is only 27. He is so wise and mature beyond his age. A very special person to so many. I did want to share a few pictures that were made only 5 or 6 weeks ago. This was the day that Jack, Katie and Ma were packing up their Target House apartment to go home. Mikey and Dina came by to say their "so-long's" before Jack left. Even though Mikey was not feeling the best, you can't tell it from these pictures. He was there for Jack.

Mikey and Jack helping me finish up washing the last few dishes to be packed.

One of Jack's favorite things to do... Target shopping cart rides in the hallway at Target House. Mikey was more than happy to push him all up and down and around. Jack loved every minute of it.

Dina and Jack. Dina was trying to slip in a little kiss there!!

Please continue to pray for Mikey, Dina and all of the ones who love them so much. Pray for Mikey to go home in peace.

Let's continue to keep all of the kiddo's fighting so hard in our prayers. If this touches you like it touches me, please join me and the other members of Team Believe for the St Jude Marathon this year. If you can't come to Memphis to participate, please consider making a donation to Team Believe for St Jude. I will be posting a link on this page next week where you can go directly to the website to register and also to the site where you can make an online donation. Let's support the work being done there. Cancer is taking to many and these kids are being taken much to early in their sweet young lives.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Urgent Prayers Needed

UPDATE - # 10 Friday 1:40

Mikey was moved from the hospital to his home under Hospice care yesterday evening. At this time, there is no change. He is peaceful and surrounded by family. Let's continue to lift them up in prayer and pray for Mikey to have a peace as he makes his way to his heavenly home.

UPDATE - #9 Wednesday 10:33pm

Mikey is still fighting. He is surrounded by all of his family and a host of friends and St Jude friend/family. The hospital is now being very accommodating to Dina and the visitors. He is not at St Jude, so this is a big change for them, there is not another hospital that treats a family like St Jude does! I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE - #8 Wednesday 10:12 am

Mikey made it through the night. They put him in ICU last night but this morning they are moving him into a private room so everyone can stay with him. What an amazing fighter. Thank you for continuing to lift them up in prayer. Your such a wonderful group of prayer warriors, I am thankful for you guys. God bless you.

UPDATE - #7 - Tuesday night/Wednesday morning 1:25 am

I am so sorry for not getting this updated a few hours ago. Mikey and Dina landed around 10:30 pm. He did survive the flight, and made it to the hospital. HIs family and close friends were at the hospital to meet them. All I can ask at this time is for all of you wonderful prayer warriors to please be in prayer for Mikey, Dina and the family. They truly need your faithful fervent prayers to get though the hours they are facing. He is home, fighting hard and surrounded by his loved ones. Pray and pray some more.

UPDATE -#6 Tuesday 8:00 pm


I have just been able to get to the computer, but Mikey is in flight now. They left around 7:30ish and he should arrive in Memphis around 10:00pm. Please be on your knee's in prayer for him to make it to Memphis. His family and friends need this so much. I honestly think that he has held on for the past two days to get back here to his family and friends. He definitely has a strong will to fight. He has been a fighter and is still continuing to fight! Mikey is loved by so many people, he is one of those young men who is just so easy to love. You know him, you love him. I do not have to tell you how much and how hard they have all worked and fought to get him back to Memphis, THANK YOU LORD for getting him airborn and on his way. Amen.

UPDATE - #5 Tuesday 11:32

They were not able to get all of the paper work signed last night, so the last call I got was about an hour ago saying Mikey was still with us but getting weaker. They do now have all of the paper work signed. First call was that his condition was declining very rapidly and that they were not going to get him here, then in a matter of a few minutes, it changed to they were getting everything ready to get him on a plane. This has been such a roller coaster for all of them. Like I said, about an hour ago, Dina thought they would be in the air within the hour. I'm still waiting to hear that they are in flight. I just pray that they can get him here.

UPDATE - #4 Monday 9:48 pm

I just realized after I posted this, that I have a skip in the events of the afternoon. While Katie, Ma and myself were out to lunch, Dina called and said that they were going to flight Mikey back this afternoon. They were working on making arrangements and everyone was sitting on ready to find out what time they were leaving and where they were going to take him when they got here. St Jude is out, LeBonheur was questionable and Methodist Hospital was a possibility. Then the call came around 6:30, which is the part of the update that follows:

The last update I got was around 6:30 tonight, it did not look good for getting Mikey back to Memphis tonight. It had not been ruled out, but was not looking to promising. They were awaiting Dr Boop to finish up in surgery here in Memphis, for him to sign papers to accept Mikey back here as his patient. The thought process was that it would most likely be to late to get arrangements made with Angel Flights that late in the evening. Mikey's condition is not good, Dina is doing everything she can to get him back to Memphis for his final part of this journey. Ma and Katie got here around lunch time, we had lunch and got to spend some time together. Pam V. was on her way in tonight too. Keep lifting them up in prayer.

UPDATE - #3 MONDAY 11:34 am

At this time, Mikey is not considered stable enough for a life flight back to Memphis. I do not have any details right now. Katie Bruce and Ma are arriving in Memphis any minute now to be here, I am getting ready to go meet up with them. I'll keep you posted as I know, just keep lifting everyone up in prayer, PLEASE! As hard as it is to type this, I know you know just from what I have told you already that this is the end of the road for Mikey's journey unless God has a different plan not yet seen to us. Please pray for peace and for God's mercy and comfort on Mikey and everyone who loves him so much. Praying for God's blessings on them.

UPDATE - #2 MONDAY 9:57am

Mikey made it through the night. They have contacted Angel Flight and are hoping to get him on a flight back to Memphis at any time time now. He is non responsive, but is breathing on his own. Please keep praying for him and for Dina and family. Please be in prayer that he can make it back to Memphis. This is very important to them. Several St Jude friend/family are on their way to Memphis at this time to be with them. Please keep them in your prayers for safe travels. Our weather here today is not that great, we have had passing thunderstorms all through the night and they continue this morning. Please lift everyone up in prayer today. I'll keep you posted.

UPDATE #1 - Last Night
Mikey is in ICU in a hospital in Orlando, FL. He had gone down with Dina and her daughter for July 4th to visit with his mom and go to Disney. I talked to him yesterday, he told me that he had a really good day on Friday and that he had slept most of the day yesterday. They were due to come home to Memphis tomorrow. I got a call a little while ago, that he had slept most of the day today, and woke up not himself and with a really sever headache in the back of his head. They rushed him to the ER and he went directly into surgery with a brain bleed from his tumor. Things do not look good at this time, he is not awake and not in pain. Please be praying for him and for Dina and his family. He is not stable enough to life flight him back to Memphis tonight, they will reevaluate tomorrow and see if he is able to come back to his doctors here. Please be praying for Mikey. Pray for his family, St Jude family and friends too. He is such a sweetheart and has touched the hearts of so many of the kiddo's at St Jude.

I will keep you updated on him.




Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wow... have I been absent that long????

I really do apologize for a total lack in posting. I did not realize I had not posted since June 18th! It has been so busy around our place since school has been out, but that is just not a good excuse. I don't know about you, but summer is just flying by, it seems we just got out of school and now our summer break is almost half over.

I want to give a shout out to my youngest son Garrett... today has been his 17th birthday. He and his oldest brother are on a double date tonight enjoying one of his birthday presents, tickets to an Eric Church (country music) concert. I have to tell you, its now that Garrett is getting to his older teen years that he is enjoying a "different" relationship with his oldest brother, Tyler. There is an eight year difference in their ages, so while Garrett has always been a big fan of Tyler, he has always been the "little brother" until now. It is really neat to watch how their relationship is developing. Happy Birthday Garrett!

Well, a update on our kiddo's as I know it...

Jack and family are enjoying a wonderful vacation on the beach. Jack is absolutely having the time of his life according to Katie. The weather has been good for them, and they have their entire immediate family with them. This is such a wonderful vacation for all of them. Much needed and very much being enjoyed.

Mikey, Dina and Dina's daughter are on a get away to Florida to visit friends and Mikey's mom. Please keep them in your prayers. They have some pretty tough decisions to be making during this time. Mikey is a fighter, not ready to give up, so they are exploring options and doing research on their own for new trials and studies. Please pray for them for safe travel too.

Heather is in Memphis now. If you have read her CB update, you have seen that she got another ALL CLEAR CANCER FREE report yesterday!!! Way to go Heather! Regina Rushing got to come up and spend a few days while Terri and Heather are here and we all got to go out to dinner last night. We had a really good time and a great time to just talk and catch up. Heather is getting so grown up! She is 13 now and such the teenager. She is a beautiful and sweet young lady. Pray for her to continue to be cancer free forever. Keep their safe travel in your prayers too as they fly back to Florida tomorrow. She will return sometime around the first of December for her next appointment. Hopefully they will be able to work it out like they did last year and be here for the St Jude Marathon. That is their goal.

Little Trevor was here last week, everything went well except for their trip back home. They were trying to fly into Houston for a layover, but Houston airport was being closed due to the hurricane coming in. Read her CB page about the pilot they met that helped them out. It is so heartwarming to hear about kind hearted people who go above and beyond to help others out. They will be back next week for another round of chemo. Trevor is just getting so grown up right before our very eyes!

The teens have had some fun times this summer. Morgan has had a wonderful trip to New York, Natalie and her twin Nicole have been to North Carolina to visit a friend and have now returned home. This was their first big airplane trip just the two girls.... no adults! They had a really good time.

Joseph, the young man from my hometown that I told you about, got his initial MRD back since his transplant and he is CANCER FREE! Way to go Joseph!!! He is still here, but hopefully he will be able to go home soon. So far so good, no signs of organ damage or GVHD. Keep him in your prayers for a smooth recovery from transplant.

Ryan is really needing our prayers right now. He has had such a difficult time. His family is really in need of prayers and direction. They had their hopes up that MD Anderson in Houston had a new trial for them, but after two trips down there, very difficult trips that left them very weary and upset, MD Anderson has now told them that Ryan does not qualify for the trial there. Needless to say, they are upset and and feel like they have been given a run-around. Please keep them in your prayers. They had brought Ryan home from Houston accepting that they would just stop trying to treat the cancer and just enjoy what little time they have left with Ryan, however their doctor back home has called them and has started the process to possibly bring them back to St Jude for a possible 3rd transplant. There are many MANY factors that have to go just right for this to happen, but they once again have hope. Pray Pray Pray for them and for peace for clear decisions.

Julie and Austin Locke, Dax's parents, have found out that their expected baby is going to be a girl! They are so very excited. She does not know exactly what her name will be, but she does know that she is going to name her Elizabeth after our sweet Elizabeth Dunford. That is such an honor to the Dunford's.

The Locke's recently help a Birthday Bash in honor of ^Dax's^ 3rd birthday. It was a huge success, and they raised quite a bit a money for St Jude. Michelle Dunford and her boys were able to go up and celebrate with Julie and Austin. They had a wonderful time and it was such a beautiful way to remember both ^Dax^ and ^Elizabeth^.

The Denton's are preparing for a birthday celebration in honor of ^Alex^. They too are doing this to raise awareness and money for St Jude. Pray for their success with this and for a wonderful day for them and so many others to remember ^Alex^ on his special day.

Another big HAPPY BIRTHDAY goes out to a very special young man.... MR. JORDAN JAMES!!! HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY TO HIM!!!! He turned 3 on July 3rd. What a wonderful miracle little boy he is becoming. You guys all need to sign up and plan on coming to Memphis for the St Jude Marathon so you can meet this amazing little boy and his precious family! If you have not heard, our team is running in honor of Jordan this year. We will have other families joining us again this year and I think it is going to be an awesome time for us to all come together and run/walk for all of the kiddo's that we have supported and loved. I know I have heard from Reagan's grandmother, they are planning to be here and walking to Remember Reagan. I am so delighted that they will be here and be walking for Reagan. Regina is planning to be back, her plans for a possible team for Mary Kate are unsure at this time, but they will be with us at the hotel and dinner as will Reagan's family. I do not know at this time who all will be joining us but it will be a treat, I can assure you of that!!!

SPEAKING of TEAM BELIEVE... we have got to get busy with getting registered and begin our fundraising! I will be having the annual lunch fundraiser at the Tea Room again this year. I hope to add a few others things this year that are still in the works. I heard from Svetlana, she is planning a garage sell with their money raised going to St Jude! That girl is always doing something!!! I love her heart and her spirit to do what she can for St Jude and the kids. Let me know if you have any ideas or plans for fundraisers in your area to go towards our team goal.


I hope I did not ramble to much... thank you for continuing to come to this site and lift up these sweet children and families in prayer. Remember to leave messages on their CB pages often too. It means so much to them. Please continue to lift up the families that have given up their children to this awful illness. Each day has it's own struggles for each of them. While they try to carry on, they still have big empty holes in their hearts and empty arms. There is not a day that goes by that they do not miss their sweet angel very much. Keep praying for them.

Hug your own babies, and do something special to make a memory today. Take pictures often, and never take a day for granted.