Thursday, May 14, 2009

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man. Proverbs 3:3-4

Yesterday was a good day at the "hossy". A sweet St Jude mommy labeled the hospital the "hossy" and I everytime I write I want to use it, but I had refrained because I didn't know how many of you would know what I was referring to, so now that I am explaining it... I'll begin to use it. It is much easier and quicker to type than "hospital". I am betting that is why she coined that term in her daily updates on her caringbridge page. Thanks Lindsey!! Lindsey is Gavin's mom. Gavin is on our Friend's List. Please take the time to read his page... he is one of our wonderful success stories at St Jude. They will be back in June for his check up and I'll get some pictures at that time. Lindsey and Gavin are also already registered on Team Believe for the upcoming St Jude Marathon. Way to go Lindsey!!!!

I posted a picture from Jordan's outing to the bike store on Monday. What a cutie pie and he really REALLY thinks that he is ready to ride that 'big boy" bike all by himself!!!! Ladies.... he is a real ladies man! Protect your hearts, he can steal yours in a heartbeat!!! Another wonderful success story for St Jude. Like Gavin, all the glory and praise goes to God. We are so thankful for God's healing on these little guys and patiently wait on the Lord for the healing of all of the others being treated for this awful beast, we call childhood cancer :(

Back to my good day at the hossy.... First off, when I was pulling into the parking lot at the Griz House I saw Clay and Arie sitting outside on the sidewalk. It was a great sight to see!!!! First thing I realized, I was so excited to see Clay outside, I jumped out of the car and forgot to grab my camera, so I beg forgiveness but I didn't get any pictures yesterday. It was so good to see Clay out of the hossy and outside enjoying the sunshine. He is still in isolation, so they were sitting outside of their isolation room enjoying the morning. Clay is looking so good. He is such a sweet little guy. He got to meet Trevor T. That is who I was on my way to meet up with and fortunately Trevor T and mom (Melinda) were out front waiting for me, so, they were able to meet Clay and Arie and visit for a bit. I bet Clay and Trevor would have a big time together if they had the chance to just be little boys. One day soon....!!!

Melinda, Trevor T and I walked over the the hospital and had some lunch and made some visits while waiting for Trevor's appointment with his doctor for results of his MRI he had earlier that morning. Trevor is still having pain in his rear end and has headaches at times to. The doctor was able to give Melinda some insight on both of these with the results of the MRI. I will let her explain the results in her update. In a nut shell, not a bad report. It does appear that his tumors are responding to this new chemo. Gonna take somemore time, but again... we patiently wait on the Lord to do his work on Trevor T. Keep praying. He received his chemo at the end of his appointments and was ready to go play after a pretty long day for a little guy. They are on their way back home to Texas today. He will be back for MRI again in eight weeks. At this time is seems they will come back every eight weeks to see what is going on and make adjustments and decisions at that time.

While Trevor T was in his appt. with his doctor, I ran up to the transplant unit and got to visit with Mallerie and Trevor V. Mallerie is still just not feeling very well. Bless her sweet heart! I just want to take this all away and make her boo boo all better!! Both she and Tina (mom) are so PAST ready to get out of transplant and get back to Target house. They say the walls are closing in on them. I think it' time for another party for Mallerie..... Tina said we could throw a "bustin out" party!!! I am ALL for it!!! Just keep Mallerie and Tina in your prayers, this is so hard and a few days when cooped up seems like months. Pray for her to feel better, get to the bottom of where the fluid is coming from, fix it and get out. If you have a few minutes, I know that she would appreciate a card from any of you. The hospital address is on her caringbridge site. After her name, just include "Chili's Care Center, Transplant Unit" and she will get it. The long days can be brightened by some cards from you guys. Thanks!

Now to Trevor V.... that young man is such a sweetie!!! He was in the best mood yesterday. Feeling better and hungry! He had ordered up some lunch and was just short of going down to the cafeteria to cook it himself if they had not shown up with it just as I was leaving. He was telling me that he had been up on Tuesday and walked a total of 3 miles making the circle around the hallway in the unit! He told me that he had made 22 laps around the halls before he took a break, then walked more later. I am so happy to see him up and moving, it will pay off big time for him. Pam will be trading out today with her husband so she will be able to go home for her other son's 8th grade graduation this weekend. I know the whole family is very proud of him and wishes Pam a wonderful trip home to be with him. I am sure that Trevor V and dad will have some quality male father/son bonding time while Pam is at home. There is no telling what those two guys will be up too! I did promise Pam I would "stick my head in" and check on them.... LOL Trevor is having a scope this afternoon to see if they can figure out what is going on with his tummy issues. Pray that they figure it all out and he can get out and get home for good really soon.

I did not see Morgan, she got an extended weekend pass to go home! WooHoo for Morgan and Theresa!! I know they were so excited to get a break. I certainly hope they are enjoying their weekend, just being "normal". Pray for her to have a healthy weekend, no fevers or anything that could shorten their time home.

I did not run into them, but Christian and her family are all back for her to begin her treatment. Please follow her site and keep this very sweet family in your prayers. Pray really hard for God's miracle on Christian.

I talked to LaDonna several times yesterday. Salena started the day with some off and on fevers but she was released yesterday and was able to go outpatient. They were thrilled to get out and will be back at the hospitality house across from the hospital. She has had a little bit of difficulty, but not bad considering the high risk that she was for transplant. She has done really well over all. Pray for her continued progress with no complications.

I think that about wraps it up.... please keep all of our kids on our page and all of the others that each of you follow on your own in prayer. Goodness know, prayer works, we just have to keep on praying for the kids, their families and for each other. I am so blessed by each of you and I thank you for being a part of this support prayer system.

Now, you know I can't close without saying something about the marathon..... GO TEAM BELIEVE... LET'S GET REGISTERED AND BEGIN OUR FUNDRAISING!!!! We are still in first place!! YEA, thanks to Regina, she is on a roll! Speaking of Regina, she and Alyson will be in Memphis tomorrow for the weekend. I will be getting the design from her for our shirt that Mary Kate drew for us. I can't wait to see it and get a final drawing of it so we can post it for you guys to see too! Pray for their safe trip. They will be here to visit with Terri and Heather Braswell while they are here for Heather's check up and scans this next week. Please keep Terri and Heather in prayer for a safe trip and CLEAR SCANS!!!

Have a great day! :)

Believe- Prayer Works!

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