Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy, Busy Week

Sorry for such a long lapse in posting... As for my house, we are trying to bring our summer baseball season to an end, one of my sons moved to Nashville and we are just trying to stay cool and dry. It has been in the mid 90's with a heat index of 105 for over a week now and the forecast calls for the same for next week. If you live out west, mid 90's is not so bad because they have low to no humidity. If your so lucky to live in west Tennessee, the humidity is unreal!!! Enough complaining.... it's hot here and that is all there is to it !!!

Lot's of action going on around the Jude. Little Trevor has been here this week for his MRI and treatment. All went well. His tumor is stable and everything is going just fine. We were able to make a trip out to our favorite Wolfchase Chili's, Toys R Us, and Dulin's Sports Academy where my son Tyler is working. It's a really neat baseball training facility and Trevor enjoyed seeing all of the ball players working on their game. He will be back in 2 weeks.

Alex V. is here, I have not had a chance to see them yet, but I hope I am able to catch them before they get out of town. I hope that her scans and checkups are going well. Be praying for her to get great results.

Ariel was in and out yesterday and today. Everything is going well with her. Counts and everything were great. She left here going to Pensacola Beach for a mission trip with her youth group from church. Please keep this group in your prayers for a successful and safe trip. Continue to pray for her to continue to do well with her treatment. She will be back on the 16th of July.

I had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting a new patient and his family this week too. They are asking for your prayers for Joseph. He has leukemia and underwent a transplant on Wednesday of last week. This past Wednesday, one week post transplant he celebrated his 16th birthday. He is a very sweet young man, really bummed out to be 16 and having to spend it in the transplant unit. He would much rather be out getting his drivers license and hanging out than in a hospital bed. Please pray for him and his family. They are just beginning this journey and need some prayers and encouragement. He does have a CB page.
Please visit his page and leave him a message. So far, he is doing okay. He has not felt very well the past few days, and does not have any desire to eat. Pray for him to feel better. I became acquainted with this family through one of my cousins in my hometown of Tupelo, MS. My cousin called me and ask if I would please check on them, Joseph's grandmother is a nurse at the Tupelo hospital and took care of my cousins son when he was in the hospital after an accident recently. She was an excellent nurse and took very good care of my cousin's son, so she wanted to return the favor by doing what she could (calling me) to check on them and help them out. The connection has been made, and I look forward to spending more time with them. Joseph's mom has given me permission to post his link and his info here, she would love and very much appreciate any prayers you have to offer.

Big Trevor will be coming in next week for his big set of scans and check up. He has not been feeling well lately, pray for him to feel better and for him to get great results on his test.

Mikey has had a busy week. Dina has gone home to pick up her daughter now that school is out and I have checked on Mikey for her and for Ma and Katie Bruce... He came out with us to one of Tyler's baseball games then out to dinner one night, then I went and visited for a bit and took some food over for him to have to nibble on. He is doing well. He was to undergo a biopsy procedure this coming Wednesday but after some further talking with the doctor and listening to his inner voice, he has decided to not proceed with this. He feels the risk outweigh the benefits, at that point he feels it is not in his best interest. Please keep him in your prayers for peace in his mind regarding the decisions that he is having to make during this time and in the coming days. Dina will return to Memphis next Monday. Please pray for safe travels for her and her daughter.

Tonight is a big night for Jack and his family. They were participating in Relay for Life in his hometown. At 7:30 tonight they were walking a lap in Jack's honor. I pray that they will be able to raise lots of money and awareness for cancer by participating in tonights event. Jack is still loving on the new puppies! Katie has texted me some of the sweetest pictures of Jack with his beloved puppies. I really appreciate her keeping me posted and sending pictures along the way. I will tell you, I certainly miss seeing his little smile around the Jude.

I hope I have not left out anyone who has been in and out this week. I do have another family that I would like to share with you, I visited with them tonight as their daughter was in having an MRI done. I have not ask for their permission to share with you yet, so I will have to wait but I will ask you to please keep Audra in your prayers and pray for the doctors to be able to see clearly what is going on with her and know how to best treat her. Be praying and I'll share more with you as I have permission to.

Also, there is another young girl that I have not met, they are not at St Jude but through a friend I have been following her. She is in her final days. Please keep Ellie and her family in your prayers for that miracle if it be God's will.
Ellie's mom is a wonderful example of faith and letting her light shine for Christ.

I hope everyone is getting ready and registering for the St Jude Marathon!! It will be here before we know it. Don't forget the half marathon sells out first, so don't get left out if that is the one you want to participate in. I pray for a great success for Team Believe this year!!! Help us make that happen!!! Be a part of the team!

I hope that each of you have a wonderful weekend. I'd like to wish all of the wonderful daddies out there a very Happy Father's Day!!!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Prayers Have Been Answered Yet Again!

Thank you Lord for Your almighty gift of the avenue of prayer. You hear us, You move heaven and earth to do what is best for us. You love us, You give us mercy, grace and peace. THANK YOU LORD.

Just got a call from Katie, JACK'S SCANS HAVE COME BACK ALL CLEAR ONCE AGAIN!!! He has fought this battle with the beast yet again, and WON his fight AGAIN! God love Jack! Jack will be getting his line pulled out tomorrow and going home for the summer to be an all rough and tough mud lovin, fishing, playing in the dirt healthy little boy!!! I bet he will even find a few worms and who know what else to play with. I know he will be enjoying helping his momma dog raise her 5 brand new puppies that were born this past week. What a FUNTASTIC summer Jack and his family have in store for them this summer! Rejoice and celebrate with them! Sign his CB page and let them know your celebrating with them and continuing to pray for them. They will return for check up in 3 months. Please keep praying for Jack to remain CANCER FREE for many many many more years!!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a Difference A Week Can Make

This week has not brought the good news hoped and prayed for, but there is still so much to be thankful and grateful for. I want to ask each of you to be be in prayer for Mattie Powell's family. Mattie had gone home on hospice with no others options a couple of months ago. Today, Mattie went home to be with Jesus and her other St Jude friends who have gone before her. Please keep her family and the extended St Jude family in your prayers.

Also, another request... Please keep Mikey and Dina in your prayers. Mikey had his scans today and found out that the tumor has returned. They will be making some very tough decisions in the next few days, I ask that you please pray for them and for God's healing on Mikey. Please pray that they will have clear guidance for the decisions they make and also that they have a complete peace with their decisions. This news has been very devastating to them as well and many of their very loved St Jude family. I would also like to encourage you to please click on his link on this page and please leave them a message of encouragement and let them know you are praying for them. This is a much bigger thing than you can possible realize. Thank you.

LIttle Trevor and Morgan both come in tomorrow for check up appointments. Please be in prayer for their safe travel and for excellent reports.

Jack will be coming back on June 7th for his final scans. Please be in prayer that these scans will still show no evidence of disease.

I want to ask you to please be in prayer for Ryan. He was to begin a new protocol for his cancer that has relapsed this week, however he is not feeling well, running a low grade fever and seems to have a cold and pink eye. They have returned home to wait for him to get over this sickness then return to begin his treatment. Please keep them in your prayers.

This weekend is the St Jude Remembrance Weekend at St Jude. Please keep all of the families that will be attending this event in your prayers for safe travel and also keep them strong as they face a milestone in their journey. This is a wonderful weekend of special events for families who have lost a child while a patient at St Jude. It is yet another thing that St Jude does to help families, but it is a very emotional time for the families to come back and get to visit with the doctors and nurses that took care of them. Please keep them all in your prayers during this emotional yet wonderful weekend.

I know there are so many more out there who need our prayers. Our God is so good, He can hear all of our prayers and has the power to answer all of them. God is in control and we must learn to let Him be at all times.

Don't forget the registration for the marathon. We all can be a part of helping in our own way to find a cure.