Monday, August 31, 2009

Get Ready To Run/Walk!!!

Just a short reminder that today is the last day to register for the St Jude Marathon 2009 before the first price increase. Usually after the big push for this increase the run starts to fill up. Don't be left out this year... let's get geared up for one of our best Marathon weekends yet. I am doing everything I can on my end to give you guys a great uplifting weekend. We have had some St Jude kiddo's and families join us in the past, this year is no different. We have more this year that are anxious to be with us, to meet the wonderful prayer warriors from all over the states that have been praying for them. I think you will be very rewarded by this years event and the plans for the weekend.

It's easy to register, just go to the link in the top left side of this page under the counter and click on "REGISTER FOR THE MARATHON" To join our team, when it says DO YOU WANT TO BE A HERO, click YES and in the window for team name, enter TEAM BELIEVE. Can it get any easier???


Love you guys~

All of the kids need your prayers, we have a few who are really struggling right now. Please keep the Dunford's in your prayers, this is a very difficult time for them.

Dax needs your prayers, also Julie can use lifting up too. She is going through a very lonely time feeling, as her fellow families have left the unit. She needs our encouragement and support.

Clay and Alex both need all the prayers they can get on their behalf. Both are struggling with their cancer coming back. Pray for each family to feel comfort and peace with the decisions they will be making each day.

Please keep Reagan and her family in your prayers. If you have read her updates, you know that her MRI did not show the results they had hoped for. Her tumor is spreading. At this time she is blessed with feeling good and being able to enjoy each day that her family is planning for her. This is the most remarkable and amazing family. Reagan is truly blessed. Please pray for her to have good days and for her pain to be minimal. Pray for God to give her family the strength they need to face each day. Don't forget to leave your sweet encouraging comments on her CB page.

Mallerie and Salena continue to struggle with post transplant issues. Please keep both of these beautiful girls and their families in your prayers. We pray for them to be healed and get out of the hospital SOON! They REALLY need your notes of encouragement.

Thank you for the notes, emails, cards and phone calls during this past week to show your love to me in the death of my aunt. I truly appreciate each one of you. My aunt Jon was an amazing lady, who loved life and lived each day to make sure she was living a Christ like life. Her goal was to have a home in heaven, I believe that last Monday morning she had a wonderful reunion with her parents (my grandparents) and her baby grandson in heaven. I have comfort in that thought. I know that I need to do as she did, live my life each day in a way that is pleasing to God and work each day toward my goal of a reunion in heaven with my family and all our precious St Jude angels who have crossed that finish line first.


Friday, August 28, 2009


Love the Lord your God, listen to his voice, and hold fast to him. For the Lord is our life

Deuteronomy 30:20

Elizabeth Grace Dunford, a princess on earth and an angel in heaven.

The Celebration of Life Service for Elizabeth was so beautiful. The day was perfect, God could not have painted a more beautiful day with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. DJ said that he knew Elizabeth had ordered up the day for everyone.

After a beautiful Mass with a Eulogy delivered by Dr. Sara that was so perfect and touching, Elizabeth was carried in a white carriage accompanied by her brothers, drawn by two beautiful white horses. Bubbles blowing out the back as the horse drawn carriage made it's way through the streets to the cemetery. Words can not describe!!!!

After the graveside service, everyone went to the Country Club in the subdivision where the Dunford's lived while in Mandeville and gathered for a reception to honor Elizabeth and her sweet memory. Michelle and DJ did an outstanding job planning the entire day. I have no doubt that Elizabeth was happy. At the reception they had a wonderful buffet including a beautiful cake, a video of wonderful pictures showing Elizabeth's journey and it ended with a balloon release of pink balloons. As the balloons went up, they all stayed together and at different times seemed to form different shapes. The most impressive and distinct shape was that of an angel. Later in the evening, we went to Michelle's Dad and Stepmom's home and took a midnight cruise on the "ELIZABETH GRACE". It was a time for everyone to be together and reflect over the days events and share just being together. Regina and I were outside on the front deck just talking and looking at the stars in the sky, at the same time we both saw a shooting star shoot across the sky..... can't tell you the feeling there. It was a touching sign. We said it was Mary Kate and Elizabeth throwing stars at us.

The entire day was so perfect, just like Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was only a little one, but she has touched so many lives with her smile and her precious personality. We thank DJ and Michelle for sharing their faith, love and hearts with us along with Elizabeth. God gave this world a gift when he gave Elizabeth to the Dunford family. She could not have asked for better parents or brothers. She was so loved and she knew it. Her family showered her with love each minute of each day. I am a better person from having them in my life. I know Elizabeth was only here for a short time, but I know her work on earth will last for a very long time.

Please continue to keep DJ, Michelle, Charlie and Andrew in your prayers. The days ahead will be difficult to say the least, but God will carry them through. Their faith and strength are amazing and God will continue to hold them in his loving arms.

Elizabeth ~ in our hearts forever


Friday, August 21, 2009

Strength For The Weary

It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.
He makes my feet like the feet of a deer;
he enables me to stand on the heights.

2 Samuel 22:33-34

Good morning!

I want to ask you guys to be praying for the Dunford family over the weekend. Pray for their strength to get through the services for Elizabeth. They have been working very hard to make this a perfect celebration of her beautiful life. There are many who will be traveling from many different places to attend. Please keep everyone in your prayers for their safe travel and for each to have the hugs and words to say to give comfort to DJ, Michelle, Charlie and Andrew. Also, I do not want to leave out the extended family, please remember them in prayer. Sweet Elizabeth is so loved by so many. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she knew exactly how loved she is.

I will be leaving in a few hours to make the trip down to Mandeville. Dr. Sara will be going with me, we will be meeting up with Regina and Alyson in Jackson, MS this afternoon then on to Mandeville where we will be connecting with Pam and Trevor to make the final leg to a family/friend gathering in Slidell tonight. Mass will be in Covington tomorrow at 1:00. I will not post again until after I return from this weekend unless something comes up that we need your prayers for in an urgent manner.

Salena is still in ICU and I think she may be going to go into surgery for removal of some of the fluid on her heart. Please keep her in your prayers. LaDonna is counting on your guys to lift them up!

Keep all of the St Jude kids in your prayers. Check their updates for their specific needs and praises.

Be safe, have a great weekend with your friends and family.


Make that DONATION today to the St Jude Marathon.... just click on the link "DONATE TO ST JUDE MARATHON" at the top of this post and donate directly online. Simple!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In Our Hour Of Need, Who Is There?

We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true - even in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.

1 John 5:20

What a comfort to those who are struggling or suffering... We have an understanding of God, we know him to be true. I have no doubt that when God tells us he will give us what we need in our time of need, He speaks the truth. Someone very special recently said to me, in their great time of pain and need that they had peace. This is such a testimony to me that His promises are true and He holds to them. He may not always answer our cries and pleas the way we would choose for them to be answered, but he will hold us and give us what we need to endure if we know Him and accept Him and His plan. This makes me smile.

Michelle has posted a very touching post on Elizabeth's blog. I will just refer you to her caringbridge page for arrangements for her celebration of life. Elizabeth was truly one of God's special people. The lives that she has touched, the love she shared, the many thousands of smiles she brought to everyone who ever met her, the complete joy and life she brought to her parents and her brothers. God had a job for her to do while here on this earth and there is no doubt that she did her job and she will have the reward for a job well done. She will be missed, the hearts of her family and many others will NEVER be the same. As I have said before, to know Elizabeth... is to love her and her family. Please keep DJ, Michelle, Charlie and Andrew in your prayers as they try to get through the coming days. Their hearts and spirits are broken, but with their faith and with the love and support from all around them and the prayers from everyone far and near, God will provide what they need in their time of need and get them through one day at a time. We have a promise of eternal life, but we were never promised an easy earthly life. I also ask for you to keep the St Jude medical staff and the St Jude families who have been a part of their lives for the past 17 months in your thoughts and prayers as well. They are all hurting so much too. Elizabeth is one VERY loved little princess.

The following was written by our sweet Jon as a tribute to Elizabeth. I want to share it with each of you. Thank You Jon for loving Elizabeth and for all your many prayers for her and her family.


She was here but for a moment—we thought it would be forever.
Her smile will always linger with us as we now walk this trail alone.
How can we count the many ways in which she blessed our lives?
How can we know the thousands of prayers that were raised because of her?

She fought—she fought oh how she fought and yet the hurdles were too great.
It is hard for us to realize but while she lost the battles, she won the war.
And by winning the war, she claims the prize we all long for.

For me--right now there is little consolation in my faith that she is with Jesus.
My head believes it and I know it is best for her.
But my heart has this large void space in it that she and only she could fill.
I must trust that God will hold that empty space in His hands and me in his arms.

Who else really understands? Who else loved this baby as much as we do?
Who knows when even one sparrow falls?
God of wonders ease our pain.

So I see her now as she sits with Ethan and Sully and Maddie and Kacey and Mary Kate and Joel.
And with them I see a big fellow-----their brother Jesus.
And Jesus is listening as they tell him of the love that they feel coming from a place they do not understand.

We will love you always Elizabeth. God hold our hearts for we cannot do this alone.

Tissue time :)

Salena needs our prayers too. I talked to LaDonna last night, Salena was moved back into ICU last night. She has updated her caringbridge page, you can read what is going on. While you are there.... go ahead and leave them a message to let them know your there for them. It is so hard to keep your spirits up and hold steadfast to your faith when so many trials fall on you.

Dax, Mallerie, Clay, Alex, Christian and so many others need your prayers at this time too. Please keep them close in your heart and deep in your prayers.

SOME MOST EXCELLENT NEWS!!!... Heather and Terri have been here this week for Heather's check up and scans.... she will be going home again STILL CANCER FREE! All praise and glory to God for his healing on Heather. Keep them in your prayers.

Trevor is doing great... mom Pam is not doing so well, after all of these months in the hospital world her back has pretty much given out on her. She is really in alot of pain. If you know Pam, she is tough, it takes more than you could imagine for her to break down and go to the doctor... well she has been at the chiropractor everyday this week!!!! Trevor has been going to drivers education everyday this week. From all reports, he is doing very well.. no wrecks or dingie's yet! WOOHOO way to go Trevor. Be safe Trevor! He is working on homebound school to, so he got home and has been busy busy busy.

Morgan is doing really well too, she is very busy with school work and keeping up with the things teens do ;) These kids have so much to catch up on, school and social life both that it keeps them really busy. Keep them in your prayers, they are such sweet and special teens.

Reagan is doing very well and having a blast every single day!!! I am so thankful that God is blessing her and her family with these wonderful days to spend precious time with her. Check out the new pictures on her CB page that her family has posted. She is one really cute and precious biker lady!!!! Let them hear from you :)

Keep your faith, love the ones in your life and NEVER take one single day for granted.

What a great time to open up your hearts and your pocketbooks and give back to the hospital giving so much to these kids. You never know what just ONE MORE DOLLAR might be able to do. If your as sick and tired of these precious children suffering, please take the time and donate to St Jude. You can go to the top of this page and click on the link to donate to the St Jude Marathon. Please consider doing this. This link will be on here up until the last day for donations for the marathon, just think what even $10.00 a month between now and the cut off would add up to. You can donate one time or one time a day, week or month... EVER PENNY SUPPORTS THESE KIDS AND GETS ONE DOLLAR CLOSER TO FINDING MORE WAYS TO TREAT THIS BEAST CALLED CANCER!!! LET'S BE A PART OF KILLING THE BEAST FOREVER!!!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Peace Perfect Peace...

The video was created by Pam Vampran and Trevor with sweet loving memories of Elizabeth. Thank You for sharing Pam.

This is a post that hurts so deeply to write....

Our sweet Elizabeth is at home with her Heavenly Father tonight. Elizabeth truly fought the good fight, and has left her heart, her spirit and so much love all over the world today. To know her and her family, was to love them. Their faith and their prayer life has NEVER been lacking. They have held fast to God and His word. While it was their desire for an earthly healing, they are willing to trust God and accept her heavenly healing. I know there have been so many who have come here, followed Elizabeth's journey and have been praying for her and her family. Your love and support along with your prayers have carried DJ, Michelle, Charlie and Andrew through the darkest of days. Please continue to pray for them, this will be a long hard road, not a road that anyone chooses.

I can just picture a St Jude reunion in heaven today...

I want to ask you to also pray for the medical staff at St Jude today. The hearts are so heavy among the most wonderful people there. They need your prayers too. They do an amazing job, but they hurt when their families hurt.

Prayers for DJ, Michelle, Charlie and Andrew...

Sweet Elizabeth, an angel in heaven tonight

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Training Time


We currently have 22 team members registered and we are in 4th place overall in our fundraising efforts. Are we satisfied with 4th place? Guess who is in 1st Place? None other than our very own special friend.... Team Trevor! Way to go Team Trevor!! Okay Team Believe, this is good that Trevor's team is doing so well.... but I know we can take over that top spot!!! What have you done this week to bring in donations? I need to kick it into gear too. Keep recruiting, let's have the biggest team out there! I know we will have the most fun!!!

I did speak with Mr. Beck and the packet people are running a little behind, hopefully they will come out soon.


Are you training yet? I know I need to kick that into gear too! I will begin to post hotel info and Friday night dinner info in the coming weeks, so be watching. I promise more wonderful door prizes and lot's of great fun. It will be another packed weekend with a few more surprises as always and of course..... the traditional "Team Cake" :) I am hoping to get the artwork design for the team t-shirt soon and get it up and begin taking orders for our team shirt. I am really excited about it. It has Mary Kate's drawing on it, and that makes it just perfect! You do not have to be a team member to order a team shirt. Anyone can order one. We do use this as a team fundraiser.

Just a reminder or info for new people to our site, our team will be running in memory of Mary Kate Rushing this year. Her mom and sister along with other friends and family members will be joining us this year. They are a wonderful family and I am so excited for those of you who will be coming to meet them and get to spend some time with them.



Pray for the St Jude kiddo's!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be of courage; be strong."

I Corinthians 16:13

Good Morning....

I am very sorry for the lapse in posting, it has been a very busy time around my house with school starting back and other "end of the summer" activities.

I know Elizabeth is on the mind of many of you, as are the other kiddo's. I just ask that on behalf of the family, that each of you please pray for Elizabeth and for her family. Pray that God's will be done. Elizabeth has so much going against her, she has been through so much, but continues to hang on. Her strong will and determination to fight are so amazing. Prayers continue to go up for her miracle.

Mallerie was moved back to the transplant floor yesterday. She still does not feel well, but is getting better. Please send up some prayers for this beautiful sweetheart to get out of the hospital SOON!

Salena is having some problems with one of her eyes. She will be having a BMA and a LP today. While she is sedated, they will drain some fluid off of her eye. Pray for the success of each of these procedures and also for them to be able to determine what is going on with her eye and get it fixed with no complications.

Reagan continues to have good days full of BIG fun! This is such an amazing family. With all they are going through, I will see from time to time comments left by some of the family on the guest books of other caringbridge pages encouraging other families, No one knows what these families go through except another family fighting the same battle.

Dax is doing well. I hope I don't get in trouble with Julie for telling this, but I want you to know how sweet and caring she is too. Over the past few days, because of her love for Elizabeth and her family, Julie has been so sweet to help the Dunford family with food and letting some of the family hang out in her parent room for a nap here and there. When you see one family fighting their own battle, but reaching out to help one of their fellow families in their time of need, it is just so touching. It just goes to show the love and connection that exist between these families.

Keep all of the kids and their families in your prayers. Each one can use every single prayer and each word of encouragement that you can offer.

KEEP THE ST JUDE MARATHON IN MIND! I NEED TO GO LOOK, BUT I THINK THAT THE FIRST DEADLINE FOR THE FIRST PRICE INCREASE IS APPROACHING. Get registered before the price goes up and get started on your fundraising. I did speak with Mr. Beck this past week, he said the packets have not gone out yet, hopefully really soon. Let me know as you get your packets.

I hope each of you has a great day... hug your babies!


Friday, August 7, 2009

We Can Not Live Without Thee...

"Do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

Isaiah 41:10

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:13

The words of one of the most beautiful comforting hymns:

Be with them Lord,
They can not live without Thee.

They dare not try,
to take one step alone.

They can not bear,
the loads of life unaided.

They need Thy strength,
to lean themselves upon.



Thursday, August 6, 2009




The Doctor just came in, and the surgery went as well as it possibly could have. There was very little bleeding, and she did not have to put in a monitor or a drain. From what she saw, she believes this is aespergillus. The infection was deeper than she could get to, but the risk of paralyzing Elizabeth was greater. Biopsies have been sent off. Elizabeth should be back in ICU soon, and the family will be able to visit with her. We are very grateful to be here right now, and thankful for what they did for her this morning. Will update more later.
PRAY without ceasing.

Elizabeth continues to be a fighter and show her will to live and be healthy and happy. She made it through surgery, she will be in ICU at LeBonheur for several days before being returned to ICU at St Jude. Please continue to pray for her and the family. She has come a long way, but still has a ways to go. But not one single problem she has is to big for God to bring her through. Faith, Love and Believe.... Prayer Works!

UPDATE ON MALLERIE - Mallerie is in ICU, she had a very rough night last night and was moved over to ICU to get her on a higher level of oxygen. She has the hole in her lung, it is not any worse today, but she was having to work harder to breath so it was determined she would be better off in ICU. She is still having some pretty major stomach issues that are really causing her to feel basically rotten! The last time she was in ICU, I took her a Prince on a white horse to take her away from all of it and take her away from ICU... she told me today when I ask her if that was a "dud" Prince, did I need to bring her a new better one... she said YES!!!! If there are any volunteers out there to come and rescue a beautiful young lady in distress.... please let me know.... ASAP!!! She needs to get out of this hospital and back home. :) Don't you wish it was that easy... I do!!! We were supposed to have spa day today and do her manicure and pedicure, but when I got back to SJ from LeBonheur, the sleeping beauty and the queen mom were sound asleep! That's okay... they both needed it after the night they had last night. NO, I did not wake them up, never wake a sleeping princess! Please pray for Mal and her tummy and lungs. Pray for her family, it's a tough journey for them too.

Thank you so much for your continued support for our families and the prayers you continually offer up for them in their times of need. God will bless you richly in return.


The following is just a copy and paste of the update just posted by Michelle's stepmom. The are getting her stabilized now and will be transporting to LeBonheur as soon as possible. Now is the time to be in prayer for this precious family. I will try to update, just not sure about computer access once we are over at LeBonheur, in the past we have had service, but not sure about right now since she is going in through Emergency.

Elizabeth had a rough time breathing last night and throughout this morning. Cardiology was consulted at midnight last night and an cardiac echo was performed, which looked good. The deicision to proceed with a CT was made, and the results indicate a brain bleed, and the reason for this is not know. Elizabeth is going back on the paralytic, being intubated, and will be transported to LeBonheur Hospital. Then the plan will be to stabilize her, and proceed with surgery to remove the bleeding on the brain, then to remove a specimen to diagnose her condition. Please say the Novena every hour for the next twenty four hours. We still BELIEVE that HE will continue to give Elizabeth the strength to FIGHT for her CURE. Dean and Michelle are ready to take the next step, and their in ever so strong. Thanks for all the prayers, and please continue to pray for Elizabeth.

Nana Michele

ALSO - I do not have any info yet, will try to let you know as I know on this one too, but Mallerie has just been brought back up to ICU, her room is right next door to Elizabeth. Prayers much needed today !!!!!



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update on Elizabeth & Mallerie

Good Afternoon...

Prayers are requested for Elizabeth and her family. Today, in an attempt to jump start her immune system to fight off this fungal infection, the doctors have given Elizabeth a boost infusion of Dean's stem cells (washed) and T-cells. She is trying to get through the first 6 hours or so to make sure there are no complications. At this time she is having some labored breathing, but they feel this will subside in the next hour or so. Please pray for this procedure to be successful and for her body with the help of the meds they are giving her to fight off the aspergillus fungus. Keep praying for her, and for the family. At this time the family is traveling to Memphis to be with Elizabeth, Michelle, DJ and the boys. Pray for their safe travel.

Mallerie needs your prayers too. Read Tina's update, she is pretty much right where Trevor was a few weeks back. Please pray for this to pass on quickly and for her to be feeling better soon. Bless her heart, she has had such a tough time but we have faith that she will get through this and be healthy soon.

That is about all I have for now, I'll try to update when I can. I am at the hospital now and internet service is "up and down".

Keep Praying for all the kids...


Monday, August 3, 2009

He Will Give You Rest...

O heart bowed down with sorow!
O eyes that long for sight!
There's gladness in believing;
In Jesus there is light.

Earth's fleeting gain and pleasure
Can never satisfy:
Tis love our joy doth measure,
For love can never die.

His peace is like a river, His love is like a song;
His yoke's a burden never;
Tis easy all day long.


"Come, O come unto Me,
all ye that labor and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest,
I am meek and lowly in heart:
and ye shall find rest unto your souls."

Good Morning....

I found myself humming this song over the weekend, you know.. you get one of those tunes stuck in your head and it just plays over and over again in your mind! As I started thinking about it and about all of our kiddo's that are struggling so much right now, I found peace in these words. "Come unto me, and I will give you rest." What peace, perfect peace. I think at times we get so caught up in the moment when we are faced with stress, grief, frustrations, etc. we forget to STOP and turn it all over to God. We try to fix it ourselves, or bear it on our own... I am reminded of a billboard that one of our prayer warriors recently shared with us.... RELAX, GOD IS IN CONTOL. Turn it over, "come unto me" and find the peace in ALLOWING God to be in control. Goodness, you guys and our families teach me so much!!! Thank you for the lesson's you present with your lives each day.

So many of our kids have had a pretty rough week. It is my prayer that each will have a much better week.

Elizabeth was some better yesterday, but still really needs our prayers. Pray for her to have no pain, and complete healing. I know it is all in God's time, but in Elizabeth's words.."hurry Jesus, hurry". I pray today starts off a great week for her and her family. I just talked to Grammie, they are asking for specific prayers for her kidneys, and her platelets, and her high fever to come down and stay down. Basically, overall complete body healing. She will be having some more test today, pray for results to lead them in the best treatment for Elizabeth.

Alex D is doing better, he did get out of ICU and is back on transplant floor and proceeding with treatment. Please pray for him to continue to feel well and for the doctors hands and minds to be guided by God. Pray for his complete healing. Please be in prayer today for his family as they await the final results from his test last week. The preliminary results gave much hope, but they most now wait for the official final report that should come today, possibly tomorrow. The wait is the most difficult part. As one of our St Jude mom's has said to me, "you feel like you are facing a firing squad". I can only imagine, the long wait, then the moment the doctors walk in to tell you the results....until the words finally come out of their mouths, must be some of the most difficult moments in a parents life. Keep Brian and Jennifer and their families in your prayers today for them to find peace in Him during this waiting time. Pray for the final report to support the preliminary report. Check his site if you have not updated yourselves on his preliminary results.

Dax was also released from ICU and returned to the transplant floor. They are also preparing to move forward with treatment. If you have not checked his update... PLEASE do so. There is a video of the St Jude runners who left out last week from Memphis St Jude and ran to Peoria, IL to raise money. You will be so touched to see this video and see the amount of funds raised in this effort. IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!!!

Now, if they can raise the amount of money they did..... WHAT ARE WE WAITING ON????? We need to get motivated and get our fundraising on the ball. Yes, that means me!!! It means you too :) Send out emails to your family and friends, mail out letter, post on your facebook... lot's of ways to begin getting the word out there. The Tea Room that hosted the Teddy Bear luncheon for me last year, and gave $5 from each plate sold to St Jude is doing this again for me. Ask around in your area for someone to do something similar for you. Host a pancake breakfast at your church or local community center. Most of you are much more creative than I am... share your ideas with us, you can leave a comment with your ideas at the end of this post.

Mallerie is just not feeling well right now, she is continuing to have test run to determine what is causing her stomach issues. Please pray for her to feel better and for them to get to the bottom of this and get her on her way out of the hospital and home!

Read up on Trevor T. They can use some encouragement, Melinda has some questions she is trying to get answers to. Pray for her to have the right words for the doctors and she will find her answers. We are so thankful that Trevor is doing well and feeling so good. His smile just makes you smile!!!

Reagan has been having some really good days and LOTS AND LOTS of BIG fun!!! Please keep her and her family in your prayers. I am still praying for her miracle and believing that God can give her that miracle of healing. Let's all pray along with her family for her to receive her miracle. Have you seen her picture with her two puppies???? So adorable, she looks like such the proud mommy, I just love the sweet smile on her face. I hope each of you enjoyed the post about her special Christmas. This family is so amazing, Reagan is one lucky little girl to have such a loving family surrounding her. This child has touched so many lives. God bless her!

Salena is out of ICU, but will be staying inpatient for a couple of weeks. She is feeling better, but they want to watch her closely and make sure she is responding to the antibiotics the way they need for her to. She had such an easy transplant, but she has certainly had her share of problems here at the end of it. Pray for all of this infection to clear up and for her to be able to go home soon.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary that Sully was given his life of no pain, no cancer, and a home with God in heaven. This has been a difficult week for Jason, Tabitha and family to face. I spoke with Tab this morning and she said they had made it better than she thought. It seems the anticipation is worse than when the actual time gets here. They celebrated Sully's life by spending the time together, going to the cemetery and then Hannah suggested they go have ice cream to celebrate Sully's life. She thinks Hannah has given them a new tradition to mark this day from now on. I give kuddo's to Hannah... she is a master at coming up with some awesome ideas! Jason took off work today, and they plan to go and order his marker for the cemetery. Many of you contributed to this when he passed, it has been a very difficult task for them to order it, they really wanted to make sure they were making the best decisions when ordering it to honor Sully's life. Pray for them today as they go forward with this task at hand. These steps are so difficult to take. Keep them in your prayers.

Lot's more going on out there... check everyone's updates, keep them all in prayer. Pray for Ryan, he is doing so well. Keep Christian in your prayers. Praying for her miracle, with God all things are possible. There have been some fun times and good things going on this past week too... read up. Thank you Lord, for all of the great things You have done for us and the many gifts You have given us this past week. Make sure in all we do and say, we give God the glory.

Have a great week! Look for the opportunities to help others and see God even in the small things each day.

Take a minute, even in tough financial times, do you have an extra $10.00 you can give to St Jude to help keep the treatments and research going? Consider clicking on the link at the top left of this page where it says "DONATE TO ST JUDE" and make a donation, no amount is to large or to small. The money raised here goes toward our goal to raise $30,000.00 for the St Jude Marathon. It is directly donated to St Jude through this site. Consider between now and the first of December making a weekly or monthly donation. Each dollar adds up. Take the money for one lunch or dinner outing and donate it to this cause... will you really ever miss it? If you want your donation to go directly on one of the team members pages to help them achieve their personal goal, just click on their name when you get to the Team page and you can donate to a specific member that way.