Monday, May 4, 2009

The Race is ON!!!!

The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever- do not abandon the works of your hands.
Psalm 138:8

Good Morning! I hope everyone has had a good weekend, if you are anywhere in the middle of the states... you most likely had a very soggy, cold, wet weekend! I am thinking we may need to start building an ark if this rain does not go away! But an Ark would not be so bad, I love to go out on a boat! Find the sunshine even on a rainy day :)

OKAY.... We have been waiting since last December for this time to come again, IT'S HERE! Time to register for the marathon!!!
We are all here to following these children and offer support and prayer for them, but this is our big "thing" also. This is our time to get together and do something big time to really help these children. Team Believe is now ready for all of our participants to begin registering. This is such a wonderful way to actively participate in doing our part to help fight this beast we call cancer. Get your credit cards out and go to and register NOW! When you register, it will ask you on the bottom part of the registration form if you want to be a hero... CHECK YES!!!!! This is where you register to be a team member for Team Believe. When it ask you "what team" simply type in "Team Believe" it's as easy as can be this year. I do want to remind you that last year the marathon did fill up and we had some who waited to long to register and could not get in.... PLEASE GO ON AND REGISTER AND DON'T GET LEFT OUT!!!! WE WANT EVERYONE IN MEMPHIS IN DECEMBER FOR THIS!
I have heard that they do expect it to fill up faster than it did last year because people will not be waiting, they will go on and register early. Allison and I are both registered now..... it's your turn now:) If any of you have email contact with any of the people who have joined us in the past, please send them an email, let them know it's time to register and let them know of our name change for the team. GO TEAM BELIEVE!!!!

I trust that each of you have been following the kids links and keeping up with their progress over the weekend. I did speak with LaDonna yesterday and Salena was moved back to the regular floor. They are trying to wean her off of her pain meds so she can hopefully get out of the hospital this week. She will be staying there at their hospitality house and having daily visits at the hospital to keep up with her counts, etc. Her counts have begun to come up, so it looks as if she is beginning to graft.

Reagan has returned home, she will be coming back in 6 weeks for another MRI. They are planning her Make A Wish trip now, pray for them to have a wonderful trip!!! Please embrace this family and keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Read her updates, I just can't imagine being in their shoes at this time. I hope that we can be of some comfort to them through prayer and encouragement on their caringbridge page.

Harley did get out of the hospital yesterday and from what I understand he was to go back today for his treatment. They were not sure if he would get to go home after that or need to stay at hospital or in Houston. Look for Joy to update soon. Let's keep him in our prayers for him to stay healthy and be able to keep on track with his treatment.

I just returned home late last night, so I have not had a chance to talk to anyone at the hospital yet. I am a little reluctant to go to the hospital to make visits right now with this swine flu going around. I want to keep the kids health and safety top priority. Even though I am perfectly healthy, no signs of cold, etc.... I am very concerned about any germs I could pick up and be carrying on my clothes, etc.. I would not want to put any one of the kiddo's in jeopardy with this flu going around. There has been at least one case reported in Memphis.

Ok, that's it for now.... I have some unpacking to do! Enjoy your day, do something to put a smile on someone's face. I promise it will put a smile back on your face too!

I pray that each of you stay healthy with this flu outbreak. Keep your hands washed and just be smart when you do get out in crowds. Hand sanitizer in your purse, your car, your pockets... you get my point, keep it and use it.

Go register ......

Believe - Prayer Works!


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