Monday, August 1, 2011

What a Slacker I Have Been!!

My apologies to everyone who followed this page. I just had to take a break. Life gets so busy around our house, I know it is the same for each of you as well. Things have been going good. All of our kiddo's are doing well. I was trying to update more on facebook, but I do realize that not everyone who comes to this page is on facebook.

I want to address first of all some computer glitch errors regarding Team Believe. As we are trying to get geared up for the next St Jude Memphis Marathon, it seems every corner I turn, something is going haywire! Team Believe members, you have not been receiving any team emails, nor has the office St Jude Team page been set up because apparently two ladies decided to form a team and chose our same team name. The way St Jude sets up their system, whomever join the team first, is automatically set as the team captain. Apparently one of these two ladies got registered before any of us did, so therefore the team captain is listed as one of these two ladies. I, nor anyone else in our group know these ladies. The team captain is the only person with passcode and access to the official team page. While the two of them are the only members of "their" team, all others on the list are our normal members. I have been in contact with the Hero's office of ALSAC and they are trying to help us out with this problem. I am praying these ladies will either join up with us and relinquish the team captain position to us or they will change their team name realizing we have had this name and have a reputation with this marathon after raising over $100,000.00 over the past five years. Our next obstacle happened today. Last night our Team Believe page on Facebook was just fine, showing 47 members. Today is is POOF, GONE, VANISHED... JUST NOT THERE!!! Is someone trying to get in our way of doing our good work??? Well, if so, we will find a way to fix it all and get back on track! As of right now, this is our only communication for our team until the others can be resolved. Please be patient and check this site often for info.

Now, for a quick update on some of our kiddo's.
Our team is running for little Trevor this year. He is doing really well right now, but a few things have come up in the past few weeks that are of concern. It has been determined that while he still has a portion of his original tumor and the lito spread on his brain and spine, the chemo is doing more potential damage to his kidneys. Therefore, the doctors have decided it is best to hold off on any more chemo treatments for the time being, give him a few months, then do more scans to see what is going on with the tumor and lipto spread with no chemo. Also, this will allow some time for his kidneys to recover some. Outside of this, he looks great, feels great and is just like any other normal healthy little boy. We are so excited to be running in his honor this year. Please help us out in anyway that you can.

Preston is doing fantastic! He was here last week. He looks great, all of his counts are great and he is just as active as can be. He will begin preschool this year!

Jack is doing great. His last 3 month check up results were perfect. Still no signs of any cancer!!! Jack is also now the proud big brother of Baby Tucker. They are two peas in a pod. Tucker looks just like Jack. Mom and everyone are doing great and enjoying every single day that life has to give them.

Ariel, Morgan, Heather are all doing great too. All are getting ready for school to start back. Ariel and Amber will be college students this year! So hard to believe!

Natalie, is doing great, she recently had her 6 month check up and remains CANCER FREE!! She and Nicole will begin their junior year of college. Do you realize when I introduced her to you, she was supposed to be in her junior year of high school and not a St Jude patient! Wow, time flies and she remains CANCER FREE!

I know I am leaving out some others, I will try to go back and catch up on them in another post. I just really needed to get some info out to let you know what was going on with our team information systems. Say a little prayer that is is all resolved VERY SOON.

Thank you for being patient with we, leave comments and let me hear from you.

Hope each one of you is having a wonderful week.


PS I'm in a bit of a hurry, so I am not proofing this. Any mistakes or typo's, please overlook :)