Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prayer Request 2nd Update for Today

Mallerie has been moved back to ICU as I have said, but she was having trouble breathing and they have now put her on a vent. Please pray for her lungs to heal and for her heart to be able to rest some while the vent is breathing for her. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER AND HER FAMILY. As you can only imagine, this is very scary for them.


Lot's going on tonight....

I heard from Poppy, they did get Carol off of the vent yesterday about 3 pm. She seemed to be doing pretty well last night, but this morning her blood gases were not so good so they put her on a bi-pap machine. Poppy spoke with the doctor this morning, and the doctor told him if her gases did not improve it would most likely be necessary to put her back on the vent. They checked them again around 12:30 this afternoon and they were better, she was on oxygen this afternoon and was able to eat a little bit of a soft diet tonight. She is back on the bi-pap tonight and hopefully will continue to show signs of improvement. It is not likely she will be home at all this week. Poppy says they thank you for your concern and most especially your prayers. Please keep the prayers going up, she is not out of the woods yet, but she is getting there.

Also, just got word a bit ago that Mallerie had to go back to ICU sometime today. I don't know yet what exactly is going on, but I will try to get down there tomorrow to check on them. Keep praying, I keep you posted.

Trevor really needs our prayers. He will have some more test tomorrow, but he has tested positive for a fungus... this is not good. Yet another setback for him, and on his birthday!!! Not fair, poor guy! Please pray for him and for Pam, bless her heart, how much can a mom take? Prayers have been requested and are much needed.

Thanks guys, I know and these families know they can always count on the prayer warriors here!!!


I just got a message from Pam a little bit ago requesting our prayers. Trevor's liver counts were really high today. All she ask at this time is for us to just please start praying. I'll post more when I get a chance to talk with her.

Speaking of Trevor.... today is his 16th birthday. Please go to his caringbridge page and leave him a birthday greeting. I am sure he can use some encouragement today.

Yesterday was Mary Kate's birthday. She would have been 9. Regina and Alyson can use some encouraging comments on Mary Kate's page as well. I am sure it was probably one of the hardest days for her so far.

Our prayer warrior Carol at last report from Poppy was still in ICU on the vent but was hoping to get off the vent today, possible yesterday. Her blood pressure and vitals were looking much better. Please keep praying for both Carol and Poppy. I'll keep you posted as I hear.

I hope each of you had a safe and fun Memorial Day holiday. The kids are all either out or about to get out of school. YEA!!!! I am so ready for the summer break.


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