Saturday, May 16, 2009

In everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4: 6-7

Greetings! I hope that each of you are enjoying the weekend. Of course it's Memphis so this is subject to change by the time I finish writing this, but as of this minute it is sunny and absolutely beautiful outside. I certainly hope that all of the St Jude kid's who are outpatient are able to get outside today and enjoy this beautiful day.

Mallerie is still in ICU and can really use our support at this time. Please keep the whole family in your prayers.
Reagan and family are back home from a wonderful Make A Wish trip to Disney- Thanks and praise to God for their good trip.
Salena is outpatient and showing 99% donor cells!!! - Praise God for this news.
Trevor is still inpatient and waiting on test results from scope. - Praying for his "jail break" soon! Pray for a safe trip back to Memphis for Pam as she returns tomorrow.
Elizabeth really needs prayers to just figure out what is going on and how to "fix" it. - Prayers for her entire family too!
Clay is doing so well! This is such wonderful news as his transplant was such a high risk. - Prayers of praise for this!
Morgan is still home on her visit. Prayers for her continued good health and a safe trip back to Memphis.
Christian is in Memphis, she had a port put in on Friday and was not feeling up to par last night. - Pray for her miracle.
Harley is feeling much better after the reaction to his radiation that had him so sick. - Thanks and praise for this good news.

Please keep all the kiddo's we have been following in prayer.

I had dinner with Regaina and Alyson Rushing along with Ellen's mom, Ann Taylor, last night. By the way, Ellen is the St Jude patient of the month for this month! Way to go Ellen!! Christian and her family were not able to join us, it had been a long day with Christian's surgery to put in her port yesterday. Regina and Alyson look so good. We really enjoyed our dinner at none other than Chili's!!!!! We love to support Chili's!!! Regina brought Mary Kate's drawing for our team shirt to me last night. It is adorable!! I can't wait to get the final rendering for our shirt and share it with you. There is a really neat story behind the picture that Mary Kate drew, I'll share that with you later. Please keep Regina, Alyson and the other precious families who have lost a child to this beast. As well as they seem to be at times, this is a cut so deep, a hole so wide that can never be filled and the hurt NEVER goes away. Just keep praying for God to give them the comfort they need to go on.

Please pray for the success of the upcoming St Jude marathon. The hospital depends on this money to operate. I pray that TEAM BELIEVE will be in the top ten and show just how much this group supports this amazing hospital.

If you can't make the trip to Memphis to participate but you still want to have a part in this great effort to raise money for St Jude, you can go online and just register to be a HERO. The direct link to go to registration is posted up top along with the link to the news video that was aired on one of the local TV stations in Memphis last year about our team. Check it out! If you register to be a HERO, this will give you a ST JUDE GOAL PAGE and you can set it up and ask your friends, family and anyone you know (or even if you don't know them) to donate to St Jude. It is a wonderful opportunity for someone to donate in honor or memory of someone. Please consider it.

Enjoy your weekend - Be thankful for all things!



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