Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Big Day Fun Day!

Just a quick update on the kids I was able to see today....

Mallerie, still in ICU. They do however now have a diagnosis, so at least now they know what to use to treat it and get her out of the unit. She is fairly weak and in general just does not feel well at all. She and her family really need all the prayers they can get. This is very stressful, when your child is so sick it really takes it's toll on you. Please keep Tina and Brad in your prayers too.

Trevor was still inpatient today, but working HARD on getting out. He was feeling okay when we went to visit, but after eating some chicken noodle soup, started not feeling so well. Poor guy... he really needs to get to feeling better. Please keep him in your prayers too. His younger brother Rudy is here and I know he is enjoying the company. Pray for Pam, she is so ready to get out of that hospital too, You should see all of the signs and notes they have painted on the windows. It's to cute!

Elizabeth was just precious, as always! She is just to darn cute! I gave her a book and some string cheese today, she was playing with her mom's cell phone at the time .... without missing a beat, she tucked the phone under her chin and proceeded with her cheese. It was just to cute. She is doing good... keep praying for her and for her family. They are trying to make some really big choices right now, please keep them in your prayers.

Heather gets the big WOOHOO for the day!!!! Her test and scans showed the ALL CLEAR!!!! Way to go Heather! She had her BMA today, so that is not back yet but the scans from yesterday are all clear. Heather and Terri are on their way to Mississippi for a few days to visit with Regina and Alyson before returning to Florida. Her next scheduled visit to Memphis will be in August. Praise for her good reports! Our God is an awesome God, to Him be the glory!

That is about it for the "around the hossy" news for today. However, CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Natalie and Nicole! They are now official graduates from Chester County High School. So college life begins for them in a few short months. Natalie will be coming to Memphis on Friday for her labs and check up. Keep her in your prayers for her to get that ALL CLEAR report too! This is such a stressful time for both patient and families, just waiting for the official word to come in.

Take care... hug your kiddo's!



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