Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dax Dances With Wings.... Part Two


Sweet Baby Dax.... as Julie simply said, "his heart stopped at 2:15 am this morning." Dance Dax Dance with all of the sweet angels who were in heaven waiting for you this morning.

Dear Lord, we know that You are the ONLY comfort that Austin and Julie can know at this time. We know their pain and grief is so tremendous. Father, we come to You at this time to ask for your blessings and your comforting arms be wrapped around them and their family today and each day to come. Father, we ask that a cure for this beast we call cancer be found in this New Year. We ask that You guide the hands and minds of the researchers all across the country and that one of them will find the cure. Lord, we thank You for Austin and Julie. We thank You for the life and the time You blessed us with Dax here on this earth. I pray that those who have been touched by his story will follow You Lord more closely and choose to be a better person each day. Lord, we ask that you be with each person who will be traveling to be with the family at this time. Keep each one safe. We love You Lord, and strive to be more Christ like. In Christ Name, Amen.

Visitation will be Sunday afternoon. Semi-private service on Monday.

Part Two - Update 6:36pm

The following is an email I received today with some of the best news I have heard in a very long time regarding the fight for childhood cancer. Some of you may remember when some of our St Jude mom's made the trip to Washington to attend the rally on Capitol Hill to fight for this additional funding.... read on and smile!!!

Dear Advocates,

Congress completed much of its remaining business before taking a well deserved break for the holidays. Over the course of this legislative year advocates for childhood cancer have worked hard to bring attention and federal funding to childhood cancer. Members of Congress and their staff have also worked hard to address these critical issues and the needs of children with cancer.

Our hard work has resulted in an unprecedented additional $5.6 million in appropriations dedicated to childhood cancer. This is more money than has ever been specifically appropriated by Congress for childhood cancer. These funds come through the following appropriations sources:

Labor Health and Human Services under the provisions of the Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood Cancer Act:
$3 million directed to the Centers for Disease Control for a pediatric cancer registry, a critical source of information to support research.
$1 million in the office of the Secretary of Health and Human Services to provide much needed outreach, resource and program services for children with cancer and their families.
In addition, the National Cancer Institute received an increase in funding for FY2010, through the Labor Health and Human Services appropriation bill. The estimated amount that will be apportioned specifically for pediatric cancer research will be $4 million above last year's level.
Defense Appropriation
$1.6 million for pediatric cancer research in the Defense appropriation
At the end of this long year I am deeply grateful to our champions in Congress for increasing the federal commitment to funding for childhood cancer research and for their continued partnership and commitment to this effort as the next appropriation cycle is about to get started.

I wish you a New Year full of Peace, Hope and Health.


I just had to share this with you, it really gives me HOPE!!

ALSO, Big Trevor is headed back home after another cancer-free check up!!! So grateful and thankful for this news. He will be coming back in a few weeks to check on some bone related issues. Keep him in your prayers.

Little Trevor got some of the best news he has had since his treatment began... he had an MRI yesterday to determine if this new protocol is working on his tumor. For the first time, he had an MRI that has shown no new growth and a decrease in activity in part of the tumor. This is an indication that the tumor is dying!!! The new chemo protocol is working!!! Praise God and give God the glory for this!! Please keep him in your prayers that this will continue to work and this tumor will be completely gone in the near future. I love getting some good news!!

I am praying that 2010 will be the year to find a CURE FOR CANCER :) Please pray this prayer with me.


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