Sunday, December 6, 2009


2009 Team Believe Team Cake.... Yummy!

Team Believe M & M's

It's Sunday Morning, I don't have very much time to post yet but I did want to let you know we have all survived up to this point. It is truly been a blessed weekend and one that I personally will cherish forever. I will post more, but did want to start with a few pictures. We have hundreds of pictures so I need to figure out how to do a video or some way to try to share more of them with you.

I do not know our "official" total amount raised at this time, but I do know that as of the dinner on Friday night we were over $20,000.00 and it was still climbing! Thank You to everyone who has be a part of making this happen. We just might reach out goal of $25,000.00 before this is over with yet!!!

I will give you a little unofficial news... we held a silent auction in conjunction with our dinner, it was a big hit and I have not even had a chance to count, but as the items were being paid for and collected to take home, it looked to be over $700.00 that was made from our gift auction items. I am amazed and so excited that this was a big hit. Definitely a "do again".

I do want to ask you for a prayer for an unknown name at this time. There was a lady/girl, not sure of the age yet either, that just after she crossed the finish line collapsed and died yesterday. Some of us saw this as it was happening and it was quite upsetting. Please be in prayer for this family. This is the first death related to this marathon in the 30 history of it. I will give more info regarding this as I hear.

Be in prayer today for safe travel for all of those who will be traveling home. Pray for our families with babies fighting and those who have empty arms today.

THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT TO THE TEAM!!! Come and join us next year and join in on the blessings and the fun!

Much love~


2009 Team Believe Marathon Team Picture

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