Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here is another look at our Team Believe bracelets. If anyone would like to get one or more, you may do so by sending in a self addressed & stamped envelope with $2.00 per bracelet. Mail to: Team Believe Bracelets; P O Box 210, Brunswick, TN 38014. Checks need to be made out to Team Believe. All profit will go to St Jude through Team Believe. We do have an account set up so that anyone can do fundraisers at any time during the year to go towards the team goal for the annual St Jude Marathon. If you are interest in doing anything in your local area at any time during the year, you can notify me and I will tell you how this can work out. In the past we have limited our fundraising efforts to the time period which the marathon has our goal pages set up so we can send in checks. We have a way now to turn in and cash checks so they are not being held until marathon time. Contact me for more info if your interested. We have one family that is wanting to host a Trail Ride in the spring with their profits going to St Jude through Team Believe. This will be an awesome event. I will give you more info as that develops. Anyone wanting to have a rummage sale, or craft sale, etc. these are all great ideas and can be done at any time.

Dr. Sara (Team Believe) & hubby Tom ( Team Elizabeth Grace) They split and supported both teams!!

Tyler, Garrett & Svetlana

Garrett, Chris and Mardecia

Lenzy & Nicole (Team Hope)

Natalie, Sandy, Mardecia, Nicole
Susan, Michael, Tyler and Lenzy - a mix of Team Believe & Team Hope

The Dunford Family - Team Elizabeth Grace

The Graves Family - Team Pray For Mal
Shelia, Mardecia, Brad, Tina & Heath

Laura, Mardecia, Jordan
Julie, Regina & Lisa - The Bunko Babes of Team Believe

Mardecia, Lenzy, Ben, Hope & Marcella

Natalie (Nat), Mardecia, Nicole (Nic) - These are great girls who are so special to Team Believe. Nat is a St Jude surviver!

Chris (in the middle) crossing the finish line wrapping up in his silver blanket. His goal was to complete the half marathon so he could get one of those "cool silver blankets". He did it!!!

Brenda and Susan crossing the finish line! Way to go ladies!!! We are all so very proud of our team.

Please keep praying for Dax, Jack, little Trevor and all of the others in need of our prayers at this time. Also keep in prayer the families facing the holidays without their loved ones.

Happy Holidays to everyone.... MERRY CHIRSTMAS!!!


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