Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

Psalm 16:8

I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:38-39

Bags should be in the process of being packed if not already packed, airline tickets in hand, cars being gassed up ready to roll....IT'S ALMOST HERE!!!!

I have such a long trip into the city, but my bag is packed... I love getting to move into the hotel for a weekend!! It's a big party reunion. This year is going to be different as we will have several of our St Jude families staying at the hotel along with us. I am really looking forward to the bonds that will be formed. I feel that the prayer warriors from our prayer/chat room will come away with an experience like none before. They will get to join in the "real world" of the lives these families live each day. I know the families will be blessed to meet face to face the names that have been signing their caringbridge pages, sending cards or other goodies along the way. It is a blessing to them to meet the people who have prayed for them when they did not even know them. I can't imagine the feeling of knowing someone who does not even know me is praying for me and my family.

I am sooooo nervous! Please be praying that everything goes smoothly and I don't forget some major detail at the last minute!!! Don't worry, the food for Friday night and "THE CAKE" has been ordered!!! The Saturday night BBQ is lined up and the Mgr. at our local WONDERFUL FABULOUS MACARONI GRILL at Wolfchase has been notified to expect a group for lunch on Sunday afternoon, and oh yes... the WONDERFUL FABULOUS CHILI'S at Wolfchase has been notified that the early bird arrivals coming in on Thursday to decorate and get ready for the team dinner, will be in for dinner Thursday night. Ok, so we are all lined up to EAT!!! Oh yes, there is a FABULOUS WONDERFUL MARATHON that will be early Saturday morning... we will go to that too!!! For some reason, I have this feeling of a strange sense of humor this morning :)

On a more serious side, I was going over some tidbit info last night that I want to share with everyone at the dinner. I'll share a little with you now. The people who will be gathering for this weekend of events with Team Believe will be representing at least (sometimes I miss something) 12 different states!!! We have people from literally coast to coast and everywhere in between. New York, Central Florida all the way to California. This is just so awesome to me!!! We have a total of 44 team members and to this point we have raised $17,756.00!!!!! Having said that, I have to say this... I do know for a fact there are checks that are in the ALSAC office or have already cleared the banks that are not yet showing posted to our team. So, with just what I know about we should be over or around $20,000.00 before this is over with IF NOT MORE!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO HAS WORKED SO HARD OR WHO HAVE MADE DONATIONS TO ST JUDE THROUGH TEAM BELIEVE. I truly hope that each of you can truly grasp how much this group of people have done and continue to do for St Jude and the families. I love each one of you.

Allison sent out an email in the last few days with last minute details and it included our cell phone numbers. If you have not done so already, please put those numbers in your phone so you will have it with you when you hit the city. Please call if you have any questions about directions or anything. We want to be available to help you in anyway.

- Plan to pick up your packets, all info regarding packet pickup is located on the St Jude Marathon website
- Dinner will begin at 6:30 on Friday evening
- We will caravan (the best we can) from the hotel downtown to the FedEx Forum for the start of the run EARLY on Saturday
morning. We will get organized on this detail Friday evening.
- Plan to take along a cell phone to the run, if you have somewhere to hold it, so that we can communicate afterwards for
those carpooling.
- If you want to join in on the BBQ Hang Out on Saturday evening, let us know at the dinner on Friday night. I will need to get
the order for the BBQ turned in early in the day on Saturday. Also, with our group getting bigger, I need to see if we will be
able to fit at my house! That is a good problem to have :) We will have cheesecake again... no fears!
- For those who want to, we will attend church services together on Sunday morning. Service begins at 10:00am. Then we
will do our usual of going to support Macaroni Grill for lunch because of their support to us.

I think this just about covers the events of the weekend.

So far, all reports for the kiddo's having check ups this week are good! Heather had an ALL CLEAR on her brain scan, so that leaves the spinal reports to come in. They should hear from that today. In theory, if the brain is all clear, you expect the spinal fluid to be clear as well. Keep praying!!!

I saw Alex V and her family for a few minutes yesterday, they all look SO GOOD! Alex had just had her lumbar puncture so she was a little sleepy from procedure. So far, so good for her. Pray for her today.

Gavin had a bit of a rough day yesterday, pray that today will go better for him and Lindsey. He is doing fine medically, his reports look great. He is a little guy and his ports have been removed so when he comes back for checkups they have to actually stick him for labs... OUCH!!!! He has some procedures today, but they will sedate him for them so hopefully it won't be so tough on him today. Keep him in your prayers today.

Little Trevor will be in today for his bi-weekly treatment. I don't know if I will get to see him today or not with all of the errands I have, but hopefully I will get too. Pray for his treatment to go well and for safe travel.

Big Trevor will be here I think tomorrow for his labs and check up. Keep him in your prayers that everything still shows ALL CLEAR, NO CANCER!!!

Dax is being a tough fighter! Please pray for him and his family as they are facing his final days. Pray for him to be pain free. Pray for Austin, Julie and their families as they are spending every minute possible CHERISHING EVERY MOMENT with Dax.

Please keep Jack in your prayers too. So far, he is doing well with the chemo. Pray for Katie and the rest of the family. She is having a difficult time with all of this again. Please sign his cb page or send them cards. He loves John Deere!!

Have a great day... Lot's to be praying for right now.


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