Saturday, December 12, 2009

Part Two Team Dinner - Awesome Evening

A reminder of all of those we are running for along with ^Mary Kate^.

"The Dinner" Yummy!!! Macaroni Grill prepared several different choices of entree's. Pasta Milano, Spaghetti with a wonderful suace, macaroni cheese, grilled vegtables, salad and their wonderful garlic herb bread! As always with Mac Grill, it was wonderful.

Marianna, the daughter of one of our newest team members, Angie Luce. (TN)

Natalie (TN) and Barbara (TX) Reagan's grandmother. These two had the best time talking! Two very sweet ladies.

Two of the five very handsome men in my life. Tyler, Susan (TX) and Charles. I owe a huge thanks to my guys for all of the help they were over the marathon weekend. It is so much on auto pilot (a term my husband can relate to :)) now that they just know where to jump in and what to do! I appreciate them so much. Susan was a blessing too! I appreciate all she did this year to make this a wonderful weekend.

Marcella (NY) and Nicole (TN) These two are becoming big buds! This is the third year to participate for both of these girls.

Some of the Denton family (AL) all lined up ready for dinner. We were so blessed to have them with us. They had a group that ran for ^Alex^ this year. I really love the way this marathon is spreading to other families and more are getting involved for the cause to fight this beast. That is some of the Braswell family (FL) in line behind the Denton's.

Matt, one of our new team members who works at our wonderful favorite Chili's, with Max. Everytime I looked around, Matt had a baby in his arms!! I think he will make an excellent daddy one of these days, but for now he loves playing with them and running for the cause!!!!

I told you I would get a picture on here of Hannah, well here she is sporting her Hello Kitty glasses!!! Such a sweet girl and a wonderful big sister. They had a team that ran in memory of ^Sully^, Hannah walked the 5K for the second year in a row now!! Way to go Hannah!!!

An attempt at getting organized for a team photo!

Another attempt at a team picture! I love the fact that our team has grown to such a large number, but goodness it sure is hard to get everyone ready for a group photo!!! These photo's are only half of the group!!

Nicole, Sandy (Mom) and Natalie Cravens. Natalie is a St Jude patient who has been cancer free for well over a year now! They have a team also Team Hope. I really like having Team Believe and Team Hope working so close together to raise money and awareness for the need to fight cancer.

Alyson Rushing (MS) holding Baby Jack (LA) visiting with Jordan, Patricia and Tomaneka all from LA. Jordan is a St Jude patient who has been cancer free now for over 2 years!!! Jordan gives us all such hope.

Michelle Dunford (TN/LA), Dr. Sara (TN) doctor at St Jude, Dean Dunford (TN/LA) The parents of our sweet ^Elizabeth^. We were very blessed to have them join us along with some of their family. It was Michelle's birthday, so we had the opportunity to sing Happy Birthday to her!

I know there are others that were at the dinner that I did not get a picture of at the dinner, but I will certainly try to make sure I have some shots of them at the run on Saturday morning or at some other point during the weekend.

I hope each of you are enjoying the very rapidly approaching holiday season. Lot's of baking, shopping, gift wrapping etc. Lot's to do! You will be enjoying your time with your family and friends. Please keep close to your heart and in prayer those who are hurting this holiday season. Many need our prayers and even words of support and love. Please drop a note on their CB pages or even send them a card and let them know you are thinking about them.

Enjoy your Sunday, worship with your friends and family and honor and praise our most awesome God.

I also have a special prayer request, Ben Powell's dad, Mr. Larry, had a heart attack this past week and will be having surgery on Monday. Please keep Mr. Larry and the family in your prayers for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


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