Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hope your New Year is off to a good start

Sorry for the delay in updates. I am truly hoping that things will slow down just a tab bit.

It's been a little busy around St Jude this week already. A few updates as I am aware of them:

Natalie had her 3 months scans and test and I am so very happy to say she remains CANCER FREE!!! The spot that was on her lung at her last visit, is no longer there!!! We praise God and give Him the glory for this news! She does not have to go back for 4 months now! This is just the best news to start off the New Year with.

Morgan is having her scans and test this week also, so far, from what I have read, everything is going well. I plan to go over to the hospital tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to visit with her and get the full report. Keep praying that everything is just great for her too.

Please keep little Jack in your prayers this week. The test they are running this week are very big test. They will determine if he will continue the current trial chemo that he is taking now after his relapse. Our prayer needs to be that the test will show reduction or even better yet, that the tumor is GONE! Also, be praying for clear lymph nodes.

Mikey has not been feeling the best recently, please pray for him to feel better and stronger and continue the fight that he is now fighting. He has test and scans coming up that will show if his treatment is working. Please pray for his test to show he is heading into remission.

James needs our prayers for his miracle. This is our simple prayer.... A MIRACLE FOR JAMES. Keep his parents and his family in prayer too.

Please continue to pray for Austin and Julie Locke. Dax's service was so beautiful and meaningful. I am not going to elaborate on his service, you can go directly to the funeral home site and view the webcast of his service. Go go
Once there, click on Dax Locke - view details. This will take you to his obit page where you can select to view the webcast. I think they said it would be up for about 60 days. There were seven of us who were able to go up and be with Austin, Julie and their family during this time. Everything was just perfect for a perfect little sweet angel. I am so thankful that I was able to travel up with the Dunford family, Regina, Mary Kate's mom and Jennifer, Alex Denton's mom. I know that each of these parents of our sweet angels was able to bring some comfort to Austin and Julie. Please be praying for comfort and safe travel for Austin and Julie, they left this morning to spend a couple of weeks in Italy and a few other places. I pray this time away will be some healing time and that they are able to be together and seek comfort in each other and share with each other all of their precious memories of their sweet ^Dax^.

Prayer night has been set up for our prayer/chat room again tomorrow night, January 6,2010 beginning again at 9 Memphis time. That is Central Time Zone. Please sign in and join us. This is always such an uplifting time. These kids and their families need all of the prayers they can get and this is just one of the ways we can be a part of doing something to help these kids and also pray for St Jude and the doctors and staff who are treating the kids.

I have a special prayer request for one of my very good friends who is a very special lady to many of our Team Believe members. She is an employee of ALSAC at St Jude, and does a great deal to help our group and friends out. She is a true blessing to so many. She is having some medical issues and undergoing test to determine what the problem is. Please keep her in your prayers and pray that the doctors will be able to pinpoint what is going on with her and know exactly what needs to be done to get her back to her healthy state of being. Thank You. Prayers for Melba.

I look forward to Prayer Night with you tomorrow evening.


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