Thursday, December 10, 2009

Team Dinner - Awesome Evening

There are just so many people who were a part of the Friday night Team Dinner and so many pictures it is difficult to get them all out to you. I will take a day or so and just cover the dinner, then I'll move on to the marathon. I hope you enjoy the pictures and I'll try to give you the story behind them.

This is Alex V. together with Terri and Heather Braswell and their family and some friends from California (former St Jude family)

Alex V. - she did a great job calling out our door prize winning numbers!

Ben and Allison

Jordan - He had the time of his life! Patricia, her nephew and his wife were part of our team this year. She told me yesterday they plan to rent a bus and bring the whole family back next year! Also, I want to congratulate Chancelly, she will be graduating with a degree in Mass Communications this coming Saturday!!! She has done an incredible job of taking care of Jordan and keeping up with her studies. She is truly one remarkable young lady and an awesome mom to Jordan. We are so very proud of her.

Team Gavin! Lindsey and Gavin - Gavin had great reports from all of his test and scans this past week. He has done so well. They are from California.

The Farrar Family (MS) - Tabitha, Max and Jason. Hannah was there, I'll get a pic of her up in another post.

Svetlana - Check out her cap! She came to us from Atlanta, GA

Awesome Heather - need I say more??? Heather was our featured speaker and she did a fantastic job telling her story and how St Jude has saved her life. Heather is shown here modeling her monogrammed snuggie, a gift for speaking to us. They came to be with us from Florida

Some of our new team members, the Corley family. Bennett, his daughters and his nephew all ran with us this year. They came to be with us from Nashville, TN

Mameow (Barbara Key) and Angie Luce talking up a storm! Barbara and her husband Phillip are the grandparents of our sweet ^Reagan^. They came from TX and Barbara was one of our new team members. If you want to laugh, just spend an evening with Barbara, she is an awesome lady. Angie is one of my friends and neighbors from right down the road from me!!!! Angie joined up with us late in the game, and proudly wore our team shirt as she ran the half marathon. Angie is the author of a wonderful newly published book "Poppies In December, Hope for the Hurting" check it out at her blog

Marcella (NY), Lisa (GA)
Lenzy (AR), Brenda (AR), Mardecia, Susan (TX) Sandy (TN), Nic and Nat's mom!

We had a memory table, the families brought pictures to set up and share with us. I'll have more pictures of the tables in a later post.

Regina Rushing (MS), Alyson Rushing (MS), Erica (LA) - In the background is a handmade quilt that Erica had made from some of Mary Kate's t-shirts and presented to Regina and Alyson. It was beautiful and such a special gift. These were the shirts Mary Kate wore every day!

Regina and Alyson with some of their friends from Mississippi who came to join them in the 5K.

All in all, we had a great evening. I will post more in the next day or two.

Please continue to keep Dax in your prayers, he seems to be having some really good days lately. We are so thankful for these days of dancing with Julie and Austin.

I told you about Natalie and Nicole's sister in law (24 year old ) Angela Cravens recently diagnosed with MS. She was transferred to Nashville to Vanderbilt on Tuesday for rehab. Thank you for your prayers, all of the prayers are being heard and she has done so well the doctors are considering sending her home by the weekend to continue rehab on an outpatient basis from home! That is awesome news. Keep praying for her and her husband and the Craven's family.

Rylee is still in the hospital, not to sure how close to a definite diagnosis they are. She seems to be getting better, but the doctors are still uncertain of what is going on. Please pray for her, for the doctors and for Samantha as she takes care of Rylee and juggles taking care of her other children.

Jack was able to get out of the hospital and go back to the Target House. YEAH! Please pray for him and for this new protocol to be successful and put him in remission once again. Pray for him to be cancer free for life!

When your sending out holiday cards, keep all of our families in mind and send them one too. Most of their home addresses are located on their cb pages. Let them know you are a part of Team Believe.

Enjoy the holidays coming up but keep praying for those families hurting at this time of year.


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