Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve....

My prayer is that each and everyone of you are enjoying your time with your families. I know it is a very busy time of year, and things get very hectic. I hope that each and every one of us can find the time to slow down, reflect upon the many blessings that we have been given as the ultimate gift. God sent His son, to save our souls. That is the most unbelievable gift ever given. The ultimate gift ever given to anyone. I have to ask myself, am I doing and living like God want's me to so that I can earn the reward that He gave His son on the cross for me to have an eternal home with Him. I pray each day to be Christ like.

I hope that each of you at this point has finished your Christmas shopping, got it all wrapped and have baked your cookies for Santa!!! For us, we still have to make the food for Santa's deer!!!! Sure can't forget Donner and Dixon! Merry Christmas to each of you and your families.

I am so thankful that Dax is spending Christmas eve with his precious momma and wonderful daddy. God has blessed this little guy with so much determination and fight!! Please keep praying for Dax to have many more days of dancing with Julie and Austin. If you have not read his CB site in the past few days, please go and read the entires over the past few days. Julie and Austin have shared their dream of fining a way to make it possible for money to be given to St Jude to run the hospital for one day. As most of you know, that would require 1.6 million (MILLION) dollars. That is what it takes to operate the hospital for one day. Julie points out that if each person who goes to Dax' site and reads his updates would send them just 2.00 that it could raise enough to accomplish this goal. Just think... Dax Day at St Jude!!!! The whole day being made possible because of all the people who love Dax and St Jude. I personally sent the money to Julie and Austin for my part plus for 4 more people who may read this or their CB page but choose not to participate in their efforts. I am asking for Team Believe and anyone who comes here to please go to his page, their home address is located on the CB page, mail them the 2.00 plus some extra for someone else who might not be able to do it. I look forward to the day that hospital is run all in honor of Dax on Dax Day for St Jude!!!!! Believe with me that this IS POSSIBLE, beginning with Me~~~~ I will do my part to make this happen. What an awesome way to honor Dax.

Merry Christmas! Cherish every moment with your family. Make as many memories as you possibly can this year. Take lots of pictures!!!



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