Monday, April 13, 2009

We Are All So Blessed

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. Jeremiah 17:7

Everyone who had the opportunity last year to participate in the St Jude Marathon Weekend, if it was running/walking in one of the events or just attending and supporting those who did run, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will say you WERE BLESSED by being a part of it. I have to say it is one of the most touching experiences in my life and you can never know how much I look forward to it. From the day it ends of one year, I am looking forward to the next one and thinking of ways to make it even better for everyone involved with our team. This is a very special group of people who for the most part are not runners, at least not on foot. Most of us participate by "running our mouths" to raise money. You see, it does not matter if you run or walk, you still raise the same amount of money. By joining a team and registering to be a hero, you have the wonderful opportunity to help in the goal of raising money for St Jude Hospital. I believe I am correct in the following statistics, it takes around $1.4 million to operate St Jude Hospital for just ONE DAY! Last year the marathon weekend with 14,000 run participants raised right at $1.7 million dollars. That's alot of money right? But stop and look at it, that huge event only raised enough money to operate St Jude for ONE DAY! If you are not aware, not one single family EVER receives a bill from St Jude for ANY service what-so-ever. Not only are the children treated inpatient and out patient without ever being billed, but also families who must remain in Memphis for treatment are housed at the wonderful St Jude affiliated hospitality houses totally free of charge too. Meal cards are given to families when they come in. Kroger cards to purchase groceries are also provided to families staying at the Target house. When a family goes home but has to return for check-ups, etc. the patient and one parent is flown into Memphis, picked up at the airport and transported to the Griz House all at no cost to the family. Where you aware of all of these things? Still, all of these things and so much more are provided for families while being treated and not one penny ever has to come out of their pockets for their treatment.

Why am I telling you all of this... well before we know it, it will be time to start registering for the marathon weekend for 2009! So I want to start talking it up now and let everyone begin to start making plans to come. I am asking any of you who have participates with our team over the past two years on whatever level, to please write up a short story of your experience and email it to me, I want to post your comments on the events of this weekend for others to read and know that it is not just me that gets so excited about this event. I will be posting pictures along the way from last years event so you can see the fun that is had by all involved. I ask you to consider this wonderful weekend, make plans to come and join us or if you can't come, when we get our team formed, please make a donation to our team. Every single penny goes to St Jude to keep the hospital operating. There will be much more on this event in the coming days and weeks. For those of you new to this blog, the "Taking Steps For A Cure" part of our blog title it just this... we believe in these kids, in this hospital and we believe in the power of prayer. We DO NOT STOP THERE... we participate in the Marathon Weekend to help raise money for St Jude. We believe in St Jude! More to come...

I was out of town over the Easter weekend, so I have not had a chance to visit or talk with anyone. I know that you have checked their links and kept up with what is going on, you're all so great about that. I hope that each of you enjoyed your Easter weekend. Please keep those families in your hearts and prayers who spent this holiday without someone whom they loved very much.

Believe-Prayer Works!

Team Believe

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