Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well here she is with her new cells and her new beginning! WAY TO GO SALENA! We are all here praying for you for your continued success.

Salena got up this morning running a little fever. LaDonna took her on over to the hospital and they checked her out and ran some test. They started her on some antibiotics and her fever did come down some, Salena said they gave her some fluids and meds and she was looking better before noon.

Her donor marrow came to Chicago Children's around 1pm and she began her transplant a little after 2pm. LaDonna called a little after 3pm to tell me that it was all done! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! She just send me the pictures, so I have posted the pictures from todays event for you to all see. This is a wonderful new beginning for Salena, we pray for the success of this transplant. We pray for her to be healed and cancer free, living a very long life as a witness to God's power. We don't know who you are, we know your heart however. We know your a 22 year old male that God put on this earth to do good works. I am referring to the donor who gave of himself for Salena to have a healthy life. I am just in awe of this. We pray for you and for your comfort tonight even though we don't know who you are. Thank you to the donor! LaDonna has been joining in the chat room the past few days to talk to everyone and give updates on Salena. She has also turned to this group in the room for prayers and encouragement to get through to this point. Thank you to all of the prayer warriors who have joined to offer support.

I do want to pass on some sad news. One of our very faithful friends in the prayer/chat room called this afternoon to let us know that her Sister In Law Mrs. Betty Brewer passed away this morning around 10:30. BBrewer or Bessie and her husband have traveled to Monticello to be with the family. The funeral services will be on Friday morning at 10:00 at the Stephenson Dearmon Funeral Home in Monticello. Please remember this family in your prayers and also pray for their safe trip when they travel back home.

I have no doubt that we are seeing answers to some of our prayers!

Update on Jordan, he is doing great. He has been in Memphis for 2 days now, I can't tell you what a sweet and big boy he is getting to be. I'll give more info and post some new pics of him on here and on his caringbridge page soon. Oh yea, big news for today....... drum roll... he finally said my name today!!! I have been working on this every chance I have had to be with him for a year now. I was so thrilled and he kept saying it all morning, I was in hog heaven! I have witnesses too!

It's late but I wanted to get these pictures of Salena up for you as soon as I got them.... more to come tomorrow.

Believe-Prayer Works!

Team Believe

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  1. Mardecia, Another door has opened for Reagan at St Jude. Amy still needs to talk to Dr. Boop but he thinks he can do another surgery resection on Reagans tumor to buy some more time. Plans are nor final but they will probably be heading up in a few days. I"ll let you know as soon as we know. She said we can come too so ,we'll probably be there about 3 days. Reagan and Amy and Shawn will be there 2 weeks, and then they said she should do her make a wish. we should know more soon. Thanks for being such an "ANGEL"to all these children and families.You must have been sent from God to help all of us. Mameow (Barbara Key,817-737-9935,