Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chat Room Update


I just spoke with the management at Parachat again, they are still working an hope to have this back up sometime today.

From what I understand, (you may be seeing some of this on Fox News or CNN) someone has cut some of the AT&T lines in Southern California. Apparently, Parachat is located in Southern California and at this time the affected area is totally without landline, cell, or internet service. Anything that was tied to or connected to in any way to AT&T is without service. He said the Feds have now been brought into it, it must be a really big deal. None the less, the lines were cut, they found them, and are in the process of replacing them. Parachat itself is working fine, however they depend on the service that has been affected to get Parachat out over the internet.

He did give me a website where they are posting updates regarding the situation... You can go there, scroll down, click on Help then click on Support Forums to read any updates posted.

If you have come to this site to read today's post and see new pictures, please scroll to the bottom of this post and hit older post and it will take you to the one I posted this morning.

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