Monday, April 27, 2009

Update #4

Afternoon Update: 4:57

Reagan is doing as well as any precious 4 year old who just had brain surgery can be doing. She is awake, she ate her donuts and drank her chocolate milk as soon as she got back to the room. I am going to head home and I'll update more later. So far, so good. Amy and Shawn want to thank you for following their journey and for the many prayers from you all. This is such a sweet family, keep praying.

Dr. Boop just came in to talk to Amy and Shawn, the initial report is good, I hate to say this but I have to run for a minute.... I promised Reagan a chocolate donut when she could have it and Shawn just called from recovery room, first thing Reagan said when she woke up was..."I want my chocolate donut". I am on my way to find her a chocolate donut before she gets back to the room!!!!!!!! Her order was 3 chocolate, 3 glazed and 2 chocolate milks!!! What she wants...SHE GETS!

They just called from surgery again, he is almost finished and hopefully Reagan will be in recovery in about an hour.

They just called from surgery, she is doing well, vitals are stable , she went to sleep well and they have opened up and are ready to begin.

Update #1
Reagan has gone down for surgery, they will call up when they get stated. I obviously do have internet service so I will be able to update along the way, with the parents permission.

Pray, Pray, Pray, we BELIEVE PRAYER WORKS!

Just wanted to let you guys know this is gonna be another busy week...

We really need to rally around Reagan and her family tomorrow. Reagan will be having surgery in the morning at LeBonheur. I think her surgery is scheduled for somewhere between 8:00-8:30 a.m. Please be in prayer for her surgery to be a success and that this will be part of the miracle that we have all been praying for, for Reagan. I will try to update along the way for you if I can get web service at the hospital. Reagan needs you and anyone you can ask to pray for her. Also, again I ask you to please leave the family notes of encouragement on her caringbridge site to let them know you are praying for them. I promise this means so much more to the families than you can ever know.

Also, I talked with Samantha today, they made it safely to Little Rock for Rylee's surgery scheduled for Tuesday. Please keep her in your prayers too. I think the schedule is for testing on Monday, surgery on Tuesday. I am sure Samantha will have updates on Rylee's caringbridge page... click on her link to check. I'll post as I hear from them. Please keep the entire family in your prayers. Also, please let them know you are with them and praying for them also.

I have just returned from out of town so I am not up to date on anyone else tonight.
Jordan is back at the Griz House and has appointments on Monday and Tuesday at St Jude, and is scheduled to return home on Tuesday evening. Last I spoke with Patrica, he was "back to normal". For Jordan, this means... being all boy!

Transplant folks... Mallerie, Clay, Salena and Elizabeth (as far as I know) are all still inpatient and need our continued prayers. I'll try to be more caught up on everyone tomorrow night.

I hope each of you has a good week. Keep checking on these kids and keep them covered in prayers. I will be going out of town on Wednesday, possibly Thursday, for the remainder of the week. It will be a busy trip, but I will try to keep up as best I can with updates for you. I don't usually do this, but I am going to ask for your prayers for a safe trip for my family. We will be going to Oklahoma City for the college graduation of our oldest son on Friday, his Senior Day for baseball as he pitches his last home college game on Saturday and then we will be moving him back to Memphis on Sunday. This will be a busy and emotional week, I can use your prayers to be a "big girl". Thank you.

Also, one more thing before I get to bed for the night... Jason and Tabitha are asking for anyone who would like to participate in Sully's birthday remembrance, to let a balloon go up on Friday. She has mentioned getting people to take a picture of your balloon release in Sully's memory and email them to her. She would like to put a video together of all of the balloon releases across the country. I'll give more details on this in the next day or so. He birthday is May 1st.

Believe Prayer Works

Team Believe

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