Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Are All So Blessed!

Good evening, I hope everyone has had a good day. I spoke with Samantha earlier today, Rylee had her surgery this morning, everything went very well. I think she is having some computer issues so I am not sure when she will be able to get back on and give details. They should be leaving Little Rock sometime mid morning tomorrow and driving back home to Oklahoma. Keep them in your prayers for safe travel. They will have to return to repeat this procedure, it is a laser non evasive surgery but Rylee does have to be sedated for it. At this point they understand that it is something that will reoccur and they will have to repeat this possibly every six months.

Jordan had a good day, he is all checked out and is on his way back at this time to LA. Share his success story, give God the glory, and thank St Jude for being a part of this miracle of healing.

I have not had a chance to talk with Reagan or her family yet today. I will try to call them in a little while. From reading her update earlier, it sounds like she is doing GREAT! She is a determined fighter, she is a winner.

Mallerie and Trevor have not been having such good days the past few days, but hopefully they will be back up before long. Clay still needs your prayers too, he just needs to get rid of these side effects. Also, please keep his mom in your prayers, please leave them messages to encourage her. She is so worn out, and needs all the "pick me ups" you can share with her. Team Believe folks... I'll talk with you in chat and pitch and idea to you.

Friday, May 1st is Sully's birthday. To those of you who have sent toys, money or gift cards to help honor Sully, I want to join Tabitha and Jason in a huge thank you for your part in this special day. I need to get with her and get the final details about the balloon release on Friday. I don't know yet if there is a specific time or a color choice for the balloons but I will find out and let you know. I do know that she would love for each person who participates in the balloon release to take a picture and email it to her. She would like to make a video to music with all of the pictures. I will post her email address later. Just email your picture and let her know where you are from, so they can see just how wide spread Sully's story has reached.

That is about it for me, I will be leaving tomorrow evening to travel to Oklahoma City. I will return late Sunday evening or early part of next week. I will try to keep up with as many of our families as possible to keep you up on everyone, but if you don't hear from me please check the links under Our Friends. I spoke to Tyler, my oldest son, today and he is now officially finished with finals and ready for graduation on Friday!!! WooHoo!!!! We are very proud of him. For those of you from the marathon, I am pleased to say Grace will be joining our family to attend graduation. She and Tyler have been good friends since he transferred out to OK, and she is like part of our family as well as our Team Believe family. She has already recruited a couple more people to join her in coming to Memphis for the marathon this year!!!! Just think, if each of us got just one more person to come this year, that alone would double the number of team members.... more members, more money for St Jude!!

Enjoy your evening,

Believe-Prayer Works

Team Believe

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