Friday, January 29, 2010

Seeing God's Beauty Today All Around Us

Good evening! Memphis has been hit with a beautiful yet messy winter storm. Early this morning, the big bridge over the river out of Memphis was closed down as was two of the main interstates that take you out of the city. I live out in the country, we had a thin layer of ice, then a couple inches of snow, then a couple of inches of sleet on top of the snow. They are still calling for another one to three inches of snow on top of the mess we already have. The city is rather in shut down mode tonight. I feel bad for a couple of the St Jude families, they had planned to go home for the weekend, but this weather has changed their plans.

I personally have loved it! It's been quite a cozy, comfy, very lazy day at our house. I have chatted with Jack's mom a few times and they were disappointed not to get to go home for the weekend before Jack checks back in inpatient on Tuesday for his next round of chemo. I did tell her that if they did not get the snow like we have out here, they can bring Jack out to the house to build a snowman. They mainly have ice in the city. Please keep Jack man in your prayers. He has radiation every morning, and he still has three more rounds of chemo to go. Check his CB site. He is doing really good so far. He looks great and has certainly not lost his love of life and humor! He is the funniest little guy I have met!!! Keep praying for him and the family.

Ariel was doing really well when I went to visit yesterday. She was up and walking around, opening what looked like Christmas in her hospital room. It is so wonderful to see some of these kids being remembered by people from back home in such awesome ways. I love to see the smiles on their faces as they open up care packages from back home. Ariel has been doing her own posting on her CB site, that is great that she is able to do that now. From what she said, they will stay in Memphis over the weekend at the Griz house, then move to the Ronald McDonald house on Monday. Her twin Amber, had 7 moles removed this week too, so she has been pretty sore from that. It's like they have two patients to recover this week. Both are very sore, but doing well. Kevin (dad) said they were somewhat better today. Keep praying for them to recover from their surgeries and also prayers for good pathology reports for Ariel.

Allison is still in the hospital, I have not been able to talk to her, so I am not positive on how she is doing. I think she is doing ok, but having a really tough time. Let's keep her in our prayers for a good recovery. Pray for her to have the strength to do what she has to do to get back on her feet and back to normal.

Ryan Madrid was in this week for his check up and I am happy to report he got another good check up with another all clear. He looks great!!! His hair has all come back and he certainly has a thick full head of beautiful dark hair! I think he has grown a few feet since I last saw him too! He really does seem to be doing very well!

Big Trevor and Little Trevor both are supposed to be here this next week. Big T for his check up and follow up with his tummy issues and Little T for his bi-weekly chemo treatment. I hope we all get to go to Chili's while they are here. Keep them in your prayers for good check ups and safe travels.

Jordan comes back the second week in February for his 2 year post transplant check up and scans. This is the big one that takes all week. Can you say... Mardecia is excited to have him here for a whole week!!!!!! I can't wait to get to spend some time with him. Keep him in your prayers, pray for a great check up and another ALL CLEAR at the end! Another prayer request, Chancelly (mommy) graduated from the university this past December, she has applied for a job in her field at St Jude. This is something that she said she wanted to do back when Jordan was inpatient going through transplant. I am asking for you to please pray about this job opportunity and if this is where she is supposed to be that God will open the doors for her. I have promised her free babysitting if she comes to Memphis!!!!!! My fingers are crossed and it's on my prayer list!!!! Call her St Jude, please call her!!!!

Enjoy your weekend, say a prayer for all of those in the path of this winter storm. Many are without power, pray for them to have a safe place to go until it can be restored.

If you did not see the letter that was written to Barbara (Reagan's grandmother) by the mother of the young lady who collapsed and died after crossing the finish line during the half marathon here at St Jude this year, please go back a few days and read that letter. It is really a wonderful letter allowing you to get to know more about Molly.

Prayers for all the kiddo's fighting the battle!!! Prayers for all the parents and families missing their babies!


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