Tuesday, January 26, 2010

We Serve An Awesome God

Wanted to let you know that both Allison and Ariel had successful surgeries today. We give God all of the glory for the great things He has done today.

Allison is in a lot of pain from the surgery, but according to reports she is feeling relief from the pain she was having that needed to be fixed. Pray for her to have a restful night and be on the quick road to recovery.

Ariel's surgery was successful in getting the remaining cancerous tissue around her mole site, removing other moles on her back, removing the lymph nodes in question and placing a port for the doctors to access for her future treatment. It took about 6 hours, but she did great. I spent the day with her family, a very sweet and loving family, and I know Ariel will be just fine with all of the love and support from her friends and family. She now has a CB page set up and I have posted he link to it under the list of "Our Friends" on the left side of this page. At this time, they are playing the wait and see game. They will be waiting for the pathology reports to come back to determine what treatment they will be doing. Pray that she has a restful night too and that she will get good results from the pathology reports.

Gonna be short and sweet tonight.... I'm tired :)

Oh.... I do have to tell you, I saw Molly and Garrett Hearn today. Garrett is a family member of Grannycad from our prayer room. He has been undergoing treatment for leukemia for 3 years and Molly told me today that he has ONE MORE TREATMENT TO GO!!! He is doing great, his treatment has been a success and he will be DONE this time next week. They are looking forward to a huge "NO MOE CHEMO" party next week. We pray a prayer of thanksgiving and praise to God for this successful journey for Garrett!!

Ok... I hope each of you have a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow!


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