Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pass the message along...

Hello everyone this is Marcella. Mardecia is stranded with no internet. Although it's pretty chilly out there they are enjoying themselves very much. I've never seen anyone so excited to take the subway. In their two days being here I think those 4 know more about how to get around the city than I do! Infact they were more like MY tourguide today. Thanks you guys!

My theory is that after a few days in NY Mardecia will realize that it's her with the accent and not me (glad she has no internet and can't read that).

Mardecia mentioned that they saw a huge billboard of St. Jude kids at the airport and little Jack was one of them. How cool is that?

She also asked me to remind you all to keep checking Big Trevors caringbridge page for updates.

And of course don't forget to send prayers to all the families. Believe!! Prayer works!!

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