Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello Again...

Hello! Thank you Marcella for updating for me on our trip. We had a wonderful time in New York City and we were so blessed to get to visit with Marcella and her mom while there. Marcella has been one of St Jude kids prayer warriors since the beginning of this group. The trip was great, I was traveling with one of our other St Jude Kiddo's ( all grown up now) Natalie and her twin and their mom. Busy city, but just awesome. I will say, New Yorkers ARE some of the sweetest and nicest people.

I returned home late Sunday evening just in time to watch my youngest son play in a basketball game in a tournament that his baseball team was hosting over the weekend. They were short one team, so the baseball players formed a team to fill in. That was quite interesting to see him playing basketball again!! Yesterday, on Monday we had the conclusion of the tournament. The day of championship games and I had to do my part of work for the tournament. So I put in an 11 hour day yesterday at the basketball gym working the tournament. Needless to say, I am just now joining the ranks of the living real world today!!!!

I will get busy tomorrow and get caught up with visits and what has been going on with all our kiddo's while I have been gone.

I pray that each of you has had a good week and holiday weekend this past week. I will get back to business now!

Prayers for each of you and for all our St Jude families.


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