Friday, September 4, 2009

Enjoy The Holiday Weekend!

O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge.

~ Psalm 62:8

Before I get called out on it... YES, I did "borrow" the scripture today from someone else's caringbridge page. I just really felt like she had hit the nail on the head at this particular time with the verse telling us to ... trust in him at all times... Why is it that it is easy to "trust Him" when things are going good but we at times begin to question Him when times are difficult and trying? He says... TRUST, I have to keep telling myself this means yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, next year... you get the point. As much as we hurt at time, and do not understand... we must always tell ourselves to trust Him. I know how hard this is for me, I have not faced some of the trials and burdens that some have, but I don't think he was weeding out and saying this to some and not to others. I pray that each of you who may be struggling with your faith, please read and reread God's promises to us. I pray that God will make himself known to you and you will find your peace and comfort in Him. I have to tell myself this every day. I have one very special friend whom I have come to truly love everything about this person that finds God in EVERY SINGLE thing in their life EACH DAY. They have lived such a life of looking for God in everything, that it seems to me, that they don't even have to LOOK for it, they just SEE it. Does that make sense? I know I probably don't make sense half the time. I pray for each of us to find God in everything we do and everything that happens to us.

Lot's of kiddo's need our prayers right now. There is one little girl that I do not know, she is not at St Jude, but Ryan's mom has been posting about her on Ryan's page and also another friend of mine from Arkansas has told me about her. She really needs prayers at this time, but I am asking each of you to go to her page and read her mom's post from today (may have been yesterday), but you will know which one I am talking about when you read it. This is the most amazing and incredible post.

I have seen Mallerie a few times this week. She was out walking when I saw her yesterday!!! WooHoo for Mallerie!! This is a big accomplishment for her. She has been feeling so weak and so bad, it was SO GOOD to see her out in the hallway. Pray for her to continue to improve and get out of that hospital SOON!

I have seen Dax a few times this week too. He is doing really good at times. He has been trying to crawl and roll over and sit up in his bed. Julie says he has not been doing these things in so long, it is exciting to see him feeling better. The other day Julie's sister came from Illinois to stay for the week with them, when she got there and was talking to him and playing with him he was laughing out loud so loud... it was contagious, we were all laughing!!! Keep them in your prayers. Julie needs your prayers for strength and encouragement too. All of the events over the past few weeks have really been tough on her too. Send her a comments on Dax's page, let her know your praying for them.

Alex D, has been a sweetheart this week too! I have had some of the best hugs and kisses from him. He is a man of few words to "outside" people, but he has been such a sweetheart. Cute story.... I went by the first part of the week and took him a chili pepper from Chili's fundraiser for him to color. I told him I would come back in a day or so and get the chili pepper and take it back to Chili's for them to hang in a special window with only St Jude kids pictures. When I went by yesterday, I ask him if he had his pepper ready for me to take... in his very soft and sweet voice, he told me he wanted to keep it. I told him that was okay, I would get him another one and he could color it too, and keep one and send one back to Chili's.... good thought, right?
Well after a little thought time, he looked up and me and very sweetly said... "I want 10" !!!!! I just cracked up! If the little man wants 10, then by george he will get 10!!!! I picked them up today, and will get them to him ASAP. Keep the Denton's in your prayers... pray for his healing.

Salena is still having a really hard time. Please pray for her and her family. She has just really got alot going on right now. You can read her site and follow all of the things they are trying to deal with right now.

Clay needs your prayers. I saw him this week to. It was so sad to see him just laying there not feeling well. He is so full of life and loves to be talking and doing something, anything... and right now he just does not feel like doing anything. Pray for his healing... Pray for him family, this is very difficult for them and they have many decisions to make.

Keep all of the kids in your thoughts and prayers.. Reagan continues to feel well and stay busy with her family. We are so thankful for those answered prayers. Keep them coming.

Check the others sites... I'll try to post more tomorrow, this one is getting pretty long.

WAY TO GO TEAM BELIEVE!!!! LAST COUNT WE HAVE 29 TEAM MEMBERS AND WE ARE IN 3rd PLACE for monies raised so far!!! I am very happy to announce that some of the local Chili's employees have joined our team, and there are most likely more that will be joining too!!!! Tabitha and I had lunch in there the other day and had a wonderful conversation with our server who brought out the manager... one thing led to another and now they are ganging up and joining our teams!!! Now HOW COOL IS THAT!!! I went by today to get Alex's 10 peppers and I talked with our server from the other day... he told me he had gone down to St Jude and is scheduled to take the volunteer class and is going to become a St Jude Volunteer!!!!! That has got to put a smile on your face! You never know where a simple conversation can lead you.

Big week next week for info on the St Jude Marathon weekend!!! We will begin posting info on hotel accommodations, we have a new hotel this year. The hotel we will be staying at this year is a HUGE part of the daily support for the Grizzlie House. That makes me very happy!!! I am happy we can give back to them, for all they give to the St Jude families. We will also be launching the team t-shirt sales. Just a reminder... Mary Kate herself drew the design that will be on our shirts. It is awesome and just so touching to know this is her artwork!!! I am so excited about it. For each t-shirt you order, you will also get a Mary Kate bracelet. Those are treasured bracelets but Regina ordered more so each of you ordering a shirt could have a bracelet too. Thank you Regina!!!


Join us on our team, or please make a donation to our team or to one of our team members through the team page. EVERY PENNY GOES TO ST JUDE!!! Keep all of our special kids in mind as you consider making a donation. Keep in mind, not a single one of these families HAS EVER OR WILL EVER get a bill from St Jude. Not for any housing, treatment, supplies or anything used while being treated at St Jude... your dollars make this happen!!! Thank you



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