Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holiday Over... Flu Season In Full Swing!!!!

Hello! I hope that each of you had a wonderful holiday weekend. Personally, I had a very relaxing weekend with my family at our lakehouse. It is always nice to spend time away from the normal normal, what ever that is.

I have not been to the hospital since I got back in to town last night. My fridge was totally empty, so today was a Costco run day. I hope to go down later this evening to visit with Pam and Trevor as they are back for Trev's check up.

Ryan got his MRD results back and............. drum roll........... NEGATIVE!!! NO SIGNS OF DISEASE!!!!! Thank You Lord, You are so mighty and awesome. Prayers are being answered. Please keep him and mom, Kimberly in your prayers. They really want to get to go home SOON. Be praying for this specific request.

Dax was released from inpatient today!!!! I know they are so excited! Please pray for him to continue to show improvement and be able to remain outpatient. Praying for his complete healing and for him to get to go home soon too.

Check out everyone's sites and keep them in your hearts and prayers.

I will update as I am able to go visit. I hope that each of you are staying healthy and avoiding this flu season. It seems
be really bad here in Memphis, and I am hearing that Memphis is by no means the only place getting hit hard. My prayer is that each of you will remain healthy. Take precautions and wash your hands!!!

Marathon is coming along!!! If you are registered, be checking your emails for important info to be coming out. Shirts should be online to start taking orders SOON. Did you ask anyone for a donation today?????



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