Saturday, September 12, 2009

WEEKEND UPDATE PART THREE~Our Hearts Are Bowed With Sorry....

Part Three:
I just do not want to write anything, I just don't have the words. I feel like I am in a really bad dream. A third angel in as many days... "has gone to heaven on the wings of angels sayin don't worry 'bout me" I love the awesome God I chose to serve, I trust the God I serve, I have complete faith and trust in the God I serve! Did he every promise me that I would like or understand everything? No, I don't recall Him ever making that promise to me. Do I believe that He will deliver on the promises He has made.... YES! WITH ALL MY HEART I DO BELIEVE HE WILL GIVE US REST AND PEACE. I really choose to believe that there are some really happy, healed, unbroken sweet angels in heaven tonight that are so excited to be with their playmates again, now with no IV poles, needles, medicines to make them feel bad.... you know the scene. No more hospital halls, just streets paved with gold. No more tears. Each watching down, being the guardian angel looking over their families until they meet again. Please pray hard for Brian, Jennifer and Anna; Shawn, Avery, Amy, Karissa, Caleb, Barbara and Philip; Forrest, Arie and Ellie.

Part Two:
I can not tell you how my heart feels right now. I have been on the phone with Reagan's family, she is resting in heaven with a complete healing. Reagan, fought such a courageous fight. She was happy and had such wonderful "parties" right up to the end. Please pray for Reagan's family. They have some really tough days ahead, pray for their peace and for the strength to face the coming days. Please remember to keep Avery and Caleb in your prayers too. They are young and have such a difficult time trying to understand.

Part One
I am calling on you guys, wonderful prayer warriors, to please pray at this time specifically for two of our families.

Please pray for Bryan, Jennifer, Anna and their family as Alex has earned his place with God in heaven yesterday. Please pray for them to get through the coming days. Alex has his complete perfect healing now in heaven, but the days ahead will be very difficult for those who loved him so very much here. The Denton's will be leaving Memphis in a few hours to return home to Alabama with their sweet Alex. I will let you know as arrangements are made. Pray for their safe travel. God be with the Denton's today.

Reagan's family has ask for our prayers for Reagan. Reagan's tumor has spread and is very aggressive. She is one strong and precious little girl, she is fighting and has surprised everyone from the beginning with how well she has done. We pray for God's miracle of complete healing here on earth, but if it is God's will to take her home to be with Him, the family just ask for prayers for her to be comfortable and at peace. Reagan does seem to be resting at this time, she does not seem to be uncomfortable. The family is very grateful that God is answering their prayers for her comfort. This time is so unimaginable to me, how do you face these days? My only answer is with God's help, His love, His perfect word and promises to us. God will provide for our every need. Just pray, ask God to be with you each step of the way no matter what trials you face. Please keep Reagan, her parents, grandparents and extended family in your prayers for them to face the coming days with God's peace and with God holding them close in the palm of his hand. As always, pray for Reagan's miracle.

God be with the Denton family and the Richard's family. To the families.... know that we love you, we pray for you, and God is a loving God, lean on Him, let Him carry you through.

Our hearts are breaking..... God, please help the medical world find a cure to stop this nasty beast!


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