Monday, September 28, 2009

IT'S HERE!!!!!


This is what our team shirts will look like this year. The pay pal online order button will be up soon so you can order yours, and also I will be posting a order form that you can print off and mail in if you prefer to order yours that way. This will work just like it did last year. I think it went very smoothly last year, so I see no reason to mess up a good system. Be watching for the pay pal button and the order form to be posted.

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT OUR TEAM SHIRT: Mary Kate drew this picture herself. She was asked to draw a picture, where would she be and who would she be with if she could be anywhere with anyone and this is her drawing. Mary Kate with Hello Kitty on the beach!!!!! Life is good on the beach!!! Of course, Mary Kate was a pink girl, so it is only fitting that the shirt be pink. This was her request when she was asked do design our shirt. So here's to our sweet Mary Kate... Pink shirt with Hello Kitty on the beach!

The front of the shirt is our NEW team logo! As you know, in the past we have run for our sweet Ethan, he will always be in our hearts and a part of us, he brought us together. So if you notice in the top of the circle surrounding our logo, it has Ethan's name. Next year, it will have the names of Ethan and Mary Kate in our circle. Each year, we will add the name of the child we run for the previous year. They will forever be a part of us and our circle of love, faith and trust will not ever be broken.

Remember, we use this as a fundraiser for our team for St Jude, so it is not limited to team members only. Anyone can order one or as many as you want. Even if you can't be here, please show your support of St Jude by ordering your Mary Kate shirt.

Thank You Precious Lord, prayers have been answered. The doctor told Natalie today that he does not feel the spot on her lungs is of concern at this point. They will check it again at her next scheduled check up in January. There was a look of relief and a big smile on her face today when she came out of the doctors office. I will say, she is quite amazing, she was so strong and had such a wonderful positive attitude if the news from todays CT scan had been "not so good". I love this girl, her heart and her attitude. They want to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and prayers.... BELIEVE PRAYER WORKS. We have some of the best prayer warriors anyone could ask for :)

For those of you who followed Poppy Joy, Angie has finished her book about the life and the experience of her pregnancy with Poppy Joy. You can go to her blog page and order a paperback copy. I can't wait to read this book. Angie is so amazing, her faith and strength are incredible. I think this will be an excellent read.

I popped in on Mallerie today, not only was she sleeping, so was mom!!! Nope, I dare not wake them!!! Let the sleeping beauties sleep. I will check on them again. Keep praying for her, pray for her to get to get out of that hospital SOON!

Dax has been released to go home! I know they are so excited to get to go home. There is a clinic close by and he will have to go in everyday for appointments, but they will get to go home and be together with Dad and sleep in their own bed at night. Please keep them in your prayers and pray for him to do well at home and be totally healed.

Alex V needs for you to keep her in your prayers. She has had some really rough times lately, but nothing that God can't handle. I got a call from one of our Arkansas prayer warriors, Brenda, tonight. She ask me where I was... I was at Chili's of course. She told me she was at the Chili's closest to her too, and that the children's menu that her grandchildren had gotten had the picture and story of our very own Alex Vannier!!!! I ask for a copy of the children's menu at my Chili's, but it had the picture and story of another little girl. Thank you Brenda for getting some extra copies for me and for Alex and Joan. Alex is a very sweet girl and does so much to help with public awareness for the benefit of St Jude. Thank You Alex, we are praying for you and hope you are feeling much MUCH better soon. I can't wait to see you in Memphis on your next trip back.

Please keep Christian and her family in your prayers at this time. Check her site.

Please keep our little angels families in your prayers. I saw Michelle and the boys at Chili's tonight, she said today was 6 weeks since Elizabeth went home to heaven. I know it probably seems like a lifetime to Michelle, but when she told me that, it really caught me off guard, I could not believe it had been 6 weeks. She is so missed by her family and the people at the hospital. Please keep all of the families in your prayers. This journey does not get any easier, they need your power of prayer to get them through each day.

I had lunch at Chili's today with Tabitha and new baby Max. Sully was in our heart and on our mind. These sweet babies, taken way to early in life, are always on the minds of their families. Please pray for the families of Ethan, Sully, Mary Kate, Elizabeth, Alex D. Reagan, and Clay. I know there are others that some of you follow, keep them in your hearts and in your prayers too.

For those of you who supported Chili's today for their 100% profit day to St Jude... THANK YOU!!! I am so blessed to be here in Memphis where at our local Chili's I was surrounded by many of the staff, doctors and nurses from St Jude. That is such an incredible awesome feeling to see them supporting the wonderful restaurant that supports them. Especially when it's the staff from the BMT and other areas of the Chili's Care Center. They have the privilege of getting to work in that wonderful facility.



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