Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are You Ready To Raise $$$ & Run?

I promise the pay pal button and the mail-in order form are coming soon. We are just working out some small technical issues regarding both. Believe it or not, there is a substitute Postmaster at the little post office that I use to obtain a box to accommodate our t-shirt orders. The regular Postmaster did not leave access to her computer or have the available boxes marked on the back side of the boxes, therefore, the sub does not know what boxes are available. The sub told me to go online and they would assign me one online, so I have done that this morning and will go back when they open today and see if he can give me one now. However, I do not see an assigned box number on any of the papers I had to fill out and print off to go pick up my box keys.... we'll see how this goes. At any rate... as soon as I have a P.O.Box number, I'll have the form ready to post for you to print off and mail in if you prefer this method over pay pal.

The following is the hotel info to book your room for the marathon weekend. I have had quite a few tell me they have already confirmed their room. WAY TO GO!!!! If you have not yet done so, please do so as soon as possible. AGAIN, you will not be charged for the room until you actually use it. Please try to get yours reserved as soon as possible so we will know if I have blocked off enough or if I need to try to reserve some more. The closer it gets to time, the less chance I will have to get more if we need them. I want everyone to be able to be together and have room for the other families who will be joining us this year. I CAN NOT TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THIS YEAR!!!!!



phone - 901-266-1952

Ask for Sybil Sides or Alicia, they are our direct contact people for Team Believe. They are at the hotel between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Let them know you are confirming a room under the block of rooms for Team Believe for the St Jude Marathon. If you have any problems ( I don't think you will) please let me know. I will help you. Seriously, it does not cost you anything until you actually come, so please do not procrastinate... CONFIRM YOUR ROOM NOW. I AM ALREADY CONFIRMED!

One thing I have not mentioned... just one of the perks of the new hotel, they are "comp'ing" a hospitality suite for us to have for the entire weekend!!!! This is going to be a blast of a weekend!!!

Our Team dinner will be moved back to the church fellowship hall. More details on that will come to you in an email. Macaroni Grill will be doing the cooking again for us, but they will cater it at the fellowship hall. For those of you who were with us two years ago, you know how nice that was. Much more room and privacy. We were able to mix, mingle and talk more, so we are really excited about taking the dinner back to that location.

Let me go ahead and start posting so I don't wait to the last minute and run the risk of forgetting.... Please bring or wear your team t-shirt with you for the dinner so we can get our official team picture made at that time. It is just about the only time that we have our entire team together at the same time in the same place! I want to get two different pictures this year. One with our team members, and another one with team members, their family members who attend and also the other St Jude families who will be joining us. That will require a WIDE ANGLE lens for sure!!!!! BRING YOUR TEAM SHIRT WITH YOU!!!!!

I had ask each of you to try to get at least $50.00 donated to your goal by the end of this month. How did you do? I held up to my end of the deal, I was able to get $155.00 from the date of the challenge before the end of the month. Ok, so now let's start a new challenge.. can you get at least another $50.00 or even better... $100.00 by the end of this month?????? I think you can! We are working on an idea that each of you can have an opportunity to participate in if you choose to that will help in an exciting way to bring in more money for our team. More details on this to come...

Thanks to a few who have been doing some neat things already. Brenda and Lenzy in Arkansas are hosting a Beauty Pageant with all proceeds going to St Jude through Team Believe. Way to go Brenda and Lenzy, please keep them in your prayers as they prepare for this event in October. Also, Svetlana in Georgia has had a garage sale with her proceeds going to St Jude through Team Believe. Thank You Svetlana for the great job you are doing. Please let us know of any other things going on that I am not aware of, this is encouraging to all of us. GET CREATIVE!!!

Have a great day! Pick up the phone and call a friend you have not talked to in a long time just to let them know you care! Get caught up on what is going on in their life. That will put a smile on your face! :)



  1. Hi Mardecia,
    Linda Campbell and I have registered for the Grizzley 5K and Dec. 4 and 5 at the Holiday Inn, so we are set if we can just get these old bones moving fast enough to complete the race. Surely we can do our three miles by the time the others finish the marathon!!!!! We are looking forward to seeing you and supporting Team Believe. We are really missing Reagan she was such a blessing in our lives and we are gratefull for every moment we had to enjoy her. Just one day at a time is the only way to survive without her. She was such an inspiration to us and if she were still here she would love to try and walk this race to help others. I'm sure she will be cheering us along from above.See ya soon, Barbara

  2. I love the new t-shirt!!!Be hurry I want to have one soon:-)