Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time to Kick Cancer In The Tail

I realize after going back and looking at post preview that I duplicated a couple of pictures, but it is easier to go on and post them than to get them off... sorry. Blame it on jet lag!

What we have once enjoyed and loved, we can NEVER lose.
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us forever.

Helen Keller

I don't know about you but I am more determined THAN EVER to do what I can do to help raise money for St Jude Children's Research Hospital. I have loved this hospital and the care and love it gives to families, but it is now taking on a much deeper meaning. I am so grateful for the children that they have been able to treat and send home CANCER FREE, but also for the extra time that some families have had with their precious children before God called them home to be with Him. This hospital gives and gives.... NOW IT'S MY TURN TO GIVE. I am asking each one of you to step up and do what you can, ask a friend or family member to help out too.

We had a really nice day yesterday at the Wisteria Tea Room in Brunswick, TN eating a wonderful lunch complete with Hello Kitty decor and the best Hello Kitty cupcakes ever! Thank you to the St Jude families and friends who came out to support this fundraiser for our team. $5.00 from each plate sold, plus some left extra donations goes to St Jude. This is the second year that the ladies of Wisteria Tea Room have done this for Team Believe. They are awesome. I have posted some pictures from yesterday. I was so glad that Regina and Alison could come up from Mississippi to be there with us. Michelle and her boys, Dr Sara, and other hospital staff and volunteers were able to come out too. Thank you.

I have reserved our block of rooms for the marathon at a brand new hotel this year. The new hotel is right next door to the one we have used the past couple of years. Team members will need to do as you have done in the past, and for new members, just call in and confirm your room on your credit card. The hotel will have a list of our team members, so when you call in they will match your name with our team list to ensure you get the contracted special rate for our team. I will keep check on it to to make sure each one is getting the correct rate charge. We have a VERY generous discount so I want to make sure each one of you are getting the correct price. We will have some other people from a couple of other teams who will be joining us in our reserved block of rooms this year. I am very excited about us being able to be with these other St Jude families. I think you will be blessed by getting to meet them and spend some PJ party time with them!!! Call in early and reserve your room... like asap. You will not be charged for the hotel until you actually stay. They just need to confirm on a credit card and you can cancel if you need to up to the week or so before the marathon. So please don't wait, they need to know how many rooms to count on. With other people joining us, we just want to ensure we have enough rooms. I am so excited. By the way, this new hotel is a huge supporter of the Grizzlie House....that makes me happy to be able to give back to them.



phone - 901-266-1952

Ask for Sybil Sides, she is our direct contact person for Team Believe. She is at the hotel between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Let her or her assistant know you are confirming a room under the block of rooms for Team Believe for the St Jude Marathon. If you have any problems ( I don't think you will) please let me know. I will help you. Seriously, it does not cost you anything until you actually come, so please do not procrastinate... CONFIRM YOUR ROOM NOW. I AM ALREADY CONFIRMED!

This past week has been a very difficult week for the St Jude family. I know you have these families in your heart and in your prayers. I ask that you also remember to keep the staff, nurses and doctors in prayer also. They grieve very much also. Pray for the people in research who are so eagerly trying to find cures for these cancers.

I got behind this past week, but will get back on track this week. I will have the t-shirt preview up and ready this week. It is gonna look SO GREAT!!! It's Mary Kate's very own art work!!! It's awesome! Remember, we will be using this as a fundraiser again this year... so order a shirt for your whole family so they can show their support too!



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  1. WIsh I could be there with you guys. Maybe one day I'll get to meet everybody...