Monday, August 31, 2009

Get Ready To Run/Walk!!!

Just a short reminder that today is the last day to register for the St Jude Marathon 2009 before the first price increase. Usually after the big push for this increase the run starts to fill up. Don't be left out this year... let's get geared up for one of our best Marathon weekends yet. I am doing everything I can on my end to give you guys a great uplifting weekend. We have had some St Jude kiddo's and families join us in the past, this year is no different. We have more this year that are anxious to be with us, to meet the wonderful prayer warriors from all over the states that have been praying for them. I think you will be very rewarded by this years event and the plans for the weekend.

It's easy to register, just go to the link in the top left side of this page under the counter and click on "REGISTER FOR THE MARATHON" To join our team, when it says DO YOU WANT TO BE A HERO, click YES and in the window for team name, enter TEAM BELIEVE. Can it get any easier???


Love you guys~

All of the kids need your prayers, we have a few who are really struggling right now. Please keep the Dunford's in your prayers, this is a very difficult time for them.

Dax needs your prayers, also Julie can use lifting up too. She is going through a very lonely time feeling, as her fellow families have left the unit. She needs our encouragement and support.

Clay and Alex both need all the prayers they can get on their behalf. Both are struggling with their cancer coming back. Pray for each family to feel comfort and peace with the decisions they will be making each day.

Please keep Reagan and her family in your prayers. If you have read her updates, you know that her MRI did not show the results they had hoped for. Her tumor is spreading. At this time she is blessed with feeling good and being able to enjoy each day that her family is planning for her. This is the most remarkable and amazing family. Reagan is truly blessed. Please pray for her to have good days and for her pain to be minimal. Pray for God to give her family the strength they need to face each day. Don't forget to leave your sweet encouraging comments on her CB page.

Mallerie and Salena continue to struggle with post transplant issues. Please keep both of these beautiful girls and their families in your prayers. We pray for them to be healed and get out of the hospital SOON! They REALLY need your notes of encouragement.

Thank you for the notes, emails, cards and phone calls during this past week to show your love to me in the death of my aunt. I truly appreciate each one of you. My aunt Jon was an amazing lady, who loved life and lived each day to make sure she was living a Christ like life. Her goal was to have a home in heaven, I believe that last Monday morning she had a wonderful reunion with her parents (my grandparents) and her baby grandson in heaven. I have comfort in that thought. I know that I need to do as she did, live my life each day in a way that is pleasing to God and work each day toward my goal of a reunion in heaven with my family and all our precious St Jude angels who have crossed that finish line first.


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