Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Sweet Angel In Heaven Today ~

^Christian^ has gone home to be with her Lord and all of her St Jude friends who have gone before her. I have no doubt they were all waiting for her at the beautiful gates of heaven. Yesterday marked six months since Mary Kate went home, it was six months ago that I talked with ^Christian^ at ^Mary Kate's^ service. She was doing so well then.... what a difference six months can make.

Keep the NesSmith family in your prayers as they go through the coming days. This family has been so strong and had tremendous faith. It is so amazing to see this in so many St Jude families who totally put their faith and trust in their Lord and know that as much as they will miss their baby, God loved them more than even we as parents can love our children. God needed them home with Him. I love the heart of each of these families.

Please keep Regina and Alyson in your hearts at this time too. Anniversary dates are so tough. Please say some extra prayers for them today too.

Days like today, open the hearts and souls of every parent who has walked in the same shoes as the NesSmith's are today. Please keep all of the families in prayer. I honestly don't know how they walk this journey with such dignity and faith, but God obviously holds them close and takes care of them when they put their faith in Him. We love each of you who have walked this path. We pray for you.

Part II - I just received this in an email from our very sweet prayer warrior Jon in Texas. I want to go on and post it today. Once again so many hearts today are breaking and fresh wounds opened again. Thank you Jon for your beautiful letter to all of us.

Dear friend that has lost a loved one.

We may be close friends, I may have met you once or I may only have met you in an online prayer room. But you need to know that I care for you. I have thought a lot about your loss and I feel a need to share with you and with others a few things.

What we can do for another person in their loss.
Above all, we can love them and show that love.
Do not avoid them because we are uncomfortable or do not know what to say.
Do not think we have to say anything necessarily.
Do not avoid talking about the person that has left us physically. They still exist in a very real way. Continue to share all the good memories.
Do not say you know how they feel. Even if you have lost a child, you do not know how that person feels about losing THEIR child. I have lost both of my parents but I do not know how you feel about losing your parent. You may empathize but you only know your own experience.
Do not judge someone and tell them they just need stronger faith.
Understand that everyone grieves at their own pace. There is no formula—no timetable—no right or wrong way.
It is not wrong for the one who suffers loss to feel anger or to be in denial.
Do not say any “at least statements”---Well at least you had them for a little while.” –“At least they didn’t suffer.” ---At least you have other children not just that one.”---“At least you have your children even though your wife is gone.” All those are insensitive even though the intentions may be good..
Quoting Romans 8:28 is not helpful and offers no consolation.
What can I do for you? I can love you and tell you so. I can listen----(that means not talk) when you need to talk. I can relive pleasant memories with you. I can be a friend. I can pray for you and with you.

For those of you that read this, especially if you have lost someone, you may very well have other insights. Please share them so we can all serve each other better.

Love you all, Jon

Let's all dig in and dig a little harder to make a difference. We welcome Reagan's grandmother Barbara Key to our team! She left a comment that she wants to be a part of this wonderful team and help support Team Believe and the efforts to help raise money to find a cure. What a wonderful sweet heart. Thank you Barbara!


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  1. Wow the ink had not even dried on my thoughts. I hope others will chime in---Regina, Tabitha, Michelle---others. You know so much more about this than I do. Love you all. Jon