Monday, June 1, 2009

A New Day, A New Week

Reach out for God and find him, though he is not far from each one of us. Acts 17:27

If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast. Psalm 139: 9-10

Good Monday Morning to each of you.

I am so thankful to be reminded by the scriptures that GOD IS ALWAYS WITH ME. He is always with each one of us, we just have to always remember to stop and remind ourselves that he is always here. In the storm and in the panic, take a breath and lean... lean on God for his comfort and guidance. When the times are good and all is well, stop to remember that He is there.... be grateful and give praise and glory to Him. Our God is an awesome.

I want to give you the updates as I know them this morning:

Carol was still in ICU as of last night, but Poppy was hopeful she would be moved to a private room on the floor today. He says she is very weak, today makes 14 days that she has been in ICU, so that is understandable. He is hopeful that she will get stronger and better through the week and be able to come home by the end of the week. Please pray for this and also pray for Poppy to get some rest and stay strong. He goes back and forth to the hospital several times each day and now with her being moved to a room I am sure he will spend more time at the hospital. After 14 days this does begin to take a toll on your body.

I am so very sad to tell you that Tucker earned his wings yesterday. That young man certainly earned those wings. He fought such a battle and I admire his parents and their faith that they were able to show everyone through Tucker and his site. I have a childhood friend who has a son that was in school with Tucker, the following was in her msg to me:

"It is a very sad day in Hoover today. You cannot imagine how that child touched so many young & old lives. The children at our school loved him & would remind themselves that their problems or pains were nothing. Not something children that young can understand very know. He is still an inspiration for us all."

What a wonderful tribute to such a special young man. Thank you Julie for sharing this. We need to pray for the Beam Family, but let's also keep in mind the extended friend family. Tucker's fellow classmates and all those who have been touched by his journey. I know how it effects us when something happens to one of us. Though we are not connected through blood, we are family and connected through the blood of Christ. When one of us celebrate, we all celebrate together, when one suffers, we suffer with each other. I can certainly understand Julie's statement "It is a very sad day in Hoover today."

Some good news... Trevor got to begin eating some food yesterday. I think they were possibly concerned he would start eating his bed if they did not feed that young man! They really need our prayers specifically for the colon to heal, and for the doctors to have the wisdom to know the best way to treat this problem if it does not heal on it's own. Trevor has been cancer free since his transplant, but can't get these other issues resolved to get on with life and go home. Please keep this in your prayers for him.

Gavin, our "Team Gavin" and Lindsey are back in Memphis today for Gavin's check up. One specific prayer for them is this... The doctor who was over the research and treatment for his specific diagnosis has left St Jude and gone to another hospital. This has closed that protocol and treatment for his diagnosis at St Jude. Basically, his follow up treatment is now over for them at St Jude. We are very thankful that his transplant was a total success and he has not had any of the negative side effects from it. He will have excellent care to continue on back home, but I also know that Lindsey is very sad that he will not be coming back each year for follow up checkups at St Jude. There is a comfort zone there that they will be missing. One specific prayer that we could keep in mind is to pray for another doctor in this field to come in to St Jude and be able to reopen the protocol and treatment. Just a reminder, this is the same diagnosis that Jada and Damien had. So kids like this can no longer be treated at here until a new doctor is found. Now for those of you who may be new to following us and your wondering what the diagnosis is and keep thinking I am going to say it... well it's one of those I can hardly even pronounce let alone spell, so I will give you the opportunity to meet Gavin through his site and learn more about him. Click on his name under "Our Friends" list and meet this precious little guy. Gavin and Lindsey will be in Memphis all week, so I will get to spend some time with them. Pray that his test and scans will all go well and he will have an excellent check up.

I have not heard from Mallerie over the weekend. She was still on the vent in ICU Friday when I was at the hospital. Let's pray for her lungs to heal and for her to get out of ICU and hopefully very soon out of the hospital and back to Target House.

Morgan has been able to spend some long extended weekends at home, she is coming back to Memphis today, and will have clinics on Tuesday. Pray for good labs and counts this week.

Reagan has had an excellent weekend. She has felt good and has been one busy little girl! She and Avery have been going to ballgames and swimming and they report that she has been eating really well too. That is good news. Please send them messages of encouragement let them know you are there for them and praying for Reagan and the entire family. They are just so thankful for each day they have with her and yet have not and will not give up hope for a complete healing for Reagan. As we know, God is in control and He alone has the final master plan. Pray for her and her healing.

Elizabeth has had some really good days too. I think they are just so happy to have the brothers here with them. While some of her counts were better, the liver counts seem to still be creeping up. Please keep her in your prayers.

Check the links and leave the families messages. Let them know your here praying for them and their families. This is very importanat... PLEASE MAKE SURE WHEN YOU LEAVE A COMMENT IN THEIR GUEST BOOK THAT YOU INCLUDE "TEAM BELIEVE" WITH YOUR NAME. Thank you for all you do and all of the love, prayers and support each of you offer our families. Team Believe Rocks!!!! Your the best!

Have a great Monday and a great and blessed week :)



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