Monday, June 22, 2009


I am still out of town, so I have not made any visits to the hospital, but I did want to let you know about some things going on that we need to keep in mind and prayer.

Celebrate!!!! Morgan has been released to move home!!! She will come back for weekly and soon bi-weekly clinic visits but at this time she has moved out of Target House living and back HOME! We all want to celebrate with her and her family for the successful treatment for Morgan and pray that she is never bothered by this again. I love a great success story!!! Be on the watch if you are traveling through Mississippi, word has it she will be a licensed driver in the near future :) Way to go MORGAN!

Prayers have been requested from Mallerie, Elizabeth and Trevor.

Mallerie has had to return to ICU. I do not have any details at this time, but I just know that we need to dig deep and pray for her and her family.

Elizabeth is back inpatient and will be having a liver biopsy this week. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. Michelle is facing this by herself, Dean is out on boat working, and her parents are on a cruise. Of course she has her St Jude family but it's just not the same knowing your own family is so far away. Please pray for them and for good results on Elizabeth's test. Let her know she is not alone... this wonderful group of prayer warriors are with her.

Trevor has lot's of test going on this week and today could determine if he gets his escape from inpatient. Please pray for all to go well and for him to get is GO card to get back to Target House.

Please pray for the family of Marcella Trevathan. She was one of the secretaries to the President at Freed Hardeman University, I have shared with you about her battle with cancer. She passed away this early this morning, she is now free from her pain. Please keep all of the family, the FHU family and most especially the baseball teams over the past several years in prayer. She was a single lady and she loved the baseball boys, she was like a second mom to many of them before she fell ill with cancer a little over a year ago. Before becoming sick, she never missed a game, not even a practice!! She really loved baseball and "her" guys. Heaven has welcomed a sweetheart.

Anita is still hanging in there. I have not heard from anyone today, but as of yesterday she is still pretty much the same. The plan is still to move her to Sheppards in Atlanta for brain injury rehab to see what they can do for her there. She has still not come to in a voluntary way. Please continue to keep Michael and the girls as well as her entire family and friends in your prayers. Thank you.

I hope that each of you are having a good week so far and are staying cool. The heat here is unreal for this time of year.

Keep your faith and trust in God, and keep your eyes on the goal!!!



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