Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where is the time going?

In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. Romans 8:26

So sorry for the lapse in updating. I do hope that you ignore me and just go straight to the source on the links to get the info when I am not on top of things. Summer is definitely here, the "normal" routine is certainly non existent at this point! Baseball rules the activities around this house during summer, so forgive me if I am slow at posting. I am hoping that each of you are enjoying your time off from school and being with family.

Let me see where to start...

Trevor is still inpatient and not happy about it at all. I don't blame him!!! Please read their updates and give them any encouragement you can. Also, Pam has a birthday on Thursday. If you could send her a card, just send it to the hospital, hospital address is on his caringbridge page, or leave a msg on Trev's CB guestbook. It would be awesome if each one of you would please send Trevor a card too to encourage him. I just can not tell you how discouraged both Pam and Trevor are right now. Garrett and I will be going over tomorrow and Garrett is gonna take Trevor on in some Xbox! Garrett has registered for the half marathon this year, so maybe he and Trevor can do some laps and get Garrett motivated to begin his training for this year!

I have not seen Mallerie this week, but from Tina's reports she seems to be doing well and working on coming off the vent. Please pray for this to be an easy transition to come off. Tina, Brad and the rest of the family can use your prayers too, this is so trying on your nerves and emotions watching your child go through this. I know they are so ready for her to wake up, and talk to them. Cards are welcome for them to!!! Are you up for a good challenge? Let's see if we can decorate a wall with cards from this group!!! Don't wait, get a card, check for the address on her CB page and get it in the mail in the next 24 hours. I'll give you an update on how the cards are coming in in a few days.

*** BEFORE I COULD FINISH THIS, TINA HAS UPDATED WITH YET ANOTHER SETBACK :( I'll let you click on her link and read Tina's update. Please pray for all of them.

Salena, is back inpatient with GVHD in her gut and on her skin. LaDonna says they caught it early and hopefully she will not have to many problems with it, but for now she is inpatient and not very patient about it! The weather is beautiful and they want to be outside and going. Is this starting to sound like a repeat story??? Let's do our part to help find a cure for this stinking cancer and get these kids out of the hospitals and out shopping and on the playgrounds where they need to be!!!!
Join Team Believe and help raise the funds necessary to fund the research and St Jude. :)

Reagan will be on her way back to St Jude tomorrow. They have their first appointments tomorrow afternoon. I think her MRI is scheduled for Friday. Please be in prayer for Reagan's miracle. She is having some really good days and enjoying her family and friends each day. Pray for her to continue having these really good days.

There are some St Jude mom's who will be going to Washington DC in the next week or so to attend Reach the Day. This is an opportunity for them to go and speak with our elected officials to bring awareness to them of the great need for more funding from our government for research for childhood cancer. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers for safe travel and for success. I pray that the people they will be talking to will have open ears and open hearts to these families and will open the doors for this much needed funding.

I have one personal update and a personal prayer request too.

First, Sydney, the daughter of our high school secretary that I told you about a few days ago, got good news from her test at St Jude this past week. I don't know what they did determine, but they were given the report of NO CANCER! Thank our good Lord for this news. St Jude did tell her to come back for a follow up in one month. It's been really busy for everyone, so I have not had a chance to find out what they do think is going on. Hopefully I can give you that update soon.

The prayer request is for a friend of ours, her girls have been in school with our boys for years. Anita was in a car accident just before lunch today. She was airlifted to The Med Trauma Center and is in critical condition with head injury, crushed pelvic area, and broken ribs that have punctured her lungs. She was ejected from her Tahoe. She had her younger daughter in the car with her, and 4 other teenage girls on their way to pick up her teenage daughter from a basketball camp. Her daughter along with the other kids were transported to LeBonheur, Ellie is okay, she was in a car seat, and will be released soon. At this time, it seems two of the girls have some broken bones and are still being treated. I am not sure about the other girls, I have heard they have no serious injuries. Please keep this family in prayer. It seems that it is touch & go for Anita right now. They are still running test, scans and xrays. The family will certainly appreciate your prayers. This is such a reminder of how uncertain life is. Anita and this group of girls were just at the baseball games Saturday morning, you just never know what will happen from one day to the next... take this opportunity to let the people in your life know how you feel about them. You can only count on your time right now, can't count on tomorrow.

There are other updates on "Our Friends", please check them out and let them know your thinking about them and lifting them up in prayer.

IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED YET FOR THE ST JUDE MARATHON, ASK YOURSELF..... WHY????? We have a great jumpstart, let's dig in and show everyone how Team Believe can come together and make a difference. We are walking/running for Mary Kate and she will be cheering us on every step of the way!


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