Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Smile ~ God Loves You!

Jesus said, "Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him." John 14:21

Good evening, you know when you read this scripture, you just have to smile and feel peace. I hope that each of you has had a good day. It's been busy around the city of Memphis today. I was able to visit with some of our precious St Jude kiddo's today, that makes me smile too :)

Started out in ICU checking in on Mallerie, I think they have cut down some on her "knock out" meds. When I was talking to her, she opened her eyes a few times. I know Brad and Tina (and of course the rest of her precious family) are ready for her to be able to get off this vent, wake up and talk to them. Please pray for this to happen, and for it to happen soon. I know we are to be patient and let God do things in His time. Pray for Malleries' lungs to heal and for her to come off of this vent.

From ICU I made my way to the transplant floor in the Chili's Care Center. This is like a "one stop shop" these days! All right in a row you have Elizabeth, Trevor and the "new kid on the block"... the new kid is Ryan. I have told you a little about him but we now have his link in Our Friends Section. Please take a minute, read his page and get to know him. He is a sweetheart with the most amazing laugh! One thing I figured out real quickly, he is very ticklish. His mom is Kimberly, she is the mom of four, so Ryan has 3 siblings back home. This is his second transplant, but his first at St Jude. I'll let you read his story on his page. Please let them know your praying for them and send them some love!!! Kim posted a really neat post yesterday, take the time to read it. It is very helpful to keep the information she shared in mind when you are making visits to others who are sick.

Trevor was up and out and doing his laps when I got there. I wonder how many miles he walks in a day? I bet he knows!! I was so proud of myself today... I took Trevor some hot dogs and bologna today! :) It was so nice to be able to take him some food! Now before you get all upset with me or excited thinking his hunger strike is over (of course it's not by his choice) let me clear something up... the bologna and hot dogs are packaged like and look like the real deal, but it's really bubble gum :) According to the good doc, he can have gum, so when I saw these at the story today, I just could not pass them up, they just had Trevor's name all over them. He and Pam got a kick out of them and I think they met Dr. Sara's approval. Pam has posted an update for today...

Elizabeth was just as sweet as she always is. I wish I could get a video of her talking and put it on here so you can hear her. She is just way to precious. She was eating a very balanced meal of milkshake, brownie and cheetos this afternoon. This my friends is just my kind of meal!!!! Don't worry, she had her good stuff, this was just a snack, anyway I would cut up the brownie into little tiny bites and she would pick up a piece and place it on the plate and tell me "too big". This meant for me to cut it up even smaller.... sooooo cute! If you dare try to feed something to her... she will very proudly tell you.... "I big girl" Now you know, being the mom of all boys (for those who do not know me, I have four boys) this little girl stuff just tickles me to death. She got to go fishing with her parents and her brothers the day before she had to go inpatient, so while I was sitting with her this afternoon for Michelle to go get a bite to eat, we had a "talk" about her fishing trip. I ask her how many fish she caught, and she informed me it was five... when I ask her what color the fish were, she informed me they were PINK!!!! I want to go fishing with her!!!!! I think Michelle has probably posted some pics from the fishing trip by now. Her pole was PINK, but I think she only caught one fish, not pink. From the pic's, I think the worm might have been bigger than her fish, but that certainly did not matter one bit. It was a cute little fish, and she was so excited.

Alex D. got to check out of the transplant unit and return to Target House. That is a big step for them, I know they are so thrilled. We continue to pray for his successful transplant and for him to remain CANCER FREE!!!

From the transplant floor I made my way back over to D Clinic to catch up with Reagan and her family. They got here this afternoon. Reagan looks GREAT!!!! I was so excited to see her. Her hair is coming back and she just looks so good. She has even gained a little weight. She was ready to go eat Pizza when I left them. She starts her day at 7 in the morning and from what Shawn said, she has a full day. They will do a Pet Scan in the morning and her MRI is scheduled for Friday, Please keep her in your prayers.... I WILL NOT STOP PRAYING FOR GOD TO HEAL HER AND GIVE THIS FAMILY THE MIRACLE THEY ARE PRAYING FOR. Pray that the results from the scans will show no progression and even less of the tumor. I'll catch up with them tomorrow and I'll try to remember to take my camera, I forgot it today.

That was pretty much a full day at the hossy as Lindsey (Team Gavin) would say!

I got to chat with LaDonna just a bit over the past day or so, Salena is still inpatient and not able to eat any solid foods. She is on broth and liquids right now until she clears this GVHD in her gut. She and Trevor would be good company. Keep praying for them and for her successful transplant. I am ready for them to get back to Memphis.

Our Carol is improving each day. Poppy is spending more time at the hospital with her now that she is in a room and says that she is able to be up and move around more. Her vitals are improving and Poppy said that the doctor talked as if she might get to come home by the weekend. I do hope she is home soon and back in the chat room with us.

My friend Anita is still in extremely critical condition. Not really any change from yesterday. They have begun to cut back on some of the meds to see how she responds and see if she can take any breaths on her own. At this time, the only thing they have seen is a little movement in her legs and they said they felt like a few times today she would squeeze Michael's and her mom's hand when they were talking to her. Thank you for your prayers for this family. Two of the teenagers were kept overnight, I have not heard from them today. They are at LeBonheur. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Okay, that's a wrap for today! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS!!!!!!!! That is my "tip" for no charge too!



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