Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today's spiritual thought for the day:

This is a quote from a friend of mine, I hope he does not mind me sharing it with you. I am using the old theory of it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. Thanks Lawrence!

"... praising God for his goodness. My needs are in His hands, and I am content to rest there."

Oh to be able to say this and to feel the peace in it. This is my goal to strive for each day.

Well I can say that today was a FULL day. I could not have enjoyed it more than I did. The day started out getting a lunch meal together for a surprise birthday lunch for Trevor V's mom... Pam. You must MUST go read the last couple of entires on Trevor's link. Let me warn you, GET YOUR TISSUES! What an amazing young man he is. There are a couple of pictures from the bday party today. We had a blast! There is also a picture of Trevor with his bologna and hot dogs that I took him yesterday. As you can also see from the pictures... Trevor got to enjoy himself today with some guy time just hanging out and playing Xbox with my son Garrett. They had a really good time doing the "teen guy thing". But I think Trevors day got better later when some girls came by to visit! Pretty girls vs Xbox buddie?????? Hum?????? What do you think?

The picture on top is Elizabeth with Mom, and her two brothers, each of them all decked out in their purple LSU outfits to honor Pam for her birthday. Did I forget to mention that her party was a PURPLE PARTY? Oh yea, please notice the neato camo tent hanging over the bed! Compliments of Elizabeth's brothers. Those boys are so crazy about her. She was a big trooper today, she stayed with one of the nurses while her family got to help Pam celebrate. Precious girl :)

Reagan had a big day today as you can see. She had good reports from her check-ups. Her MRI is scheduled for tomorrow. She will go in at 11:00 for sedation, and hopefully they will have a full report soon after the MRI is complete. You can read the doctors reports from today on her site. After a long day at the hospital, she was treated to dinner at Chili's and then a trip to the Disney Store and Build A Bear at the Wolfchase Mall. I want to thank the manager and employees at Build A Bear. If you find yourself in Memphis and at the Wolfchase Mall, please go by and support that store if you have anyone who could benefit from a stuffed animal. Reagan and family were in the Disney store purchasing a "wedding dress" and beautiful wedding slippers for Reagan when we realized the mall was about to close. One of the purposes to go to the mall was for Reagan to be treated to Build A Bear which I had promised her way back when she was still in Memphis, but time did not allow us to go. I left them in the Disney Store and ran to Build A Bear and explained what was going on and ask if they could please allow us to "rush" through and let Reagan build a stuffed animal. At the same time, coincidence.... the off duty manager from Build A Bear was in the Disney Store and overheard them discussing getting down to the store to get in, so the manager and her husband went to the store to make sure they got in. They were already in and Reagan had picked out a PINK unicorn. She was already busy working on it, and picking out a matching wedding dress for her unicorn which she named Suzzie. This was to be my treat to her, fulfilling my promise to her, but when we got to the register, the off duty manager and her husband were there and she told us this was her treat!!!! She pulled out her personal debit card and paid for the the entire purchase!!! God's love is shown through people in so many ways. I just wanted to boo-hoo! I am so amazed by people, at times like today, perfect strangers who open up their hearts to others they don't even know. Thank You.... I don't even know your name. Reagan had a very good day.

Mallerie was more awake today. She is able to communicate a little with them to let them know what she wants or needs. This is so encouraging!!! Garrett and I went by to see them, they seemed more upbeat today. Keep praying for her lungs to continue to improve and for her to get back to the 2nd floor. Trevor is ready for another teen on the floor to hang out with.

Please be in prayer for Christian and her family. She is in Memphis for follow ups with the new chemo she has been taking. The news today was not what they had wanted to hear. This new treatment is not working and they feel it best to not do it any more. You can read her site. This is such an amazing and strong young lady. Please embrace them with your comments and your prayers.

Clay is hiding out, I have not seen him this week but he is doing great! God is so good and has really had his hand on Clay. Please continue to pray for him and his family. I hope to get to catch up with them soon. I miss him... he is just the most awesome kid. I miss them when they leave transplant, it's hard to catch up with them.

Good news from Poppy about Carol! He thinks from what the doctor told him today, that she will be released to go home tomorrow!! GREAT NEWS!!!! She is doing better, but will still need lots of help from home visiting nurses and their daughters and son for the next few days/weeks for her to be able to function like she did before. Poppy says he is so ready to get her home. Please continue to pray for her healing and strength. I pray that she will be surrounded by those she needs to help her adjust when she gets back home. We love you Poppy and Carol.

On a personal level.... Anita is still holding her own. They still say it's hour to hour. One of our friends has set up a caringbridge page for her. If you want to follow her journey.

Also, I want to ask for your prayers for my family. My aunt, whom I have shared with the chat prayer warriors, has been fighting her own battle with cancer. They have determined that her treatment is not working and they have decided to stop all treatment. Hospice has come in and begun to take care of her. Please keep my aunt Jon and her husband Danny and all of the family in your prayers. We have a very close knit family and she will be surrounded with lot's of people who love her. I will be going to Mississippi to spend some time with her very soon.

Okay, I know this is a novel tonight... Enjoy your day, in a few hours now. I didn't realize how late it was!

Pray and hug your kids, cherish each second you have with them.


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