Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He Is Always Near To Each Of Us

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. Psalm 145: 18

Comfort in knowing that the Lord is near to us when we call on Him.... doesn't that just make your heart have a warm fuzzy feel? I really don't know how people live and get from day to day without having God near by and in their life each second of each day. Thank You Lord, for being our maker and our protector. In Christ Name, Amen.

Things are moving right along. GREAT NEWS!!!!! MALLERIE IS OFF THE VENT!!!!!! I just got back into town last night, so I have not seen her yet, but can't wait to go and TALK to her!!!! Keep on praying... I ask last week for us to pray her out of ICU and back to the transplant floor, it's working, keep it up! Let's get her back to Chili's Transplant, then we will pray her out to Target House! BELIEVE PRAYER WORKS... Just have faith and pray with truth and from your heart.

Trevor has had a little excitement this morning. That guy always has something going on... never a dull moment for Pam and the staff at St Jude when it comes to Trevor. We love Trevor!!!! His NG tube started coming out this morning while he was getting his bath. They have taken it out, and are going to play the "wait till test time and see" game. Pray that this matter has been healed and resolved and he will not have to have it put back in. I hope you have been reading his updates the past few days... that guy is just an awesome and fun loving kind of guy! Go Read! I promise you, if you need or just want a good laugh, his updates will give you a big laugh.

I talked with LaDonna this morning. She has ask for your prayers for Salena and for their family. The journey that they have been on for quite some time now can really take it's toll on a family. Salena is having some heart issues, they are running test and are waiting for results. Please pray that they will get a good report and all will be well soon. Thanks for keeping this family in your thoughts and prayers.

Reagan has been to the doctor in her area and will be starting a new chemo that they are praying will give her more good days. She is really busy and the family is doing a great job of making the most of each day for her and the other family members. I pray for many more of these wonderful days for them. Let them hear from you.

You can check up on the other kids... they all seem to be doing very well this week. I love to read these good updates.

My friend Anita is in surgery at this time. It will most likely be a 6-8 hour surgery. Please keep her in prayer today. Her cb page is caringbridge.org/visit/anitaandersnaifeh Her husband, Michael is now posting the updates and he is doing an excellent job with this. Please keep this family in your prayers. It is still a day to day thing. No guarantees, but then again, none of us has a guarantee stamped on us, right?

Ok, I got a little scare yesterday. I got a text message from one of our loyal prayer warriors saying she had seen on Facebook that the St Jude Marathon was full. I do not believe this to be true at this time. I am not sure where she saw it, but registration is still open as of last night. However, I do not know how much longer it will be before it does begin to fill up. We need to really get on the ball, pass the word around to all past team members that you notice are not yet registered and hit the recruiting trail to get new members... let's keep growing.

For any of you who read this journal, but have not been involved with this in the past.... please join us. If you want to talk to some of us and find out more info, just go to the bottom of this blog post and sign in and connect to the prayer warriors chat room. If no one is there, come back and try again later. There is usually always a group in late in the evening. We would love for you to become a part of this. You don't have to be a runner or an athlete to participate in this. There is a 5K, a half marathon and a full marathon. Many of us just walk the 5K, others are brave enough to tackle the half and full! It is a great event, a great opportunity to meet each other, spend time with one another and meet many of the families that you all have been following and praying for here. Please consider becoming a part of this AWESOME event! We have team members who fly and drive in from everywhere!!! New York, Nebraska, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and other states. I am sorry if I left your state out.... forgive me. Oh yea... Georgia and Colorado too!!! It is definitely worth the effort to make this weekend a part of your annual events.

Hoping that each of you have a wonderful day! Prayers for each of you too! Have a blessed day :)

Believe - Prayer Works!

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