Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What An Uplifting Evening!!!!

What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and grief to bear
What a privilege to carry
EVERYTHING to God in prayer!!!

That is exactly what we did tonight! We had the honor and the privilege to lift up our sweet Mallerie in prayer to God for His complete healing. We are so lucky to be christians and living in a country where we are able to come together as one voice and openly petition God to ask Him for His help in our time of need. We are a lucky nation and it is a privilege that I know we do not take lightly.

Thank you to each and every one of you who joined us tonight for our prayer night for Mallerie. We were blessed to have some of her family and friends from home join us. It was wonderful to get to visit and pray with them. Mallerie has a wonderful and supporting family. I will share a tid bit that I do not think the family will mind me sharing, they have posted it on Mallerie's site in the past, so it is not a secret.... but rather a wonderful family love story! Mallerie's mom, Tina, has a very sweet brother...Jeremy. She also has a very sweet sister Shelia. I sure don't want to leave her out of this story... she has been a wonderful blessing to Tina and to Mallerie during this journey. I probably see Shelia on my visits as much as I see Tina and Mallerie. She is there with them and for them whenever she is needed. Anyway... back to my love story, Jeremy was diagnosed with the same Aplastic Anemia as Mallerie when he was 17 years old (I think). Tina was the donor for Jeremy. Jeremy has been through this same process, but was fortunate enough that he did not have the complications that Mallerie is having at this time. He was so kind and prayed with us tonight for his precious niece. This was just so touching to each of us tonight. Thank you Jeremy for joining in with us. I always feel so uplifted when we gather for a special night to pray for someone. I feel God blesses each person that comes together to petition him on behalf of someone else. This group of prayer warriors is such a special group of people, I am fortunate and blessed to be a part of this amazing group of people. I know God hears us, and I know he will answer our pleas. What a true friend we have in Jesus.... he does bear all of our sins and our grief, heartaches and worries. What a wonderful privilege to carry every single need and care to Him in prayer. Amen!!!

We really need to keep our prayer vigil going... Elizabeth really needs prayers RIGHT NOW! They are getting the results from the biopsy back and there is some real concern at this time. Michelle will post as she knows more, but I do ask that you keep this family in your hearts and in your prayers.

Also please keep praying for Trevor and Pam... please read Trevor's cb site. Pam says it all so much better than I do. I think you will feel her pain and frustration in her writing and you will know exactly what I mean when I say, they need our prayers. Please post on the guestbook for each of these families. This gives them so much hope and encouragement when they see you out here praying for them. I know they would be here for us if we need them....

Reagan continues to have really good days and is enjoying herself so much. I can just see Princess Reagan with thousands of bubblegum balls!!!! This girl will have all of the pink ones picked out as soon as she can..... read her site! For those of you who don't know this... Reagan LOVES bubblegum!!!!! She always has gum!!! She is so very sweet to share it with you too. She is a precious and sweet girl.

Thank you again for joining us tonight. Keep praying, keep your eyes on the Lord and your faith and trust in Him. He will carry you through the darkest days.

Mallerie, WE LOVE YOU!!!! We will keep praying for you until we pray you right back out of that ICU and all the way home... HOME TO Chester County!!!!


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