Friday, October 9, 2009

A Lot To Say Today!

Good morning! I am not sure about the weather where you are today but it is pouring cats and dogs here. Not a good day to be out and trying to run around. A GREAT day for you fellow team members to stay home, send out emails and letters to your friends and family letting them know about your upcoming events for the marathon. We seem to continue to grow in numbers! Thankful for that. If they get everyone straight and on the right team, we should be around 42 or 43 (maybe more) team members! Please let us know if you HAVE NOT received your packet with either socks or singlet with your brochure containing the check submission form in it. You need that information in order to turn in checks to be credited to your goals page. I have talked with Christopher Beck, he informs me that they are having some "MAJOR WEB ISSUES", please be patient with them while their IT Dept. is trying to get it all fixed. If you have any concerns, please leave a comment on this page with an email address for me to get back with you. I will be more than happy to field any problems and send them on to Christopher B. together instead of him being bombarded with so many different emails or calls. We are one team of 43, but he has thousands of people with issues to. Lets coordinate our concerns. Thank you for helping in this way.

There is alot going on getting ready for our team for the big weekend! You know I don't give out all my secrets, but just know it is going to be the biggest and best we have had yet, come prepared to be rewarded both spiritually and physically. There are many people behind the scenes this year taking on some of the "work" involved in putting this weekend and dinner together. You know who you are, I thank you for your efforts. You are making it so much easier on me with our large crowd. THANK YOU! I will make sure I give credit to where credit is due.... in due time :)

Please continue your efforts to raise as much money as possible for St Jude. Stop and think, the kid's don't stop or give up, SO NEITHER WILL I and I hope none of you will either. I know you won't!

We do have some kiddo's that need some extra prayers. Dax has been inpatient back home, I do believe he is at home now and doing better, but you know this can change so quickly. Please pray for him to feel better. Also, Salena has had some more complications, check her site and keep her and LaDonna in your prayers. She really has been so sick. Pray for her stomach to heal and for her to be able to go outpatient. Also, Mallerie has really had a tough time lately. She continues to battle her tummy issues along with her lungs. Let's all keep her and her family in our prayers. Pray for her to be healed and for her to continue fighting with all she has to overcome this. She has had some nosebleeds the last several days, pray for this to stop. Trevor T. was back at St Jude this week. He began the chemo treatment that he will be coming back to take every two weeks. Please pray for this protocol to be successful for his tumors and for their safe travel back and forth for treatment. He had another "Trevor Night" at the Wolfchase Chili's while he was here. Several of the employees came and had dinner with Trevor and his mom & dad. The brought a huge treasure box FULL of the coolest toys and gadgets for Trevor! It was so cool. Trevor was so excited. I love this Chili's and all of the wonderful employees there. Support your local Chili's all year, not just the one month they donate to Chili's Care Center at St Jude.

I also ask for you to pray for each marathon team out there who are doing what they can to raise money for St Jude. Pray for their success, pray for their safety as they travel to Memphis and as they run in their event. I pray for each person who is registered as a Hero for the marathon. I pray for the success of this event to bless the hospital and the kiddo's of St Jude. I pray also for the people involved in organizing this wonderful event. It is ALOT of really hard work, but they do a fantastic job.

We have another TV celebrity! Please check out the following link and see our very own Allison on the local news in Houston with her friend Harley at an event for the cancer patients at Texas Children's in Houston.

I will post the t-shirt info and the hotel info again. Make sure you get your room confirmed SOON

HOW TO ORDER: If you want to order online, you may do so by going to the top left of this page and you will find 2 pay pal buttons. Make sure you notice, one button is to order short sleeve and the other button is to order long sleeve. You must also select if you are wanting to have them shipped to you for an additional shipping fee or if you want to pick them up if you are coming for the marathon weekend. We will have the shrits at the hotel and at the team dinner for pick-up. Also, there is a copy of the mail in order form located just under the picture of the shirt design on the October 1, 2009 post. The shirts are available in both adult and youth sizes.

I have placed an order by using the pay pal, it was super easy!!! When you login to pay pal, it will ask you on the next screen to indicate what size/sizes you need to order. So at that time, you will indicate adult or youth and what size. SUPER EASY! Thank you Allison for setting that up for us!!!

All shirts are pre-order and pre-pay. We will be taking orders up until October 31, 2009. That will be the last day to order your 2009 Running for Mary Kate t-shirt. All mail in orders MUST BE POSTMARKED BY OCT. 31, 2009.

*** Please go to the October 1, 2009 post to pull up the order form to print off. There are 2 post on that date, it is located on the second one. Just click on it, it will come up full size, print it off and mail it along with a check (no cash please) to the address on the order form. Make checks payable to TEAM BELIEVE.



phone - 901-266-1952

Ask for Sybil Sides or Alicia, they are our direct contact people for Team Believe. They are at the hotel between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. Let them know you are confirming a room under the block of rooms for Team Believe for the St Jude Marathon. If you have any problems ( I don't think you will) please let me know. I will help you. Seriously, it does not cost you anything until you actually come, so please do not procrastinate... CONFIRM YOUR ROOM NOW

A little long today, I'm sorry but there was alot to say ;)

Enjoy your weekend! Keep checking on everyone, leave them notes and lift them up in prayer.


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  1. I have yet to receive my packet with the socks & check submission form. Christopher Becky sent me an email with a .pdf of the form but I have no # to put on the form to ensure it is credited to our team.