Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quick Update

Hospital rounds.....

Trevor had a great check-up! All is looking good, he looks great and is being a normal 16 year old Trevor! It is such a blessing to see a success story enjoying himself, yet visiting with others still fighting their battles. He will be going back home this afternoon and will not be returning until the Friday before the marathon, so he has a month off. Way to go Trevor.

Mallerie is still on the vent and needing our prayers for her complete healing. Prayers for Mal, Brad, Tina and Heath too. I visited with them for a little while today, and they are being very strong. Leave them a message on Mal's cb page.

Prayers for Dax, Julie and Austin. They are home now so I will not get to visit with them, but I will be keeping in touch and I'll pass along anything that she shares with me, and gives me permission to share. Please keep them in your daily prayers as they take one day at a time and try to process what is going on and enjoy their precious Dax every day!

Rylee had a doctors appointment today and Samantha was so hopeful of getting a diagnosis and a plan of treatment. When she called she said that the diagnosis was "her heart is not normal". Amazing... how do you process that? She will be following up as soon as they can get an appointment arranged with a specialist. She does seem to be feeling a little better but definitely not back to her normal Rylee state. If any of you know Rylee.... the best way to describe her is "full steam ahead, 24/7" She never stops or even slows down, I think she just possibly may not even be capable of sitting COMPLETELY still for more than 30 seconds. She is just precious, I love her to death and to hear that she is just laying around is heartbreaking, you know that is not her. Pray that someone can get to the bottom of what is going on and find the course of treatment to get her back to her normal self.

I spoke with Joan V a few days ago, she says that Alex V is doing so much better. She is back at school almost full time and she is feeling better about herself. She is in a new school that has been a wonderful change for her. Alex is such a sweet girl and I am so happy to hear this wonderful report from her.

I am very happy to report that Team Believe has reached the over $10,000.00 mark for our fundraising efforts. Many thanks to many of you. If you have not yet had a chance to help us out by making a donation to St Jude through Team Believe, please be in prayerful consideration of doing so. Our goal is $25,000.00 and I have no doubt that we can reach that goal with everyone's help. I promise any amount that you may give will be the best spent money you just might ever spend. It could just be the dollars needed to save a life. I just keep thinking... what if one of these children was my child. PLEASE consider making a donation TODAY! You know, just a thought... you can donate more than once if you feel like you can :)

The following people have raised over 1,000.00 each:

Allison Fuller
Regina Rushing
Brenda Bradley
Mardecia Sutton
Susan Scheuermann

Congratulations and GREAT JOB!!! Keep it up!

Also... the deadline to order your Mary Kate Team Believe shirt is this Friday.... DON'T MISS OUT ON GETTING YOUR VERY ON MARY KATE SHIRT.

Keep praying and keep posting comments of encouragement on the kids pages.


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