Thursday, October 22, 2009

Part 2 - UPDATE

Urgent prayers requested for Mallerie. She has been having some difficulty breathing and they have placed her back on the vent. Please pray hard for this gvhd to heal.

Part 1 - Original Post

This photo is a photo of some artwork that Mallerie did recently that is now hanging on one of the walls at St Jude. It will be a part of their patient artwork on display for one year. She worked really hard on this and her efforts are very evident. This is a big honor for her to have her work on display. Congratulations Mal, you did a great job!!! I love her theme, "We're All In This Together". This is one smart chick, who really does see the big picture. I had a nice visit with her and her family yesterday. I told her about my recent trip to Nashville for the Keith Urban concert. I told her about our shopping trip while there to purchase some "necessary" wardrobe items to fit in with the country/western theme. I did buy a pair of cowboy boots to wear, and I told her I got a really neat pair. I asked her... "guess what?" and she immediately responded...."THEY'RE PINK"!! She was right on!! I love this girl!!! In ICU, feeling not so good at all, but still sharp as a tack and not missing a beat! Please, please keep her in your prayers. She really needs them right now. Keep her family in your prayers to. They have been inpatient for so long now and it does wear you down so much. Please go to her caringbridge page and leave them a message. Let them know that you are praying for them and congrats on her artwork. This will mean so very much to them. It only takes a minute or two to leave a message, but it means so much to each family when you do leave them notes.

Dax is back in Memphis today and tomorrow for his check up and meds. Pray for his test results to be good and for them to have a safe trip back home tomorrow afternoon. Please pray for him to remain cancer free!

Little Trevor T. had a good visit yesterday. He had his chemo, then enjoyed another fun-tastic evening at our local Wolfchase Chili's. The employees continue to spoil him rotten when he is in Memphis for his treatment. The biggie last night was a special visit to the restaurant by a firetruck and crew just to take Trevor for a ride in THE BIG RED TRUCK! He was really excited, but was a little overwhelmed by the size of that big truck. We love our Chili's and I appreciate so much the extra mile that this particular restaurant goes for the St Jude kids. They have an awesome management staff that supports the efforts of St jude 110%. Some of the staff including management will be participating with us and with Sully's team in the marathon this year. Those of you who will be coming in on Thursday to help me set up for the dinner will have the opportunity to go to this Chili's for dinner on Thursday night. This will be a treat!

Well, we had one good day in the top ten on the St Jude marathon fundraising chart. I liked seeing our team name up there, and so sad to see it not there today. Let's get busy, and see what we can do to get it there and keep it there. I really don't care if we are in the top ten or not, but I do REALLY want for us to reach of goal of $25,000.00. I know there is some money out there that has not been turned in and some that has not posted yet. We can do this, I KNOW WE CAN! We will have a prize for the person who does raise the most money to help us reach our goal. Will you be that person?

Anyone who would like to be a part of this effort but can not make the trip to Memphis to be on the team, can certainly help out and be a part by making a donation to the team. ALL DONATIONS ARE WELCOME! You can simply go the the column on the left side of this blog page, and you will see Donate to St Jude- Team Believe- click here. Just click on that link and it will take you directly to our team page and there you will find a DONATE NOW button where you can make a safe online donation that goes directly to St Jude. Thank you so much for helping us out!!

T-shirts.... we are in the final days to place your order. There are still many team members who have not yet ordered theirs. Please get those orders in. DEADLINE IS OCTOBER 31, 2009. Only 9 days left!

Have a great evening, it's almost the weekend!!!!


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