Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day - Good Day To Pray

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend. I know many schools are having Fall Breaks this time of year, so if you are one of the lucky ones to be getting this little mini vacation I pray that you are enjoying your time with your family, safe travels and good health.

I do have a few prayer needs to mention.

Mallerie has had a difficult weekend. Tina just posted that they are taking her down for a CT scan and some x-rays. Please pray for Mal and for her family. I know this has been such a long and very difficult road for them. I know they are worn out and so ready for her healing to be complete. Please pray for healthy lungs and tummy and for her to make that turn around and be able to get out of that hospital. It's a wonderful hospital, but long enough is long enough to have to be stuck inpatient. Please pray for her strength. Pray for her fight to just get even stronger. They can use any encouragement you can give. We are going to do a goodie basket for both Mallerie and Tina if you guys want to join in. Mallerie loves to have her nails done each week, she loves to work on crafts. Movies, magazines and books are great items too. Most especially cards or letters with encouraging notes. You can send anything you feel would be a great addition to the basket to the following address:

Team Believe
c/o Mardecia Sutton
P. O. Box 210
Brunswick, TN 38014

Alex D. was the featured patient for the Florence, AL Light the Night Walk to raise awareness and funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The walk was held this weekend and from the reports I have heard it was a very awesome event to witness. One of our prayer warriors, Bennett, was able to make the drive from Nashville to attend, he was quite impressed and had a wonderful yet emotional experience. He was able to hear Brian speak, and reported that he did an outstanding job and was also able to meet Jennifer. I know Brian and Jennifer were very pleased with the turn out for the evening and their team was able to raise over $7,000.00 for this wonderful event. Let's continue to keep the Denton's in our prayers.

I have a family that I have mentioned before. The are friends of Ryan's mom, she has asked for prayers on behalf of Jessica on many occasions. I do not know how many of you have followed her, but I am asking that you keep Jessica and her family in your prayers today. Jessica is trying really hard to go home, but she is still struggling. Her mom has been posting and I will just let you read for yourselves if you want more info to know how to pray more specifically. Pray for her peace and comfort and for God's mercy and grace on her right now. Pray for her suffering to cease.

Tabitha's grandfather passed away this morning in PA. She and her family will be leaving in the early morning hours to travel up to be there for the service. Her comfort is, her grandfather lived a very happy and for the most part very healthy life to the ripe young age of 91 years old. He has had a good life she says. He is also now in heaven with Sully, that is a comfort for her to know they are now together. Sully and his great grandad. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. For those of you who followed Tab's dad's caringbridge, this is her dad's father. I believe there is an address on his cb site if you would like to send cards to any of them. I know this would be very greatly appreciated. Pray for their safe travel as they take 2 days to drive up, then 2 days back.

Thanks to everyone who is working so hard to help us reach our team goal. Our little thermometer is slowly but surely making it's way up! We have a long way to get to the top, but it's moving that way. I know many of you are holding checks because you do not have a account number to get them to the right team and to your goals page. Please be patient, I will be talking with them again this week to see what we can do to get these account numbers to you. Just think, when you do get them, hopefully all the checks can be sent it and we will see a big jump in our amount raised!!! I REALLLLLLLY WANT TO TAKE THIS THERMOMETER OVER THE TOP THIS YEAR! We certainly have the numbers on our team to do it. If each person could just try to get $200.00 I think we can do it. We have several I want to congratulate for their hard work.

Top Fundraisers at this time:

Regina Rushing $1,685.00
Allison Fuller $1,625.00
Susan Scheuermann $1,075.00

I know many of you have checks that are either not sent in or not yet posted. I have checks sent in that are not yet posted, those put me over the $1,000.00 mark, but I can't stop there.... I have to reach my $3,000.00 to beat Regina!!!!
For those of you who are new to this and are just now getting started... it's okay, you have time. I am very proud of our team. We are gonna look good and make a statement that Team Believe believes that we can help make a difference in this fight to help find a cure for THE BEAST!!! When you think about doing this marathon, really think about the reason we are doing it. Keep the Rushings, Dunfords, Dentons, Richards, Chandlers, Farrars, Powells and all the others that each of you have personally followed, in your thoughts and prayers. Also keep those still fighting in your prayers and pray that a difference can be made so that no other families find themselves walking this journey.

Get your rooms confirmed if you have not had a chance to do so. Get your Mary Kate team shirt/shirts ordered. Don't forget the deadline to order is October 31, 2009. It will be here before you know it, so don't procrastinate and miss out. We will only go to print one time. So once the order is turned in to be printed, that's it. I will not be ordering any extra's. Last year we did have some extra's but that was because of a problem with one of the print machines that caused a few boo boo's on a couple of shirts, so they ran us some extra to compensate. I do not anticipate that happening this year, so I don't count on having any extra's. One thing that I have not mentioned on here is that you will receive one of Mary Kate's Memory bracelet's free with your t-shirt order while supplies last.

Go to the last post for all of the hotel and t-shirt order info.

Have a great week! Hug your babies and share a prayer for others.


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  1. Got my form today to turn in checks with an acct # on it!! A little bummed that it didn't come with socks. :( I LOVE my St. Jude socks!