Saturday, October 24, 2009

Calling For Your Prayers

"Come unto me all ye that are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest"

Most of you are already up to date on Dax, his appointment Friday did not go the way they had hoped and prayed for. Dax's CT scan showed a new growth on his spine, the follow up MRI and MRD indicate that his cancer is back. They have gone back home, the doctors should have a full report from the MRD by Monday or Tuesday, and will call them with the course of action to take from here. She has given the details on Dax's page. Prayers are requested and very much needed. Please pray for Dax, Julie and Austin. Please leave them your messages of encouragement and let them know you are here for them.

Rylee needs your prayers at this time too. She has been admitted to the hospital at Oklahoma Children's. She has a really low heart rate. All test to this point have come back within normal range, so the cause for her very low heart rate is not know at this time. Please pray for the doctors to be able to find the cause for this and for them to know how to best treat her to correct this problem. I spoke with Samantha this afternoon and at that point she is just on the heart monitors and her heart rate continues to remain really low actually hitting the critical low point on several occasions. Please pray for Rylee and Samantha.

Mallerie remains in ICU and is on the oscillator. Please keep her in your prayers. Please pray and pray hard for her lungs to recover from this GVHD. Bless her heart, she has had such a tough time, please keep her in prayer along with her family. I visited with them today, she is sedated, so she is resting and hopefully this is allowing time for her body to recover. Tina and Brad just ask for you fervent prayers for Mal's healing. Don't forget to leave your messages of encouragement to them too on their caringbridge page.

It would be great if each of you could ask for these children's names to be placed on your prayer list at your home church tomorrow. Goodness knows, it is time to storm the heaven's with the names of these kids for God's healing.

Please keep all of the kid's in your prayers. Please keep all of the families of our ^angel^ kids in your prayers too.

This coming Friday is the last day to place your order for your Team Believe, Running For Mary Kate, t-shirt. Don't be left out and miss the honor of wearing Mary Kate's original design!!! Also, make sure you have confirmed your hotel room at our team hotel.

Enjoy your Sunday services tomorrow. May God bless you with a wonderful day of fellowship.


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