Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Count Down Is On!!!

I hope each of you has had a wonderful weekend. We finally had some sunshine in Memphis!!! Today was absolutely beautiful, God was truly shining on us today.

I just want to remind everyone of some deadlines coming up.

Team Believe t-shirts will be on sale until the end of this month. OCTOBER 31, 2009 is the last day to place your order. You do not have to be on the team to order a Mary Kate shirt. Please help us out, and order yourself a shirt. It is so special because Mary Kate designed the shirt this year. Go ahead, be a t-shirt junkie and order one or more for your St Jude Marathon collection!

Hotel confirmations need to be made as soon as possible to ensure that we have rooms for everyone.

We will be asking for RSVP's for the Team dinner on Friday night, December 4, 2009. The dinner will be held at an off site location but Macaroni Grill will be catering it for us. It will be much like last year, just in our own private place. We will have other St Jude families joining us. I think we are going to have a real neat and touching evening. I am so excited for each of you to meet Mary Kate's mom and sister and her other family members who will be joining us. Check your calendar for that date, I will need to get RSVP's for the dinner by the mid part of November. You still have time. We do hope that each one of you plan to be here. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet new members and spend some time with those we only get to see this one time a year. This year, we will have door prizes again and a new "thing", we will have a "ST JUDE" themed basket to be auctioned off during a silent auction. The winner will be announced at the end of the evening. As many of you know, there is a sweet retired couple that I know who have been making handmade quilts for each of the children that I visit with. They have made some of the most beautiful quilts. Included in the "ST JUDE BASKET" is one of their quilts that they have made just for us to be placed in this basket. It is beautiful! They have a hand made tag on it that says.... Team Believe, 2009 St Jude Marathon.
Just to give you a little idea, the border around the outside edge of the quilt is so cool!!! The fabric has running shoes or tennis shoes on it to keep it in the marathon theme!!! A big huge thank you goes out to Mike and Pru McBride for donating this to our basket!!! Your lucky if your the winning bidder on this basket, because only the St Jude kids have been getting these special handmade quilts!

I spoke with Brenda yesterday, more details to come, but the VERY hard work put in by Brenda and Lenzy paid off. They hosted the first annual Angels Beauty Pageant in Malvern, AR this past Saturday. The proceeds from this event go to St Jude through Team Believe. They really put a lot into planning this event and making it happen. It was a success, and they have had many compliments on the job well done from the participants and those attending. They plan to make this an annual fundraiser event for the marathon! Way to go Brenda and Lenzy!!!

You guys are doing great! Keep the little red thermometer going up! I know we can do this.

IF YOU CAN NOT BE IN MEMPHIS OR BE ON THE TEAM, PLEASE HELP US OUT BY MAKING A DONATION TO THE TEAM. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY MEMBERS ABOUT OUR EFFORTS AND ASK THEM TO HELP OUT BY MAKING A DONATION AS WELL. HELP US REACH OUR GOAL OF $25,000.00!!!! Even if it is $5.00, each dollar adds up! We need your help to make this goal possible. Thank You... the St Jude families thank you!

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  1. Hi!
    My brother and I were wondering if we could join your group to run the half marathon. We didn't know if it was too late or not.
    Thank you,
    Auburn Kizer