Friday, September 10, 2010

Second Post For Today... see WooHoo right before this one

The week just keeps getting better! Just found out tonight that Ariel and Amber got here tonight for a quick checkup in the morning, then a quick trip back home tomorrow for a big rival football game at school! These girls stay sooo on the go busy! I am so thankful that they are able to do so! I'll try to get some pics of them and Morgan so I can update you.

Wanted to post a few pics so you can see how well little Trevor and Jack are doing. I forgot to take my camera, so these were made with my cell phone. Not the best quality, but you can see their sweet faces!

Trevor, all smiles and feeling great!

Me getting some sweeeeet sugar off of the Trev!!! I love this little guy!

Sweet Jack! Just out of recovery following his MRI. Still a little groggy, but all smiles!! So thankful for the blessing of another ALL CLEAR FOR JACK!!! Love me some Jack!

I'll fill you in on the girls tomorrow. All boys today all girls tomorrow!!! Got a new family I have met, they are actually friends of one of the new couples on Team Believe. At this time since I have not yet ask permission to post anything about her, I am just going to ask for you to please keep her and her family in your prayers. She had surgery at The Jude on Tuesday evening and was taken to ICU. Pray for a full recovery for her. As soon as I have a chance to get permission to post name and CB site, I will do so. God will know who you are praying for :)

I'll be taking Preston his handmade quilt tomorrow that was made for him by my sweet friends. I am anxious to give it to him. I will also be introducing him and his family to Morgan and her family. They share the same diagnosis. Hopefully this will be a great benefit to Preston and family as they begin the same journey that Morgan has been through.

Hope you have a great day! I have had a wonderful full past few days at The Jude! So many hugs, smiles and thanksgiving!

Bless this hospital and all of those who are employed there who do their part to fight and save these precious children.



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