Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Good Morning...

Good Morning, what a GREAT day God has made! It's a little early to be enjoying it already. It's been rather busy around our house this past week and weekend, but it's been really nice. A weekend full of baseball, surprising?

hummmmm.. I have been typing away here and covering the last part of last week and Monday and all of the sudden.... POOF!! It was just gone! I must still be asleep and not hitting the proper keys.

Let me try to remember what all I had just shared with you. The boys last week, Trevor & Jack both had great appointments with great news. Then on Friday, it was girls day. Ariel and Morgan were both in for their check ups and (Ariel) treatment. Morgan had another wonderful check up, her labs looks the best she has had. Praise God for this wonderful report! She looks absolutely beautiful and healthy as can be. She had her very sweet boyfriend with her. He was a very nice young man. Preston had to go inpatient last week for fever, so Morgan and Theresa were able to see him through the bubble window, but were able to meet and talk with his mom and his Ma. I know this was good for all of them. Theresa will be a wonderful friend to Renee. I know that she will always be there to help answer questions or just let her know some of the things they are going through are "normal". Please continue to pray for Preston, he is supposed to begin his process for Transplant today. With the fever he was running, I am not sure if it has changed any of the plans or not.

Ariel had a good visit, she looks beautiful too. I was so happy to see all of the Reynolds women! Mom brought them, Amber got to miss a day of school and come to! I wanted to share with you the BIG PLAN that Ariel and Amber are organizing on their own. With the support of their parents of course. I love these girl, I wish you could see their faces as they shared their plan with me. As you know, they are seniors in high school this year and truly enjoying their year. They have come up with the idea and have a very detailed and laid out plan to host a county wide "CAPTURE THE FLAG" game between the different schools in their area. There will be an entry fee, each school will have their own t-shirts to identify their team which will be part of their fundraiser, concessions, prizes and lot's of fun. They have their plan worked out for signs and advertising. It's a pretty huge undertaking, but they have done their research and have a very laid out plan. I think it will be a very successful fundraiser for St Jude and a total blast for the kids who participate. What a way to help support Team Believe and St Jude. Their parents are also planning a Chicken Plate sale coming up pretty soon. That will be another fundraiser for the team. WAY TO GO REYNOLDS FAMILY!!!

Natalie came in yesterday for her 4 month check up! She got the ALL CLEAR too!!! Goodness, can we ask for a better week for our kiddo's at the Jude? I did not get to go down to see Nat, I was tied up with Booster Club bookwork, and was hoping to meet up for lunch after their appointments, but with her now a college student, they stay on the run and busy, so they had to get back for an event on campus. I am just not to sure about "my" kiddo's growing up and getting so busy they don't have time to slow down. Honestly, I am just so thankful they are healthy and able to live their lives to the fullest and just like every other teen who has not had to fight the same battle they have. I am so very happy for all of the kiddo's.

I also got to visit with Heather and Leah on Friday. She was in for her weekly visit and treatment. She is doing well. She had been through a LP so she was trying to wake up from sedation and was a bit nauseated but after taking some meds she was beginning to perk up. She is just so adorable! I got to play Strawberry Shortcake with her :) You must keep in mine, I have all boys so playing with Strawberry Shortcake and brushing hair with teeny tiny little brushes was just not in my daily activities. I was loving every minute of it! Keep praying for her success. She has one more "big" round of chemo to go. At the time, she will have approximately 2 more years of treatment to go.

I plan to visit with another new face around the Jude. I was able to meet her mom last week, but she was in ICU following surgery. She is another teen and I hope to meet her and get her connected with another teen who happens to live in our area and fought the same diagnosed battle. I LOVE match making!!! When things settle a bit more with them and I get to visit with them, I will ask about permission to post her CB site and name. You can still be praying for her, God will know who you are talking about.

As you can see, so many are fighting and being affected by THE BEAST! I will ask you again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider a donation to St Jude through our Team Believe. It is so easy to do. Just go to the top of this blog and look over to the right, double click on the "Donate to St Jude" link and it will take you straight to the online donation page. THANK YOU!

TEAM BELIEVE: Hotel rooms are filling up, make sure you get your room in our block of team rooms confirmed. I am working on the t-shirts and the design is almost complete and we will begin taking orders for the shirts soon. Anyone can order a team shirt, you do not have to be a team member to proudly wear and support our kiddo's and St Jude! I hope your training is going great! Our fundraising could really use a boost! This is the slowest we have ever been. Please be praying for our success in meeting our goal.

Have a GREAT day! Always remember....


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